Are these real merch items from The Andy Griffith Show or did we make them up?

Sheriff Andy Taylor was once on a box of Grape-Nut cereal!

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When Andy Griffith started his series, his main priority was ensuring viewers got the best production quality. According to Ron Howard, Griffith was a natural leader, and the show was vital to him. As a result, he wanted the audience to focus on the show itself and not, for example, branding.

It's one of the reasons why only a few pieces of merchandise were tied to the show during its run. Yet, due to its growing popularity, fans wanted a portion of the classic production in their homes. There were a few more items added after the series ended, and we want to know if you can guess which were real, and which we made up.

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  1. Did The Andy Griffith Show have fishing rod merch?
  2. Did The Andy Griffith Show have comic books?
  3. Did The Andy Griffith Show have a soundtrack album?
  4. Did The Andy Griffith Show have branded sheriff hats?
  5. Did The Andy Griffith Show have branded canned food?
  6. Did The Andy Griffith Show have Aunt Bee's Apple Pie in grocery stores?
  7. Did The Andy Griffith Show have bobble heads?
  8. Did The Andy Griffith Show have kitchenware?
  9. Did The Andy Griffith Show have Opie branded children's toothpaste?
  10. Did The Andy Griffith Show have board games?

Are these real merch items from The Andy Griffith Show or did we make them up?

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Dario 2 months ago
4 out of 10. 😕😕😕😕😕
TheFanFromUNCLE 5 months ago
6/10. I was born quite a bit after the show ended so I guessed on all of these but one or two.
bukhrn 9 months ago
missed #1, but what about the new fishing pole Opie bought when he found the money.
And #7, I don't ever remember seeing a bobblehead on the show.
Jan65 14 months ago
I'm always amazed when I look at the prices of groceries in the background on Andy Griffith. I remember when tuna was 19 cents a can. It's crazy.
Runeshaper 14 months ago
7/10 I want Aunt Bee's Apple Pie!
Brysonsmom 14 months ago
I missed the bobble heads! No clue they were “a thing” back in the day! I thought they were more of a modern kind of tacky! 😂
dmirarh Brysonsmom 11 months ago
Brysonsmom... HOT,HOT,HOT
daDoctah 14 months ago
I thought this was going to be about products used or mentioned on the show. Was hoping to see the "little pigs" that were always advertised in the window of the Mayberry general store.
JHP 14 months ago
what in the name of Fred plummer was this quiz?!?
AG kitchen ware? really? - so he could cook weens and beanies in?
Or the roast that he burnt?
BorisK 15 months ago
6/10 ... about as good as Goober's 'JudyJudyJudy!' Cary Grant impersonation.
Barry22 15 months ago
I had the Barney Fife Lawman play set. it came with a badge, a holster, a gun that would not come out of the holster, and one bullet.
AllisonWunderland 15 months ago
6/10…I did NOT nip it in the bud 🤭
Coolrain 15 months ago
Here's the moment of truth. You got 7 out of 10
KingDinosaur 15 months ago
9 / 10 missing #5. Basic toy and other child related items I know quite well. Not so much about old food items unless it's original TV Dinners with the aluminum tray and foil covering that required the dessert compartment to be uncovered prior to popping the tray into the oven.
I remember those 👀….pretty darn good too 😉
Jan65 KingDinosaur 14 months ago
I loved tv dinners. My favorite was the fried chicken. Back then movies like the Wizard of Oz only came on once a year, so it was a treat to eat on a tv tray with a tv dinner and watch the show.
Shalyn 15 months ago
I got the TAGS board game for Christmas one year. Loved it! We still play it sometimes. Kind of guessed at most of the others but still managed to get 9/10.
Maverick66 15 months ago
7/10. I knew the brands that Andy plugged at the end of the show, but I'm not up on all the TAGS-related merchandise.
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