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Incorporating classic Western elements with those of an espionage thriller, 'The Wild Wild West' follows Secret Service agents James West (Robert Conrad) and Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin) as they stop at nothing to protect the country and President Ulysses S. Grant from pernicious threats of every kind. West, a charming gunslinger, and Gordon, a brilliant gadget-maker and master of disguise, travel aboard the Wanderer, a luxurious train equipped with everything from a stable car to a laboratory.

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  • 4/27 6:00PMThe Night of the Avaricious Actuary
    "Agents West and Gordon have been investigating a series of explosions that have demolished several palatial homes. While they are guests of the wealthy Mr. Taney, they hear a high, whining sound. Suddenly the house begins to crumble and the agents escape in the nick of time to see a giant tuning fork radiating powerful sound waves. As they delve deeper into the case, they discover a letter to Mr. Taney from the Cyclops Insurance Company, urging him to take out a policy against further destruction of his property."
  • 5/4 6:00PMThe Night of Miguelito's Revenge
    "Agent West is summoned by a note from agent Gordon to the local barbershop. While waiting for Gordon, West decides to have a shave and is promptly anesthetized by a hot towel from one of Dr. Loveless's assistants, working in disguise. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a carnival funhouse where he encounters dazed-looking Justice Alonzo Fairlie. Before he can get any information from the judge, he is attacked by a quartet of gunmen. He quickly dispatches his adversaries but Justice Fairlie disappears in the confusion, leaving behind a strange clue."
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Ep 1: The Night of the Inferno

Jim is set up as a renegade as a cover for him and Artie to sneak into Texas and track down General Juan Manolo, who is trying to take over the region. Aired: 9/17/1965

Ep 2: The Night of the Deadly Bed

Facing execution at the hands of a madman, West learns the crazed assassin plans to reclaim Mexico---as the new Napoleon. Aired: 9/24/1965

Ep 3: The Night the Wizard Shook the Earth

West tries to protect Prof. Nielsen, a demolitions expert, but he fails as Prof. Nielsen is blown up by the evil Dr. Miguelito Loveless. The evil doctor doesn’t consider himself evil, he just wants what is rightfully his...California. Aired: 10/1/1965

Ep 4: The Night of Sudden Death

Jim West suspects his search for counterfeiters is getting warm when he's shot at with arrows---and thrown to the crocodiles. Aired: 10/8/1965

Ep 5: Night of the Casual Killer

Jim and Artie set out to penetrate the stronghold of a corrupt political boss and return him to Washington for trial. Aired: 10/15/1965

Ep 6: The Night of a Thousand Eyes

Ships along the Mississippi are being attacked by a gang of pirates known as the "Thousand Eyes". After Jim ducks an assassin, an attractive woman, he finds the leader of the Eyes: Captain Ansel Coffin, who was blinded and now seeks revenge. His gang use false lights to lead ships astray and crash them, and then plunder them. Aired: 10/22/1965

Ep 7: The Night of the Glowing Corpse

Jim and Artemus try to recover stolen radioactive materials and have only one clue - a set of fingerprints found on the ankle of a pretty secretary. Aired: 10/29/1965

Ep 8: The Night of the Dancing Death

To rescue a kidnapped princess, Jim must deal with a booby-trapped doorknob and a fully armored man wielding a mace. Aired: 11/5/1965

Ep 9: The Night of the Double-Edged Knife

An Indian demand for gold must be met: they've threatened to kill five railroad workers a day until it is paid. Aired: 11/12/1965

Ep 10: The Night That Terror Stalked the Town

West is lured to a ghost town peopled with lifelike dummies as part of an elaborate trap set for him by his nemesis Dr. Loveless. Aired: 11/19/1965

Ep 11: The Night of the Red-Eyed Madmen

A madman with a private army and an unusual political philosophy has designs on the Southwestern United States. Aired: 11/26/1965

Ep 12: The Night of the Human Trigger

An insane geologist threatens to set off earthquakes wherever he chooses as part of an elaborate extortion scheme, and Ellenville is the next town on his list. Aired: 12/3/1965

