Are these episodes of Leave it to Beaver or The Waltons?

Can you guess the right TV family from these episode titles alone?


Both Leave it to Beaver and The Waltons have come to epitomize wholesome family entertainment. Though they originally aired decades apart, they share many similarities. Whether growing up in 1950s suburbia or the Blue Ridge Mountains in the 1930s, there are certain things about growing up that never change.

Here are 20 episode titles from both shows. Can you guess which ones belong to each series?

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  1. The Haircut
  2. The Foundling
  3. The Mustache
  4. The Dust Bowl Cousins
  5. The Quilting
  6. The Perfume Salesman
  7. The Ferris Wheel
  8. The Pipe
  9. The Black Eye
  10. The Great Motorcycle Race
  11. The Younger Brother
  12. The Statue
  13. The Visiting Aunts
  14. The Ghost Story
  15. The Late Edition
  16. The Boat Builders
  17. The Car
  18. The Yard Birds
  19. The Family Tree
  20. The First Day

Are these episodes of Leave it to Beaver or The Waltons?

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Chazitup 24 days ago
20/20, I know LITB pretty well, it was process of elimination after that, because I never watched The Waltons.
World_Famous_Beaverpeida 15 months ago
Oh my, that was so simple. A Facebook Friend, just sent me the link to this. She had bought my nearly 500 page book on Leave it to Beaver, "The World Famous Beaverpedia," and told me I should ace this quiz. She was right. The Waltons is also one of my favorite shows. Visited the real Walton's Mountain back in 1999. Loved going to Scuyler, VA. What amazed me was that a young volunteer in the Walton's Mountain museum had never even seen The Walton's : )
In case anyone would be interested in my book, here's what it looks like and it's available on Amazon.
Kbreak 30 months ago
I watch these two show everyday and have watched every episode in the past decades ,still just got 14/20.
MikefromJersey 33 months ago
12 for 20. PU.
I did so poorly Miss Landers kept me after school.
She and Karen Valentine on Room 222 had to be the 2 best looking teachers in TV history.
Though my older brother always liked Miss Crabtree from The little Rascals.
Lillyrose 34 months ago
20 out of 20. I like The Waltons, and Leave it to Beaver is my second favorite show ( I Love Lucy is my favorite show).
dafonz 35 months ago
15/20. I am ashamed of myself.
Susan00100 35 months ago
15/20. Didn't do well, mostly because I've always HATED "The Waltons"!
greyhound 35 months ago
15/20 Wasn't "The Car" a Leave it to Beaver episode? The one where Wally bought a junky car, and ended up selling it for parts.
Kenner greyhound 35 months ago
That was called “Wally’s Car.” Season 5, episode 3. Wally sold the parts and came out $2.50 ahead. Mr Garvey towed it away. I was thinking the same thing.
Toot1956 35 months ago
I hated the Waltons, I never like that show. 15/20 bc I like The Beaver.
AllisonWunderland 35 months ago
12/20...A lot better than I thought I'd do 😆
PilotTom 35 months ago
16 out of 20 . MeTv channel 30.2 in Jacksonville Florida will not show Andy Griffith or Green Acres and will not reply to emails as to why not !!!! My wife and I just returned from a out of state vacation and got to watch Andy Griffith and Green Acres every night we where on our trip . Sure was nice !!!!!
Spiro 35 months ago
14/20 Gee Wally I bet Eddie Haskel made up those creepy questions! Who are the Walton's?
CaptainDunsel 35 months ago
Not horrible, considering I don't think I've ever watched a full episode of either show.
Kenner 35 months ago
19/20 dang it. I thought ‘The Car’ was season 5, episode 3 of LITB…When Wally brings home a 1936 coupe. Ward pronounced it “coo-pay’ to Mr. Garvey the junk yard guy, over the phone. That was called ‘Wallys Car.”
greyhound Kenner 35 months ago
I thought the same thing.
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