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6:00am Petticoat Junction
The Game Warden - When Uncle Joe gets caught with too many fish by Game Warden Orrin Pike, he tries every scheme he can think of to get out of paying the fine.
6:30am Petticoat Junction
The Other Woman - Betty Jo finds herself growing jealous of the attention Steve is giving to their daughter, so the pair go on a second honeymoon together at their old cottage. But the couple's romantic mood is spoiled by a lack of electricity, Mr. Haney's intrusive realty service and a bunch of hobos.
7:00am The Beverly Hillbillies
Jed, Incorporated - Jed becomes head of a corporation, which Drysdale organized for him as a tax write-off. The Clampetts decide they want to help out at their corporation, and get the penthouse suite in the bank building. They get all dressed up, Elly in one of her ball gowns, and go to the bank.
7:30am The Beverly Hillbillies
Granny Learns To Drive - After Granny takes a cab home and gets charged for the ride, she decides that it is time for her to learn how to drive. The taxi driver who took Granny home is having trouble collecting the fair, and after a series of events begins to believe that he is in a mental hospital. Granny, during her driving lesson, mistakenly gets on the road.
8:00am Trackdown
Killer Takes All - Gilman learns that a murdered gambler made an unusual wager before he was killed.
8:30am Trackdown
Outlaw's Wife - Marriage to an outlaw makes Abigail Duke unwelcome in her hometown.
9:00am Have Gun, Will Travel
The Scorched Feather - Robert Ceilbleu hires Paladin to protect his father from a Comanche war chief who has sworn to kill him. After arriving at the remote cabin of William Ceilbleu, he learns the reason for the Indian's hatred.
9:30am Have Gun, Will Travel
Return Of The Lady - "Diana Coulter (The Lady, Episode 49) wires Paladin and asks him to come to her wedding to "give the bride away"."
10:00am Maverick
According To Hoyle - George Cross once lost $50,000 to Bret Maverick and is determined to get it back. He hatches a scheme and employs a female con artist to get the better of Maverick.
11:00am Wagon Train
The Andrew Hale Story - The Major finds an old man in the desert and takes him to the wagon train. He doesn't remember his name but when he's recognized by one of the other passengers, he remembers not just his name but the faith he thought he lost as well.
12:00pm The Big Valley
Brother Love - Itinerant “preacher” Brother Love tries his charm on Audra; Heath sets out to prove the preacher is a con man.
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1:00pm Gunsmoke
Shadler - Just before he's to be hung, stage robber Shadler busts out of jail by slugging his last rites priest and donning the robes as a disguise. The escapee soon finds himself on the other side of the law, helping Deputy U.S. Marshal Newly elude hostile lawmen.
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2:00pm Bonanza
Napoleon's Children - A man who calls himself "Napoleon" and his youth gang terrorize Virginia City stealing horses and money.
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3:00pm Rawhide
Incident At Jacob's Well - When Gil can't help out drought stricken farmers with their request for horses, one desperate farmer decides to take matters into his own hands.
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4:00pm Wanted Dead or Alive
The Fourth Headstone - When Josh escorts a beautiful woman to a trial that could see her hang for killing her husband, her lover and a foreman, she uses all her seductive charm on him.
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4:30pm Wanted Dead or Alive
Til Death Do Us Part - A woman on the lam for murdering her abusive husband seeks the help of Randall, who is willing to investigate her belief that her husband is still alive and responsible for the wanted posters that have made her a lucrative target for bounty hunters.
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5:00pm The Rifleman
The Sharpshooter - Lucas McCain and his son, Mark, arrive in North Fork, New Mexico. Looking to start a new life, they come across a ranch that is to their liking, which is for sale. Lucas enters a Turkey Shoot in hopes of winning the down payment for the ranch.
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5:30pm The Rifleman
Home Ranch - Two hired hands of a wealthy cattleman, who has been using the ranch for grazing his cattle, demand that Lucas move out. When Lucas refuses, he is beaten and dragged and then the ranch house is burned down.
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6:00pm The Wild Wild West
The Night Of The Lord Of Limbo - A crippled Confederate colonel, Vautrain, plans to use his power to travel through time to use Jim and Artie to alter history and restore his legs.
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7:00pm Wonder Woman
The Feminum Mystique: Part 2 - Wonder Woman tries to rescue Wonder Girl after she is kidnapped by the Nazis, who want to learn the secrets of their bracelets and jet. Debra Winger guest stars.
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8:00pm Svengoolie
Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo - "An airplane carring coffee beans from South America has some unpleasant stowaways: a hoard of tarantulas which overcome the pilots as the airplane is flying over an orange-producing town in California. The airplane crashes, and the unlucky inhabitants of the town release the poisonous spiders into their midst. Once the town's officials discover that the tarantulas are responsible for several deaths, the tarantulas have already descended upon the town's only orange-processing factory. The town's citizens risk their lives to remove the tarantulas from the factory while the poisonous pests are rendered motionless by the transmitted sound of buzzing bees."
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10:00pm Batman
King Tut's Coup - King Tut reappears and kidnaps the daughter of a wealthy tycoon, who will appear as Cleopatra (and as Bruce Wayne's date) at an Egyptian-themed costume ball. Batman and Robin learn of Tut's return.
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10:30pm Batman
Batman's Waterloo - King Tut holds a wealthy tycoon's daughter hostage and uses Batman to deliver the money.
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11:00pm Star Trek
Is There In Truth No Beauty? - The Enterprise is boarded by two strange visitors: Medusan Ambassador Kollos, a creature that must be kept in a box because its ugliness is enough to drive a human mad, and his aide, beautiful telepath Miranda, who senses murderous intent aboard the ship.
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12:00am Battlestar Galactica
Murder On The Rising Star - When Starbuck's rival in a popular sporting event is found murdered, all the evidence points to Starbuck.
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1:00am Kolchak: The Night Stalker
The Ripper - Kolchak argues that a serial killer is actually Jack the Ripper.
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2:00am Lost in Space
Return From Outer Space - "Nobody believes Will Robinson when he sends himself back to Earth with an alien transporter, since the world believes they all had died once they realized their ship had gone off course. Lost in Space's only Christmas program."
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3:00am Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Doomsday - When a foreign power makes a simultaneous launching of 25 communications satellites, which the United States mistakes as nuclear missiles, the U.S. is placed on war alert and the Seaview goes into a fail-safe maneuver.
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4:00am Land of the Giants
Return Of Inidu - When a giant magician saves the Earthlings from two rascals, they return return the favor helping stop a man who wants his magic book.