Ep 13: The Night of the Torture Chamber

Jim and Artie take on an obsessed museum curator who has private designs on the state treasury. Aired: 12/10/1965

Ep 14: The Night of the Howling Light

West is captured by a doctor who uses Pavlovian training to condition the Secret Service agent into becoming an assassin. Aired: 12/17/1965

Ep 15: The Night of the Fatal Trap

Jim goes to arrest a Mexican bandit disguised as a notorious outlaw...but the villain's girlfriend recognizes him. Aired: 12/24/1965

Ep 16: The Night of the Steel Assassin

A series of mysterious deaths of military personnel bring Jim face to face with the indestructible Colonel "Iron Man" Torres. Crippled in an explosion that he blames on the other men of his regiment, Torres rebuilt himself as a 19th century "cyborg," and is seeking revenge on those he thinks wronged him... and President Grant was one of the men he served with. Aired: 1/7/1966

Ep 17: The Night the Dragon Screamed

Jim and Artie have only one clue to track down the smugglers of opium and Chinese aliens: a fortune cookie. But the trail leads to a British ex-colonel who plans to take the throne of China. Aired: 1/14/1966

Ep 18: The Night of the Flaming Ghost

Jim is assigned to stop abolitionist John Brown... who appears to have returned from the grave after being hung by the neck. Aired: 1/21/1966

Ep 19: The Night of the Grand Emir

West must protect a visiting despot from Ecstasy La Joie, an assassin armed with an explosive garter and a deadly ring. Aired: 1/28/1966

Ep 20: The Night of the Whirring Death

Dr. Loveless plans on making California a kingdom for children.... using exploding toys. Aired: 2/18/1966

Ep 21: The Night of the Puppeteer

A Supreme Court justice will not believe his life is in danger---until a puppet-show marionette fires a gun at him. Aired: 2/25/1966

Ep 22: The Night of the Bars of Hell

Jim poses as a prison inspector while Artie goes undercover as a street preacher to track down an outlaw band with operations centered around a territorial prison. Aired: 3/4/1966

Ep 23: The Night of the Two-Legged Buffalo

West and Gordon try to protect a pleasure-loving prince who insists on visiting a plush spa---where assassins eagerly await his arrival. Aired: 3/11/1966

Ep 24: The Night of the Druid's Blood

Jim's superiors refuse him permission to investigate the murder of a close friend... who was burned to death before his eyes. Aired: 3/25/1966

Ep 25: The Night of the Freebooters

Posing as an ex-con, Jim infiltrates the army of renegade Army leader Thorald Wolfe. Aired: 4/1/1966

Ep 26: The Night of the Burning Diamond

West tries to convince a Serbian official to hide the Kara Diamond. Then the gem disappears under impossible circumstances--and West is blamed. Aired: 4/8/1966

Ep 27: The Night of the Murderous Spring

West helps a powerfully built girl carry her trunk, not knowing it contains his nemesis, Dr. Loveless. After he leaves off the Doctor, he begins to act strangely, and ends up shooting Artie dead. Aired: 4/15/1966

Ep 28: The Night of the Sudden Plague

Jim and Artie arrive in Willow Springs and finds a band of thieves have struck, somehow managing to paralyze everyone in the town. Aired: 4/22/1966

Ep 29: The Night of the Eccentrics

Searching for a fellow agent, Jim and Artie go to a circus where they find themselves battling the Eccentrics, a group of assassins controlled by the vicious Count Manzeppi. Aired: 9/16/1966

Ep 30: The Night of the Golden Cobra

A maharajah needs a tutor in the fine art of killing for his sons... and kidnaps Jim West to handle the job. Aired: 9/23/1966

Ep 31: The Night of the Raven

Dr. Loveless' newest plan involves a powder that lets him miniaturize anyone who opposes him... and Jim West is his first target. Aired: 9/30/1966

Ep 32: The Night of the Big Blast

A mad scientist has created a way to turn people into walking mind-controlled explosives... and Jim West is her next victim. Aired: 10/7/1966

