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5:00am Peter Gunn
Last Resort - Clinton Hobart, former movie great, is trying to make a comeback. But hard-driving young producer Les Murdock isn't making matters any easier for the old fellow.
5:30am Night Gallery
The Dark Boy - A schoolteacher in a frontier town tries to reach a timid, hauntingly strange fourth grader.
6:00am The Facts of Life
Like Mother, Like Daughter - Blair finds herself in a tough spot when her flirtatious mother visits and becomes "friendly" with a married man.
6:30am Diff'rent Strokes
Hall Monitor - Arnold's good intentions backfire when his efforts to help his handicapped friend, Kathy, adjust to life in public school cost him the esteem of his classmates and the friendship of pals Dudley and Robbie.
7:00am The Beverly Hillbillies
Jethro Returns - Jethro finally returns from hiding out, as Granny is planning Elly's marriage to Robert Crockett. Everything seems to be going smoothly, until Elly and Robert drive to Vegas, and Elly learns that he thinks she loves him. In the end, the truth is revealed to everyone, and they learn who this mysterious Robert really is, an out-of-work actor.
7:30am My Three Sons
Make Way For Yesterday - Bub makes some suggestions for Robbie's school club carnival.
8:00am Leave It to Beaver
Beaver's Fortune - Beaver has his fortune read by a machine and becomes convinced nothing but good luck is headed his way. However, he doesn't feel that way when Larry sets it up so that Beaver will have to fight a 5th grader, Sonny Cartwright.
8:30am Leave It to Beaver
Beaver Makes A Loan - Ward loans Beaver 25 cents but gives him a dollar, expecting 75 cents as change. However, Larry manages to convince Beaver to loan him the 75 cents. When Larry doesn't pay him back when he said he was going to, a feud erupts.
9:00am Perry Mason
The Case Of The Lawful Lazarus - When a man declared legally dead suddenly re-appears and tries to get a hold of his dying wife's money in order to protect their children's interests, her entire family rallies against him until one of them turns up murdered. "Lazarus" is naturally charged.
10:00am Matlock
The Picture: Part 1 - After much persuasion, Matlock agrees to help his disagreeable cousin locate her estranged husband.
11:00am Diagnosis Murder
Flashdance With Death - Steve's latest girlfriend, a dance instructor, becomes a suspect in a murder investigation when a dance club's owner dies mysteriously.
12:00pm In the Heat of the Night
Ruda's Awakening - Virgil's Aunt Ruda is the only witness to a struggle between Bubba and a young robbery suspect that ends in the young man’s death. But her prejudice against the police -- and Virgil clouds her memory of the incident. Bubba returns to Los Angeles to testify at a murder trial and is reunited with Pat Day as they try to protect Mike from killers sent to prevent him from testifying.
1:00pm Gunsmoke
Harper's Blood - A man tries to balance the bad blood between his sons upon learning that his wife's grandfather was a murderer.
2:00pm Bonanza
The Magnificent Adah - Famous actress Adah Isaacs Menken pays a visit to Virginia City. She is an old friend of Ben's and the two begin to renew their friendship much to the chagrin of Adam, Hoss and Joe. Ben's sons believe that Adah has plans to become the next Mrs. Ben Cartwright.
3:00pm The Rifleman
The Boarding House - Reformed card shark Julia Massini now runs a respectable boarding house in North Fork, but Sid Fallon is threatening to reveal her sordid past unless she lets him turn the establishment into a saloon and gambling hall.
3:30pm The Rifleman
The Second Witness - Lucas puts his life in jeopardy when he agrees to testify in a murder case involving a witness killed before he could testify and a killer still at large.
4:00pm Wagon Train
The Sam Livingston Story - Abigail has lost her driver to the better paying mines. Her new driver says he owns a bank and a pig. The ride west reveals another side of him, one that takes at least the pig to change both heart and mind.
5:00pm Charlie's Angels
Angels On The Air - When someone tries to kill a radio newswoman, the station turns to Charlie for help. Kelly takes over the newswoman's on-air duties, while Kris and Sabrina check up on some of the threats she's been receiving.
6:00pm Mama's Family
Mama's Birthday - The family can't understand why Mama dislikes celebrating her birthday. Helping her clean out the attic later that day, Buzz finally pries the story out of her.
6:30pm The Jeffersons
My Maid, My Wife - Florence and Louise switch places when a wealthy friend visits.
7:00pm M*A*S*H
Guerilla My Dreams - The arrival of a wounded Korean woman sparks a conflict at the 4077th: Hawkeye wants to heal her, but a steely ROK officer, Lt. Park, is more anxious to "question" her about alleged guerilla activities.
7:30pm M*A*S*H
Period Of Adjustment - Klinger and B.J. both have Radar-related woes, causing them to go on a drinking binge. A drunken B.J. becomes violent with Hawkeye.
8:00pm The Andy Griffith Show
The New Doctor - When a handsome new doctor arrives in town, his friendship with Ellie arouses suspicion in Aunt Bee and Barney and jealousy in Andy.
8:30pm The Andy Griffith Show
A Plaque For Mayberry - Mayor Pike (Dick Elliott) and the townspeople are shocked to discover that the last living descendant of Revolutionary War hero Nathan Tibbs is Mayberry's town drunk, Otis Campbell.
9:00pm Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
Friendly Freddy Strikes Again - Con artist Freddy sells Gomer a pearl ring for his girlfriend, Lou Ann, and then schemes to get it back.
9:30pm WKRP in Cincinnati
The Contest That Nobody Could Win - Thanks to an on-air slip-of-the-lip by Johnny Fever, WKRP is forced to offer a $5,000 contest prize instead of just the intended $50.00
10:00pm Hogan's Heroes
Cupid Comes To Stalag 13 - Hogan helps Klink fall in love with General Burkhalter's sister to get his mind off not being promoted.
10:30pm Hogan's Heroes
The Flame Grows Higher - When a POW is caught at the processing location after Stalag 13, Hogan suspects there is a traitor in the underground. Newkirk and LeBeau help him find out who it is.
11:00pm Carol Burnett and Friends
Guests Tim Conway And Bernadette Peters - In As the Stomach Turns, Carol's sweet niece visits, only to discover she's possessed, in this parody of "The Exorcist". Then, in Two-Man Sub, two sailors must complete their mission: sink Cleveland.
11:30pm Perry Mason
The Case Of The Wayward Wife - Ben Sutton is listed as the author of a best-selling book describing his experiences in a Korean POW camp. When the real author is released from an Army hospital, Sutton is slain before he can tell the truth and his widow is arrested for the murder.
On Now
12:30am The Twilight Zone
Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up - Troopers follow the tracks from a frozen pond into a diner. Inside they find a soda jerk, a bus driver and his seven passengers. The bus driver is certain only six people boarded his bus.
Remind Me
1:00am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Crocodile Case - A man murders his lover's husband to have her for himself.
Remind Me
1:30am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
A Dip In The Pool - A man comes up with a desperate plan to win a bet while crossing the Atlantic on a liner.
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2:00am Mannix
Cry Silence - A former priest who heard a murder confession hires Mannix to find the killer.
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3:00am Cannon
Murder By The Numbers - After a model ends up dead, the man last seen with her hires Cannon. He insists the girl was alive when he left her, so Cannon starts to dig - and turns up quite a collection of motives.
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4:00am 77 Sunset Strip
Designing Eye - Jeff tries to uncover the source of design leaks from one fashion house to another by having Suzanne pose as a model.