Are these explosions from The A-Team or Mannix?

Each series had no shortage of pyrotechnics, so use whatever clues you can to determine which explosion belongs to which show!

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It turns out there's a lot of crossover between a private eye in Los Angeles and a group of framed military members who escape to Los Angeles.

Mannix and The A-Team are both action-packed drama shows that take place in SoCal. Chase scenes, fights and explosions are pretty common in both shows. 

Can you tell which show these explosion scenes are from? Is it The A-Team or is it Mannix

  1. This helicopter goes down in a scene of...
  2. This boat explodes on the dock in...
  3. This exploding scene is from what show?
  4. This is the aftermath of an explosion in a garage from...
  5. This series of gas station explosions comes from what series?
  6. This is the aftermath of a helicopter chase in what show?
  7. This house goes up in flames in...
  8. This yellow van is about to burst into flames. Can you tell what show it's from?
  9. This car explodes in...
  10. Finally, this massive car explosion is seen in...

Are these explosions from The A-Team or Mannix?

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bruceisloose 14 months ago
10/10. Recognized most of them. Good guess on the last one.
JERRY6 16 months ago
7 missed the ones with no period cars orrefrences
Peter_Falk_Fan 16 months ago
9/10 missed #2. Exploding muffins? That reminded me of my "Fallout 4" video game. You can use a weapon called the Junk Jet. Imagine using teddy bears to take out an enemy. The teddy bears don't disintegrate. You can pick them up afterward.
MikefromJersey 16 months ago
8 for 10
This may be sour grapes on my part, but as for question four, what the hell?
It is so vague and smokey and hard to discern that no reasonable person could be expected
to recall the scene from a Mannix episode.
Fair go, MeTV Quiz Masters, you want to give visual clues then at least let them be clear
enough to see so we have a shot at the correct answer.
Tell us, what shape, shadow or whatever in that photo relays any useful information?
Sure, the odd devoted Mannix cultist might RECALL there was an episode with an
exploding garage and guess correctly but nothing in that photo would have prompted
his memory.
Rick MikefromJersey 16 months ago
But it does say a garage exploded, and you can see the house through the haze. I remember the episode:
Pacificsun Rick 16 months ago
Season 4, Episode 17 is not very memorable though. Somebody would remember a garage explosion in a Mannix episode. I watch or DVR every night and now it's rerunning the cycle.

Do you have the DVDs? Did they include the Pilot with the set? And is there any reason it's not included in the package we watch? That one is where most of the Opening Credits come from. And I'm intrigued by the woman, because Mannix doesn't "wine and dine" many of them. But they are usually, blonds!
Pacificsun MikefromJersey 16 months ago
Well I might be one of them. And see my reply to Rick (below). In fact, other than car crashes over cliffs, or a boat exploding. There aren't very many structure fires at all. The reason being, is because it's easy to throw a junk-yard car with a missing engine over a cliff. Same as a blowing up a dumpster boat/yacht. But tougher to destroy an entire building, 'cause they're harder to replace. So you'd think that a garage fire would be memorable enough. I'm glad Rick found the episode, or I wouldn't have believed the answer.
LoveMETV22 MikefromJersey 16 months ago
No sour grapes on your part Mike. They should have used a better picture. The one they used is very abstract. It looks like a portion of a disconnected road in the upper left corner, then the reflection or image of the house is looking downwards, like their garage is on a second floor. A poor picture on the whole. Good description on your part.
MikefromJersey LoveMETV22 16 months ago
Holy crap, "LoveMETV22", as of 12/19/22 you have 5834 likes!
You must be the King - or Queen - of the MeTV Boards, you have to be in the lead.
I think the MeTV big shots should gift you a invite to the annual holiday din din at
the Shady Rest that the Douglas, Clampett and Bradly families attend, or at least
a 3 hour cruise on the SS Minnow with skipper Jonas Grumby and first mate Willy Gilligan.
If you cop the Hawaii cruise can you introduce me to Mary Ann? Hubba hubba.
AgingDisgracefully 16 months ago
Good examples of why Peggy - on almost every episode - reminded Joe to, "Be careful."
Fire bad.
No, she reminded him to be careful about not having his heart broken by a beautiful woman. Getting shot. Or crashing a car!
Jeffrey 16 months ago
''You got 6 out of 10'' -------Could you pinpoint all of these explosions, or did your score go up in flames? --------I got 2, 6, 7, and 9 wrong.
Rick 16 months ago
9/10. I hadn't thought about how many explosions there really were in Mannix (except for any time a car goes over a cliff, it explodes).
CaptainDunsel 16 months ago
#9 was the only one I actually knew- recognized from the credits.
Pacificsun CaptainDunsel 16 months ago

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Muleskinner 16 months ago
5/10. There were a lot of explosions in Mannix, too.
averagemilnerenjoyer 16 months ago
about 70% of the A-team is just things blowing up extravagantly and yet i STILL screwed this one up bad 😮‍💨 6/10
"average Milner enjoyer" ??

Route 66 was one of theee coolest Shows on TV in that decade, for so many reasons. First Series shot entirely on location. And I believe, only in blk & Wht. George Maharis was the "James Dean" of television, and graced many a movie magazine. Where as Martin Milner was the squeaky clean all American hunk. They were an explosive combination. And GM shouldn't have bailed on the Series.
Ah, you got me!! My user name is in reference to both Martin Milner and a very gen z meme (I'm 15 haha). I love Martin Milner!! I've seen everything he's been in that I can get my hands on, he's SUCH a talented actor!! Two of my favorite of his appearances are on Murder, She Wrote and Fishing Fever. He was such a splendid fisherman and an overall lovely man! I am severely neurodivergent and so I cling onto certain subjects as my special interests, and Martin Milner is my special interest at the moment :-) My favorite actor in the whole world!
averagemilnerenjoyer 16 months ago
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Zip 16 months ago
This was a hard one. Only some of the pictures with the type of cars in them made them easier.
Pacificsun Zip 16 months ago

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Andybandit 16 months ago
I got 3/10. I got #5, 6 and 10 right. I never saw Mannix.
Pacificsun Andybandit 16 months ago
A little difficult to find for most people, at 2:05am every morning. But, I'm used to that timeslot anyway!
BrianMoore 16 months ago
Failed this one, but, my, did a lot of things blow up on these shows.
Pacificsun BrianMoore 16 months ago
Well, the fast driving, good looking cars, going over the cliffs, and smashing then up, didn't hurt either.
Sway 16 months ago
4/10,, exploded on this one.
Maverick66 16 months ago
5/10. Got only the obvious ones.
Pacificsun Maverick66 16 months ago

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3. I like Fraiser's episode too

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Pacificsun Maverick66 16 months ago
.. that should be "with whom"
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