Ep 33: The Night of the Returning Dead

Jim and Artie face the undead when they confront a ghost rider who is immune to bullets. Aired: 10/14/1966

Ep 34: The Night of the Flying Pie Plate

West gets involved in a bizarre scheme: a green girl emerges from a fallen spaceship claiming she needs gold for fuel. Aired: 10/21/1966

Ep 35: The Night of the Poisonous Posey

While on vacation, the agents receive an odd welcome when they pass through the town of Justice, Nevada. The town turns out to be the hangout for a group of international criminals assembled by Lucrece Posey, who is planning on heading a world-wide criminal organization. Aired: 10/28/1966

Ep 36: The Night of the Bottomless Pit

Jim infiltrates a prison to rescue a fellow agent from a vicious commandant. Aired: 11/4/1966

Ep 37: The Night of the Watery Death

A mysterious dragon-like creature is blowing up American ships, and Jim and Artie must determine the cause. Aired: 11/11/1966

Ep 38: The Night of the Green Terror

Dr. Loveless' new scheme involves a suit of medieval armor and a chemical that kills plant life. Aired: 11/18/1966

Ep 39: The Night of the Ready-Made Corpse

Agents West and Gordon are assigned to guard foreign dictator Colonel Pellargo, but they are foiled by a clever assassin, who also turns up dead. Aired: 11/25/1966

Ep 40: The Night of the Man-Eating House

Jim, Artie, and a sheriff are accompanying a prisoner through the swamps when they take refuge in an abandoned house... haunted by the spirit of a dead woman. Aired: 12/12/1966

Ep 41: The Night of the Skulls

Jim goes on the run from the government when he shoots and kills Artie. But a criminal organization captures him and puts him on trial. Aired: 12/16/1966

Ep 42: The Night of the Infernal Machine

A federal judge is threatened by a bomb-throwing clockmaker. Aired: 12/23/1966

Ep 43: The Night of the Lord of Limbo

A crippled Confederate colonel, Vautrain, plans to use his power to travel through time to use Jim and Artie to alter history and restore his legs. Aired: 12/30/1966

Ep 44: The Night of the Tottering Tontine

Jim and Arte must protect a key member of a wealthy investment group whose surviving member stands to inherit the group's sizable assets. Aired: 1/6/1967

Ep 45: The Night of the Feathered Fury

Count Manzeppi attempts to acquire a wind-up bird that contains a magical secret: the Philosopher’s Stone. Aired: 1/13/1967

Ep 46: The Night of the Gypsy Peril

West and Gordon are escorting the Sultan of Ramapur and his gift to the President, a sacred white elephant. Bandits intercept the train and steal the elephant, and the Sultan demands one million dollars in recompense. West follows the trail to a gypsy camp but it soon turns out not everything is what it seems. Aired: 1/20/1967

Ep 46: The Night of the Tartar

President Grant gives orders to agents James West and Artemus Gordon to deliver prisoner Rimsky to Vladivostok, Russia, in a prisoner exchange for American vice-consul Millard Boyer. When Rimsky dies in an escape attempt, Gordon assumes his identity. The agents are drugged en route and when they come to, led to believe they're in Russia. West is imprisoned and forced to reveal Rimsky's whereabouts. His captors tie him to a stake while saber-swinging Cossacks ride straight for him. Still in disguise, Gordon meets Rimsky's contact Sazanov, in an effort to uncover the Russians' racket. Aired: 2/3/1967

Ep 47: The Night of the Vicious Valentine

Agents West and Gordon are sent to investigate the killings of wealthy industrialists and find that all are linked back to an evil matchmaker, Emma Valentine. She sets the rich men up with her young female employees, then kills them to gain their money and power. West and Gordon manage to escape from the trap she lays, and they must prevent her next target from getting married. Aired: 2/10/1967

Ep 48: The Night of the Brain

Jim and Artie are pitted against a super-genius who sends them fake newspapers with predictions of the deaths of their friends. Aired: 2/17/1967

