Are these images from The Wild Wild West or a different Western?

It's a wild West, but which Western do these images belong to?

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What happens when you mix action and adventure with classic Western? You get The Wild Wild West. There's nothing better than watching shows where the bad guys never prevail, and with classic series in the Western genre, you can always count on the town heroes, or secret service agents, to make it happen.

Sometimes it can be tricky looking at freeze frames and guessing the right Western, so we want to know if you're a part of the few who can.

Are these images from The Wild Wild West, or a different Western?

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  1. Is this image from The Wild Wild West?
  2. What about this image?
  3. How about this one?
  4. Is this image from The Wild Wild West?
  5. Can you guess the right answer for this one?
  6. What about this image?
  7. Is this image from The Wild Wild West?
  8. How about this one?
  9. What about this image?
  10. Is this image from The Wild Wild West?

Are these images from The Wild Wild West or a different Western?

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Moverfan 8 months ago
Six out of ten...and I don't know how...
dmarkwind 13 months ago
9/10. I think there's a certain style of cheapness to WWW sets and costumes I recognize in some of these pictures. That's not to say I didn't like the show, just acknowledging that, like Star Trek, it was often produced on a shoestring budget with sets made of cardboard and bailing wire.
BenSobeleone 13 months ago
I got 6/10. Question # 8 was easy. Question # 3 that must be Artemus Gordon in disguise!
Dajj 13 months ago
6/10 I am going to have to put down my tools, then start watching The Wild Wild Wild Wild West!!!
Pacificsun 13 months ago
GOOD Quiz!!

I thought I could get it just from Set Design and color!

No way, so I just thumbed through the beautiful images! Thanks MeTV Staff!
fda 13 months ago
You have not run a new western series since you ran Trackdown years ago. All you show are endless reruns of the same series. I have not watched your channel for years here in Seattle.
The only time I ever watch METV anymore is when I'm home in L.A. where the local channel there METV2 shows a lot more are and interesting shows. When you have any series that is good like 77 Sunset Strip, you cancel it, the same as you did with Trackdown. All my friends etc could care less about broadcast TV here in the Northwest there's nothing but junk aired in this area, you guys use to be the only station we watched.
Pacificsun fda 13 months ago
Am guessing you don't have a Cable service.
CaesarMendez 13 months ago
The first Still was the hardest being it could of been really in a lot of TV westerns. Unlucky guess, I guess.
jtrain 13 months ago
8/10, got the last 2 wrong.
bringenmarcy 13 months ago
I'm sorry but almost each photo is TOO dark for me to see what's even " the picture" but then again, I have some visual difficulties. However I still think they're too dark. Most of my answers were purely guesses.
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