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Ex-con (s2, ep10)
Dan Mathews tries to prevent desperate ex-convicts from harming a woman hostage.
The Big Explosion (s1, ep2)
A neo-Nazi psycho has planted a bomb somewhere in L.A. Friday and Gannon have to find it.
The Kidnapping (s1, ep3)
Friday and Gannon help an employee rescue her kidnapped boss.
The Awkward Age (s7, ep10)
Robbie is smitten with his chemistry tutor, and their friendship seems to be blossoming — but he is in for a shocking revelation!
Space Race
"Bill and Toony go on a space mission, and meet a real-life astronaut!"
Beaver Runs Away (s1, ep37)
Larry gets Beaver into trouble when he goads him into trying out Ward's drill. Discovering that the boys damaged the garage wall, Ward hits the roof and scolds Beaver, who in turn decides to run away.
Beaver's Guest (s1, ep38)
Beaver is all excited to have his friend, Larry Mondello, stay over for the weekend. However, things start off on the wrong foot when Beaver and Larry get into a fight, which ends with Beaver punching Larry in the stomach.
The Doctors (s1, ep)
When an abhorred doctor meets his end, four of his former medical students are considered likely suspects. Matlock, however, is tasked with defending the prime suspect, the man seen fleeing the scene of the crime.
Incident At Brewer's Pond (s7, ep5)
A night of revelry at a local pond turns deadly.
The Flight (s6, ep11)
Jim-Bob meets a boy who is on his way to join the Air Corps, but the boy never actually leaves
Marry Me (s7, ep13)
Billy Cathcart tries to find a woman for his big brother because family custom dictates that the oldest marries first.
Napoleon's Children (s8, ep30)
A man who calls himself "Napoleon" and his youth gang terrorize Virginia City stealing horses and money.
A Case Of Identity (s2, ep17)
Mark finds himself in grave danger when two unscrupulous detectives searching for a man's long-lost son claim that it is Mark.
The Visitor
"Lucas is drawn to a young widow passing through town on her way to claim an inheritance, but others who covet it are trying to kill her."
The Ruth Marshall Story (s3, ep13)
Flint goes to look for a white woman lost in a battle with the Sioux 11 years earlier. After a Sioux brave wounds Flint, he saves himself by shooting the brave. A white woman who doesn't speak and lives with four wolves finds and treats Flint.
Lady Beware (s7, ep)
Malloy and Reed join forces with Sgt. Gloria Tyler to search for a rapist who attacks teen girls.
X-force (s7, ep8)
Malloy and Reed lead a house-to-house search for a missing six-year-old girl, and what Malloy does after discovering the horrible things that have happened to her could short-circuit his career ambitions. Meanwhile, they come to the aid of a man who's gotten stuck in a storm sewer.
Dear Comrade (s7, ep11)
Hawkeye and B.J. discover that Charles is living the "life of Riley," thanks to the attentions of his menially paid Korean servant, Comrade Park, a man of unusual skills. He has an important contribution to make—a native remedy for a seemingly insoluble medical problem.
Out Of Gas (s7, ep12)
Heavy casualties are arriving, creating severe problems for the M*A*S*H unit because they are nearly out of Pentothal. Mulcahy takes up a collection from everyone—including a case of wine from Charles' private supply—and he and Charles take the jeep to make a trade with the black marketers for Pentothal.
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Opie's Charity (s1, ep8)
Andy becomes upset when Opie contributes a measly three cents to the Underprivileged Children's drive.
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Annul That Marriage (s8, ep22)
After Shorty and Gloria get married, everyone but the two of them want the marriage annulled. Gloria decides she’d like to experience what her new life will be like, and Jed tells her that he’ll show her. When he calls the mansion to tell them to put up the cabin, Granny thinks he got married as well. But when both “couples” come home, Granny, Jethro, and Elly learn that Shorty got married, but Elverna didn’t, and Gloria got married, but Jed didn’t, making Jethro and Granny believe both couples are in a Hollywood marriage.
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King Oliver I (s6, ep20)
With the state bankrupt, the governor raises taxes by 52% and shuts down most services. Hooterville responds by blowing up the bridge out of town and seceding from the state. The residents start their own monarchy, anointing Mr. Douglas as King Oliver I.
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Bad Day In Berlin (s4, ep11)
A U.S. undercover agent helps Hogan and his men get a defecting Nazi officer out of Berlin.
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Will The Blue Baron Strike Again? (s4, ep12)
Hogan gets Klink to throw a party for WW I flying ace Blue Baron in order to find his headquarters.
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Guests Chita Rivera And Bob Newhart (part 2)
"Guests Chita Rivera and Bob Newhart. Originally aired on 02/22/71."
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The Case Of The Fugitive Nurse (s1, ep22)
Janet Norris is charged with poisoning her doctor husband just before he flew to his death in his private plane. Further investigation reveals that Dr. Norris did not die in the plane crash and that he is in Mexico with his nurse mistress.
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Mr. Denton On Doomsday (s1, ep3)
A has-been, drunk gunslinger finds his fast-draw abilities magically restored.
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Escape To Sonoita (s5, ep37)
Two kidnappers find a tanker in the middle of the desert and decide to make their escape in it.
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Hooked (s5, ep38)
A man schemes with a young woman to get rid of his wealthy wife.
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Tooth Of The Serpent (s3, ep6)
Joe Mannix must trace the missing son of a policeman. The mother fears that he might be involved in a robbery.
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Mad Man
"Cannon is hired to investigate when an Army researcher seems to have gone insane for no obvious reason. Another cry for help comes out of Cannon's past. A girl he once knew is concerned about her husband's -he's a research scientist- fits of irrational behavior. they touch on mind-boggling drugs here, a topical subject."
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Trap Play (s3, ep14)
After a marital spat, a wife leaves her spouse to meet a football player in an ultimately fatal rendezvous.