Ep 50: The Night of the Deadly Bubble

On the trail of the source of mysterious tidal waves, the guys finds a fanatical marine environmentalist at the heart of the mystery. Aired: 2/24/1967

Ep 51: The Night of the Surreal McCoy

Agents West and Gordon are guarding a museum containing the famous Herzberg jewels but someone still manages to steal the gems. Afterwards, a famous painting of a Western scene is removed from the museum by its wealthy rancher-owner. Gordon becomes suspicious and notifies West who discovers that the rancher is partners with Miguelito Loveless, the evil inventor-doctor. His latest invention is a machine that moves real people in and out of paintings. Miguelito's plan is to transpose murderers into famous paintings, distribute the paintings to the rulers of the world and have them all killed! Aired: 3/3/1967

Ep 52: The Night of the Colonel's Ghost

President Grant wants to go to Gibsonville to dedicate a statue. James West travels ahead to ensure it's safe for the President. He finds Gibsonville now is a ghost town experiencing an "epidemic" of broken necks. Aired: 3/10/1967

Ep 53: The Night of the Deadly Blossom

Agents West and Gordon report to Admiral Agnow's San Francisco headquarters, only to find him and three officers dead. The agents believe that the admiral's death ties in with the recent, mysterious sinking of the cruiser Youngstown. West and Gordon's next assignment is to guard the Hawaiian king, due to arrive secretly by ship. West encounters Barclay, a Chinese expert on Hawaii, to discuss the king's upcoming visit. But the supposed advisor drugs the agent and announces his plan to sink the ship carrying the Hawaiian king. Aired: 3/17/1967

Ep 54: The Night of the Cadre

When a mind-controlled warden releases a condemned prisoner, Jim impersonates another killer and is recruited by General Titus Trask in a scheme to kill President Grant. Aired: 3/24/1967

Ep 55: The Night of the Wolf

Assigned to protect Stefan, who is to be crowned king in place of his late brother, the agents must deal with the sinister Mr. Talamantes. Talamantes wants Stefan to renounce the throne and will do anything to accomplish this goal. This includes kidnapping Stefan's daughter, Leandra, and manipulating her to do his bidding whenever she hears or reads a certain word. Aired: 3/31/1967

Ep 56: The Night of the Bogus Bandits

Dr. Loveless is back with another plan to take over the world. This time he is using mock-ups of the treasury, prisons and armories to train his men to be able to take over these resources upon his command. After gaining control, Loveless will be instituted as dictator. However, his plan to get rid of West and Gordon goes foul and soon the agents are in hot pursuit of the little villain. Aired: 4/7/1967

Ep 57: The Night of the Bubbling Death

When Victor Freemantle, a dangerous revolutionary, steals the U.S. Constitution, agents James West and Artemus Gordon are sent by the government to the Panhandle Strip in Texas to recover it. Aired: 9/8/1967

Ep 58: The Night of the Firebrand

On a mission for President Grant, agent West travels to Fort Savage to meet with a Major Jason and help prevent a revolution in Canada that outlaw Shawn O'Riley has plans to incite. At the fort, West reads a description of O'Riley and realizes too late his striking resemblance to Major Jason. O'Riley announces that he now controls the fort and is holding the real major and his men captive. Meanwhile, Gordon has gone under cover to learn the details of the revolution. He arrives at West's side just as his partner is trapped on the wrong side of O'Riley's gun. Aired: 9/15/1967

Ep 59: The Night of the Assassin

West and Gordon accompany the Ambassador to Mexico who's trying to establish diplomatic ties with them which has not been going so well. Aired: 9/22/1967

Ep 60: The Night Dr. Loveless Died

The agents travel to Hayes City to identify the body of their archnemesis, Dr. Loveless. While there, they meet up with Miguelito's next of kin, Dr. Liebknicht, a Swiss neurologist. The key leads to Loveless' files, but his former associates and a femme fatale are after the key as well. Aired: 9/29/1967

Ep 61: The Night of the Jack O'Diamonds

West and Gordon are sent to escort a horse, a gift from President Grant, to the Mexican government. The horse is stolen, however, and the two work to recover the lost gift. Aired: 10/6/1967

