Are these Andy Griffith Show episode titles missing ''Andy'' or ''Barney''?

Fill in the _____!

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The Andy Griffith Show is one of our favorite shows, and we bet we're not alone.

At the center of the show's laughs are two characters: Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife.

They're so important to the show that most of the episodes have one of their names in them! So we need to know what you know regarding those episode titles.

It's a fill-in-the-blank, where every episode is missing a name. Your job? Just fill it in with either "Andy" or "Barney." Good luck, have fun and be sure to share your score in the comments section below.

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  1. "________ Forecloses"
  2. "________ and the Choir"
  3. "________'s Sidecar"
  4. "________'s Rich Girlfriend"
  5. "________ and the Woman Speeder"
  6. "________ and the Governor"
  7. "________'s Physical"
  8. "________'s Replacement"
  9. "________ Saves Gomer"
  10. "________'s English Valet"
  11. "________'s Uniform"
  12. "________ and the Gentleman Crook"
  13. "________ on the Rebound"
  14. "________ the Marriage Counselor"
  15. "________ and the Cave Rescue"

Are these Andy Griffith Show episode titles missing ''Andy'' or ''Barney''?

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Snickers 2 months ago
W0W!!!! 14/15 0n a TAGS quiz. Guess I nipped it in the bud.
mda 2 months ago
15/15. One if the easiest quizzes I have taken only because I like TAGS so much.
Zip 2 months ago
I was doing so well until number's 13 and 14.
Mark112763 2 months ago
Got all 15 correct. Wish I could do that with the lottery numbers this Saturday night...
Coldnorth 2 months ago
14/15 I always seem to miss at least one, dag nab it
sphillips815 2 months ago
15-15… I got to get out more ….
cynthudson 2 months ago
The one I missed could have gone either way. 🤗
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