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Desert Copter (s1, ep24)
Highway Patrol pursues a ruthless murder suspect trying to escape using desert roads.
The Big Search (s2, ep17)
When two small girls go missing, the mother is convinced that their estranged father kidnapped them. However, a preliminary investigation by Friday and Gannon determines that the man has no knowledge of his daughters' whereabouts.
The Big Prophet (s2, ep18)
Friday and Gannon are convinced that "Brother" William Bentley's Temple of the Expanded Mind is just a sham—a front for Bentley to sell LSD to the students of a nearby elementary school.
The Entertainer (s2, ep16)
With Wilma away, Fred tries to earn extra money and his boss assigns him to entertain an important buyer.
Happy Birthday, Marvin!
"Bill and Toony celebrate Marvin the Martian's Birthday!"
Mistaken Identity (s4, ep28)
A police officer catches Richard throwing rocks at the windows of an old abandoned house. When asked for his name, he tells the officer it is Theodore Cleaver. Meanwhile, Ward has joined a committee to organize a youth center.
Wally's Dream Girl (s4, ep29)
Wally falls head over heels for a popular girl in school, Ginny Townsend. To get them together, June slyly invites Ginny on a picnic and the Cleaver's quickly discover that Ginny is not exactly a barrel of laughs.
Dead Air (s9, ep)
When a radio personality is accused of killing his partner, Matlock suspects the girlfriend of the deceased. The only problem is that she enjoys an airtight alibi on account of her dead boyfriend's neighbor.
Blind Spot: Part 1 (s1, ep5)
Virgil refuses to let go of a grudge against a wealthy former classmate who cheated him out of a scholarship. The man has promised city leaders that he will move his business to Sparta, but not all of his business interests are legal. The nephew of an old friend of Gillespie's finds his life in danger after he steals drugs stored in the businessman's mansion.
The Fighter (s4, ep3)
A prize fighter arrives searching for work, living and training in the Waltons' barn
Vengeance: Part 2 (s13, ep5)
Matt goes after Bob Johnson, who is planning to kill Parker to avenge the death of his friends.
Death At Dawn (s1, ep32)
When a local merchant is gunned down for refusing to pay off thugs who've taken over town, Farmer Perkins is charged with the crime and sentenced to hang. Ben is taken hostage by Perkins' employer, with threats to hang Ben if Perkins is not released.
The Decision (s4, ep6)
Corey Hazlett insists he's innocent of murder, despite Lucas's eyewitness testimony.
Knight Errant (s4, ep7)
Lucas tries to dissuade a latter-day knight from rushing into battle.
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The Monty Britton Story (s1, ep38)
Low on water, Flint scouts for more. When three water holes are dry or poisoned, Fort Paiute seems their only hope but he has to make it back to the wagon train on foot and the only other man who knows the way is believed to be a deserter.
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Northeast Division (s6, ep11)
Reed has full faith that an Explorer Scout volunteering at the station can repair his television set in time to watch 'King Kong,' but Malloy thinks he's crazy for letting a teenager work on expensive electronics. On today's patrol, they engage in a high-speed chase with a teenager on a modified dirt bike, investigate a report of a woman who may have buried her husband in their backyard, search for a female bank robber, deal with a group of women illegally protesting outside a supermarket and respond to a call of a robbery in progress at a coffee shop.
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If The Shoe Fits (s6, ep12)
While Reed is having his shoes fixed at the repair shop, the squeakiness of his replacement shoes is driving Malloy crazy. On patrol, they deal with a deranged homeowner destroying his own possessions, stop a cargo van whose driver misunderstands the meaning of double jeopardy, search for a young boy hiding in an industrial building about to be demolished and create a hostage situation after shooting a bank robber.
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Exorcism (s5, ep12)
After Potter orders Radar to move a Korean spirit post believed to ward off evil spirits, things mysteriously begin to go wrong. When an old Korean man is brought into camp for medical attention, he refuses surgery unless the spirits in the camp are exorcised. A priestess is brought in, who exhibits her dance and her bells and chants. All is well, and Radar returns the spirit post to its original position.
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Hawk's Nightmare (s5, ep13)
After Hawkeye bemoans the young age of the wounded, he appears to develop problems. Sleepwalking and bad dreams, according to Sidney Freedman, are taking Hawkeye back to a simple time, but the horrors of war continue to intrude. After Sidney's assurances that he is as sane as can be, Hawkeye's life once again seems to settle down.
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The Most Unforgettable Characters (s5, ep14)
Radar gets accepted into the "Famous Las Vegas Writers School," and begins to write his impressions of the camp. It happens to be Frank's birthday, so Hawkeye and B.J. stage a fight with each other to make Frank happy.
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38 Across (s5, ep15)
Befuddled by a crossword puzzle, Hawkeye persuades his old friend, Tippy Brooks, a whiz at puzzles, to come to camp. Tippy arrives with his commanding officer, Admiral Prescot, thinking it's a medical emergency.
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Bailey's Bad Boy (s2, ep15)
Rich kid Ronald Bailey is jailed when he blatantly defies the law. As Bailey waits for his influential father to bail him out, Andy teaches him the lesson of self-responsibility.
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The Badgers Return (s5, ep5)
Drysdale is intent on getting the Clampetts to identify Colonel Foxhall and Emaline Fetty as dangerous criminals. Emaline is in hiding, but visits Jethro, tricking him into helping her hide from the police. The Clampetts mistake the officer that brought Foxhall as a criminal, and Foxhall gets away from the man holding him and hides in the Clampett mansion.
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Charlie, Homer, And Natasha (s6, ep13)
Oliver won't take Lisa to New York for a big party, but the issue isn't over. She conspires with Eb to invent new invisible friends, hoping the scheme will end with a trip to the city to visit a psychiatrist.
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Clearance Sale At The Black Market (s4, ep1)
After seeing something he shouldn't have, Schultz is ordered to the Russian front.
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Klink Vs. The Gonculator (s4, ep2)
Hogan leads Klink to believe a rabbit trap is a secret electronic device in order for Klink to bring an electronics expert, who wants to defect, to camp.
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Guests Tim Conway And Jack Jones
"Guests Tim Conway and Jack Jones. Originally aired on 03/18/68."
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The Case Of The Drowsy Mosquito (s7, ep3)
Mason investigates when the sale of phony gold mines leads to murder.
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The Mind And The Matter (s2, ep27)
A book on the power of thought enables an irritable man to re-create the world exactly as he wants it.
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Profit-sharing Plan (s7, ep23)
A man's plan to run away with his company's funds encounters a small hitch.
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Apex (s7, ep24)
A man and his lover decide to get rid of his wife.
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Edge Of The Knife (s2, ep3)
Surgeon Dr. Cameron McKenzie faces a difficult choice: he must let a patient die under his blade or face the death of his son, who's been kidnapped by the blackmailers.
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Nobody Beats The House (s2, ep13)
Cannon faces a mob kingpin threatening the life of a gambler's wife. Toby Hauser has accumulated 200,000 dollars in game debts. When he hides away his wife asks Cannon for help. Toby wants to put everything on a map. This game should be his last. Either he wins, or he dies.
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Foul Play (s2, ep24)
The owner of a basketball team accidentally kills a man who intended to blackmail the team's star player.