Ep 62: The Night of the Samurai

The U.S. State Department is about to return a valuable samurai sword to its rightful owner, a Japanese prince, when it is stolen by an group of sword-wielding assailants. Jim and Artemus must locate the sword and return it to the prince before he leaves the next afternoon, or risk damaging U.S.-Japan relations. Aired: 10/13/1967

Ep 63: The Night of the Hangman

During a stopover in a small Kansas town, the agents become involved in a murder investigation. After a man is found guilty and sentenced to hang, the agents uncover valuable information that points in an entirely different direction. Aired: 10/20/1967

Ep 64: The Night of Montezuma's Hordes

An ancient Aztec map leading to the lost treasure of Montezuma is discovered in Mexico and points to a location in Texas. In order to ensure that a diplomatic incident does not occur, West and Gordon team up with Colonel Sanchez of Mexico and a noted archeologist in a trip across the Texan desert in search of the treasure. Aired: 10/27/1967

Ep 65: The Night of the Circus of Death

Counterfeit money is appearing throughout the west in sufficient quantities to undermine the U.S. economy. West and Gordon attempt to track down the source of the fake currency before it's too late. Aired: 11/3/1967

Ep 66: The Night of the Falcon

James West and Artemus Gordon help evacuate the town of Tonka Flats before it is destroyed by a cannon shell. Afterwards, they are notified that a man identified as "The Falcon" has threatened to obliterate Denver unless the U.S. government pays him $1,000,000. "The Falcon" is also in cahoots with syndicate leaders from Turkey, Spain, Prussia and England. During their investigation, Gordon is threatened by a whip-wielding Spaniard named Munez who suspects Gordon knows too much about the top secret weapon. West rescues Gordon from Munez, who is then killed by an explosive meant for the two agents. While searching Munez's body, West and Gordon find an invitation from "The Falcon". Gordon, disguised as Munez, prepares to attend the meeting while West attempts to penetrate the stronghold where the cannon is housed. Aired: 11/10/1967

Ep 67: The Night of the Cut-throats

Aired: 11/17/1967

Ep 68: The Night of the Legion of Death

West and Gordon take on the power-crazed secretary to a Territorial Governor. The secretary controls the Governor and has plans to take over the U.S. Government and the Presidency as well. To make things more difficult, his Black Legion troops do not take kindly to the two agents interfering. Aired: 11/24/1967

Ep 69: The Night of the Turncoat

The stress of secret service work appears to be finally getting to Jim as his temper flares and he makes mistakes. As West is being recruited by some member of the underworld who seeks to capitalize on his misfortune, Artemus and Colonel Richmond struggle to find out exactly who, for what, and why. Aired: 12/1/1967

Ep 70: The Night of the Iron Fist

At the request of the Bosnian government, Count Draja is to be turned over for extradition. Learning of a plot to free the Count, Jim and Artie make plans to see that Draja reaches his destination. While Jim escorts Draja through 100 miles of no-man's land, they'll all meet up in Buffalo Springs - but there is the little matter of the $500,000 the Count hid somewhere in the U.S. Aired: 12/8/1967

Ep 71: The Night of the Running Death

A dying man's words lead West and Gordon to a wagon train of entertainers and an attempt on the life of a princess. Aired: 12/15/1967

Ep 72: The Night of the Arrow

Strong Bear's Sioux Indians are making noises about breaking the peace treaty. President Grant's first three messengers failed to return from meetings with the Indian leader. Now it's up to Jim and Artemus to find Strong Bear and to keep peace in the territory. Aired: 12/29/1967

Ep 73: The Night of the Headless Woman

On a dusty Californian trail, Jim and Artemus intercept a stagecoach whose driver has been hired to smuggle boll weevils. Quickly theorizing that someone is trying to destroy the country's cotton crop, they set out to find the mastermind of the operation and destroy his distribution system before his plan succeeds. Aired: 1/5/1968

Ep 74: The Night of the Vipers

The Vipers are a gang of ruthless crooks who have been looting a string of Kansas towns, robbing banks and killing citizens. They even robbed the Cottonwood bank while James West was trying to convince the sheriff of the danger. Now the trail leads to Freedom, Kansas, where Jim and Artie must stop the Vipers before the Vipers stop them. Aired: 1/12/1968

Ep 75: The Night of the Underground Terror

During Mardi Gras, West is grabbed by a Major Hazard, the leader of a gang of crippled Civil War soldiers seeking revenge on the camp's commandant, Mosely. Jim reluctantly agrees to help them, only to have Mosely taken from him by the soldiers. He tracks them to the abandoned camp where Hazard plans on putting Mosely on trial, but it becomes clear that Hazard has another agenda as well. Aired: 1/19/1968

Ep 76: The Night of the Death Masks

An escaped murderer plots a bizarre scheme against agent James West, the man who had imprisoned him several years earlier. Attacked and knocked unconscious, West awakens in a strange deserted town filled with assailants wearing masks in the likeness of Stark. Gordon searches for his lost partner and soon finds himself in a similar predicament. West and Gordon must avoid deception to find and take out the real Stark. Aired: 1/26/1968

Ep 77: The Night of the Undead

The guys become involved with a voodoo ceremony and the walking dead as they try to track down a missing scientist. Aired: 2/2/1968

Ep 78: The Night of the Amnesiac

A stagecoach carrying the western states' entire supply of smallpox vaccine is attacked and the drug stolen. Furman Crotty, a convicted criminal serving time in Leavenworth, is demanding his release from jail with a full pardon and a ransom for the safe return of the drug. While Jim, injured in the attack on the stage, struggles with amnesia, Artemus tries to find both his friend and the drug before a full-scale epidemic hits. Aired: 2/9/1968

Ep 79: The Night of the Simian Terror

A visit to the plantation of a U.S. Senator reveals a mysterious family past that intersects with a doctor infamous for his experiments with apes. The agents are lucky enough to arrive just as the Senator's forgotten giant son and his friend, a giant ape, are rampaging through the plantation. Aired: 2/16/1968

Ep 80: The Night of the Death-Maker

Aired: 2/23/1968

Ep 81: The Night of the Big Blackmail

While President Grant attends an event at the German Consulate, Baron Hinterstoisser invites him to a special reception, explaining he has something interesting for the president to see. Suspicious, agent James West retrieves the mysterious box the Baron refers to and finds a kinetoscope of a fake depiction of President Grant signing a secret agreement with the unscrupulous government of another nation. If the film is shown for the heads of other countries, Grant will suffer terrible indignation and upset international relations. If the film is not replaced, however, the Baron will accuse the U.S. of stealing on consulate soil, a far greater crime. Agent Artemus Gordon decides that the only alternative is to make a duplicate kinetoscope - with some changes - and return it to the consulate before it is discovered missing. West and Gordon finish just as the president arrives. The Baron announces that he has proof of President Grant's connection with the corrupt foreigh officials. But as the film is shown before an attentive crowd, it's not quite what Hinterstoisser expects. Aired: 9/27/1968

Ep 82: The Night of the Doomsday Formula

Dr.Crane, inventor of a new explosive, is missing along with his daughter. If his "doomsday formula" falls into the wrong hands, especially foreign ones, it could mean the end of the United States. West and Gordon must rescue the professor, his daughter, and the formula before it's too late. Aired: 10/4/1968

Ep 83: The Night of the Juggernaut

Someone is trying to run settlers off their land, buying some of them out, scaring other away,and even murdering those who refuse to leave. The government sends Jim and Artie in to investigate the situation and to stop whoever is behind this. Aired: 10/11/1968

Ep 84: The Night of the Sedgewick Curse

Investigating the disappearance of a correspondent of James West's, the agents come upon a bizarre family scheme. West's associate had a rare disorder that caused rapid aging, similar to that of the Sedgewick family. In an attempt to cure the disorder, the family physician has been kidnapping people with the similar disorder and using them to test a serum he has prepared. It is up to West and Gordon to stop his tests and bring him to justice. Aired: 10/18/1968

Ep 85: The Night of the Gruesome Games

While on the trail of a scientist who has stolen a vial of deadly germs, the agents are pulled into a night of deadly parlor games. West and Gordon must recover the vial before it bursts and releases a veritable plague while managing to live though the games of their host. Aired: 10/25/1968

Ep 86: The Night of the Kraken

While investigating why fishing had been prohibited on local waters, agents James West and Artemus Gordon are attacked by a rough bunch of sailors. After the melee, Lt. Bartlett is killed, apparently the victim of some sort of tentacled sea creature. West joins a resolute fisherman on his boat and are attacked by a giant squid. But things are not what they appear as an even more insidious threat is revealed. Aired: 11/1/1968

Ep 87: The Night of the Fugitives

Jim is sent to arrest killer Norbert Plank, who escapes and flees to the town of Epitaph, owned by Epitaph Mines. Plank is the chief bookkeeper for the powerful syndicate that owns the mining company. Through Plank, the agents hope to get their hands on records that could build a case against the organization. Jim hides Plank in a church bell tower while Artie masquerades as lay-preacher Hallelujah Harry. Gordon hopes to get to the head of the syndicate, Diamond Dave Desmond, and walk off with the ledgers. But Diamond Dave's girlfriend, Rhoda, has the same idea and blackmail on her mind. Aired: 11/8/1968

Ep 88: The Night of the Egyptian Queen

Agent Artemus Gordon and the curator of the San Francisco Museum are set upon in the Egyptian exhibit by three men wearing gas masks. When agents West and Mr. Heisel, the Egyptian government's representative, enter the room, they are also attacked. After regaining consciousness, the men discover that a priceless ruby has been stolen from the eye of the statue of Sun God, Ra. Commissioned by Miasmin, an Egyptian Princess, to recover the gem, West and Gordon trace a ransom note to a waterfront bar where Gordon poses as a sea captain. At the bar, West recognizes one of his assailants at the museum. The man identifies himself as Jason and indicates that Rosie, a beautiful young dancer at the bar, is wearing the ruby on her toe. Unfortunately, Rosie vanishes before West can make a move. Aired: 11/15/1968

Ep 89: The Night of Fire and Brimstone

West and Gordon are called to the deserted mining town of Brimstone by a Professor Colecrest who has made a discovery of great importance. However, before they get to Brimstone, the Professor is captured by a gang of men also seeking his discovery. The professor, seriously injured in a fall, holds the key to the mystery, and Jim and Artie struggle to keep him alive until they can uncover the true root of the mystery. Aired: 11/22/1968

Ep 90: The Night of the Camera

Agent West raids a local warehouse in an attempt to apprehend a suspected opium gang member. As he struggles with the suspect, a new secret agent named Bosley Cranston rushes in and attempts to help. Unfortunately, he only makes matters worse, accidentally toppling a piano crate on the suspect and killing him. Cranston, however, is not the meek incompetent he appears and later surprises his colleagues with his karate skills and his popularity with beautiful women. Aired: 11/29/1968

Ep 91: The Night of the Avaricious Actuary

Agents West and Gordon have been investigating a series of explosions that have demolished several palatial homes. While they are guests of the wealthy Mr. Taney, they hear a high, whining sound. Suddenly the house begins to crumble and the agents escape in the nick of time to see a giant tuning fork radiating powerful sound waves. As they delve deeper into the case, they discover a letter to Mr. Taney from the Cyclops Insurance Company, urging him to take out a policy against further destruction of his property. Aired: 12/6/1968

Ep 92: The Night of Miguelito's Revenge

Agent West is summoned by a note from agent Gordon to the local barbershop. While waiting for Gordon, West decides to have a shave and is promptly anesthetised by a hot towel from one of Dr. Loveless's assistants, working in disguise. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a carnival funhouse where he encounters dazed-looking Justice Alonzo Fairlie. Before he can get any information from the judge, he is attacked by a quartet of gunmen. He quickly dispatches his adversaries but Justice Fairlie disappears in the confusion, leaving behind a strange clue. Aired: 12/13/1968

Ep 93: The Night of the Pelican

West and Pike receive a note to meet a woman at a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco with a promise of information about the militant Din Chang who has recently stolen a supply of fulminate of mercury from a military arsenal. Unfortunately, the woman is killed before they can talk to her and the only word she utters is "Pelican." To further complicate matters, the only person they manage to capture is supposedly still serving time at Alcatraz. Since it seems that Alcatraz and the woman are the two pieces they have of the puzzle, the two split up to track down Chang before he can use the volatile mercury. Aired: 12/26/1968

Ep 94: The Night of the Spanish Curse

West and Gordon are called into Mexico to investigate a group of bandits who are attacking and terrorizing border towns. They track the bandits to a Mexican village where the thieves are hiding under the guise of an old Mexican legend about Cortez. Jim and Artie, not believing in the return of the god Cortez, are determined to find their way into the dormant volcano where the thugs are hiding. Aired: 1/3/1969

Ep 95: The Night of the Winged Terror (1)

After a series of disturbing incidents involving a raven that seems to hypnotize high-ranking officials into committing dastardly deeds, Agents West and Harper decide to find out what's going on. The incidents lead the new partners to a group calling themselves The Raven, led by Thaddeus Toombs and a man called Tycho (who has an enormous head and is very smart). Aired: 1/17/1969

Ep 96: The Night of the Winged Terror (2)

The plans of The Raven seem to be successful as they have hypnotized Jim West and had him assassinate the Mexican Ambassador. Unfortunately for the group, Frank Harper had been impersonating the ambassador to test whether Jim had been conditioned. West and Harper work together to infiltrate and undermine the group and capture everyone except for the huge-headed Tycho. Aired: 1/24/1969

Ep 97: The Night of the Sabatini Death

Jim meets with crime czar Sabatini, who asks him to travel to Calliope, MO to protect a lady and give a man called Swanson a key. Accompanied by government chemist Ned Brown, Jim travels to Calliope where an Army finance officer died after stealing half a mil. Everyone in Calliope wants the hidden loot... and someone is willing to kill to find it. Aired: 2/7/1969

Ep 98: The Night of the Janus

A melody holds the clue West needs to trap a departmental traitor. Aired: 2/14/1969

Ep 99: The Night of the Pistoleros

Gordon and West head to a lonely outpost to battle a terrorist gang. Aired: 2/21/1969

Ep 100: The Night of the Diva

West meets up with Gordon, who has just arrived in New Orleans with a famous Italian diva and niece of the ambassador on his arm, an escort urged by President Grant. West agrees to substitute as the lady's guardian for her appearance that evening at the opera, but the performance is interrupted when Montebello's would-be kidnappers bring down the curtain and West jumps into the fray. Discovering that several divas had recently disappeared in New Orleans, the agents must rush to unravel a plot involving the secret Order of Lucia and reveal who among their new acquaintances is playing a role on and off the stage. Aired: 3/7/1969

Ep 101: The Night of the Bleak Island

West visits an eerie island to get a diamond for the National Museum. Aired: 3/14/1969

Ep 102: The Night of the Cossacks

West and Gordon are mixed up in the affairs of the royal family of Karovnia when they come to the U.S. fleeing from assassins in their home country. The agents find that the evil Count Balkovitch is pursuing them, looking for an icon he needs to possess to hold power in Karovnia. Aired: 3/21/1969

Ep 103: The Night of the Plague

West deals with the kidnapping of the Governor's daughter while Gordon rushes to find Jim to innoculate him from the disease one of the criminals was carrying. Aired: 4/4/1969

Ep 104: The Night of the Tycoons

West becomes involved with the Jupiter Corporation after the director of the board dies of an apparent heart attack and two others are killed. West discovers that they were all involved in a scheme to dump stock, cause a panic, and make tons of money off of the cheap stock. West's investigation leads him to an odd bar with a circus theme and animals who like to throw bombs. Aired: 4/11/1969