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Hostage Copter (s2, ep38)
Dan Mathews uses the Highway Patrol helicopter to rescue a terror-stricken girl from abductors.
The Big Squeeze (s2, ep23)
An ex-con accused of extortion is interrogated. He calmly and smugly insists that he is innocent, but Friday and Gannon have a surprise for him: taped conversations and a voice analysis device.
The Suicide Attempt (s2, ep24)
Friday and Gannon learn that a young man has called his mother from Hollywood "to say goodbye." With the help of the man's sister, the two detectives trace the impending suicide to a hotel with more than 1,200 rooms.
The Bride Went Home (s11, ep11)
Chip becomes violently ill after eating Polly's cooking. Distressed, she feels it would be better for her husband if she left him.
Bill Toons It Out
"Bill attempts to indulge in some mindful relaxation techniques despite Toony's constant interruptions."
Beaver's Guest (s1, ep38)
Beaver is all excited to have his friend, Larry Mondello, stay over for the weekend. However, things start off on the wrong foot when Beaver and Larry get into a fight, which ends with Beaver punching Larry in the stomach.
Cat Out Of The Bag (s1, ep39)
The neighbors are going away for the weekend and Beaver and Wally have been put in charge of taking care of their lawn and their cat, Puff Puff. When Eddie shows up with his dog, Wolf, chaos erupts and Wolf chases Puff Puff away.
The Case Of The Fatal Fetish (s8, ep21)
After a pin-prick to a voodoo doll seemingly results in a stab wound through the chest, Mason is called to determine a more down-to-Earth cause of death.
The Vacation: Part 2 (s7, ep)
Matlock and Leanne head to the beach, where Leanne reunites with three good friends from college, and Matlock reunites with someone from his past: the brother of the woman whose heart he broke years earlier.
A Small War: Part 2 (s6, ep2)
The police wage war against the big city drug dealers who have moved into Sparta. Eugene identifies the men who murdered his friend. And Bubba is teamed with and intrigued by a lady police lieutenant from Jackson.
The Prize (s2, ep7)
As the Waltons prepare their entries for the local fair, an old suitor of Olivia's visits
South Wind (s11, ep11)
A boy goes into hiding after witnessing his father's murder.
The Customs Of The Country (s13, ep19)
Joe and Hoss enter a new world when they arrive in Agua Santos, Mexico. Joe breaks a law by removing his hat in church and Hoss encounters more oddities when trying to gain his release.
Eight Hours To Die (s1, ep6)
Judge Burton seeks "justice" against the hangman who hanged his son; the judge who sentenced his son; and Lucas, the man who caught his son. When Judge Burton discovers that Lucas has a son, he decides that the best way to serve justice is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a son for a son.
Duel Of Honor (s1, ep7)
When an Italian count arrives in North Fork, his strange attire attracts the attention of Groder, a town bully. Groder, trying to have fun with this stranger, destroys some of the count's currency, mocks him and tries to humiliate him. Eventually the count challenges Groder to a duel.
The Nancy Styles Story (s8, ep9)
"Spoiled Nancy Styles, claiming to be the daughter of the owner of the company that owns the wagon train, is determined to get to Denver by forcing her way onto it and then Hale makes it clear he plans to bypass the city due to early snow."
Log 124 -- Airport (s2, ep18)
Malloy and Reed are rendered powerless when a drunken man with no flight experience decides to take a solo flight in a stolen airplane at a busy airport. Later, they try to locate a 17-year-old runaway living in a condemned home with a much older man, engage in a shootout with a convenience store robber and search for a booby-trapped bank safe that has been stolen with a tow truck.
Log 94 -- Vengeance (s2, ep19)
Malloy fears that a boxer who has just been paroled after serving a murder sentence is going to seek revenge against him. Out on patrol, they try to save a man who has been crushed while working under a stolen car, apprehend a liquor store robber who swears revenge against reed, change a flat tire on their patrol car, locate a four-year-old child who locked himself in a refrigerator and become the targets of an ambush.
The Price (s7, ep17)
The 4077th is confronted by two crises: Colonel Potter's mare, Sophie, mysteriously disappears from her corral, and Hawkeye and B.J. find themselves with a young Korean boy on their hands, who is trying to avoid conscription into the Army.
The Young And The Restless (s7, ep18)
A lecture on the latest techniques by a young surgeon from Tokyo, and a later demonstration of his surgical skill, turns Winchester into a drunk and Potter into an invalid, whilst bringing home to Hawkeye and B.J. that they are out of touch with new medical practices.
Hot Lips Is Back In Town (s7, ep19)
Radar, who is smitten with the cute new nurse, Linda Nugent, relies on Hawkeye's expertise on how to cope with the situation. Hot Lips, meanwhile, celebrates her just-granted divorce by taking a step that arouses Colonel Potter's ire.
C*a*v*e (s7, ep20)
The 4077th evacuation to a nearby cave to avoid US artillery fire on a Chinese target poses problems for Hawkeye, who has a claustrophobia problem of which Colonel Potter is not aware.
Citizen's Arrest (s4, ep11)
Barney gives Gomer a ticket for making an illegal U-turn, but then when Barney does it, Gomer has no choice but to make a citizen's arrest.
Opie And His Merry Men (s4, ep12)
When Opie and his friends find a hungry man in the woods who tells them the story of Robin Hood, the boys begin to steal for the man.
Flatt, Clampett, And Scruggs (s3, ep25)
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs visit the Clampetts and solve the problems they are having at the mansion. They cure Jethro’s hunger by making him biscuits and red-eye gravy, and the duo cures Granny’s homesickness by letting her perform on stage with them.
Economy Flight To Washington (s4, ep19)
The Hooterville Young People's Agricultural Society, comprised of Eb, Hank and Arnold, flies to Washington, D. C. for the national convention. When the stewardess tries to throw the pig off the DC-3, the Douglases come on board to smooth over the problem. With Arnold hiding in "the occupied", the plane takes off with the whole Hooterville crowd aboard.
Hold That Tiger (s1, ep2)
The POWs smuggle a tiger tank, about which Klink has been boasting, into camp in order to photograph and study it.
Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Alan King
In Sleep No More My Lady, Carol comes home from work, just as Tim gets up to leave, and the two must coordinate in their small apartment. Then, in The Reunion, Carol reunites with a high school friend and tries to convince her she's happy. Finally, in The Session, Carol visits a psychiatrist for the first time and meets a preoccupied analyst.
The Case Of The Shapely Shadow (s5, ep16)
Naive secretary Janice Wainwright carries out her boss' orders, placing a briefcase containing more than $100,000 in a train station locker. Then she waits for the arrival of his ex-wife but is met by an arrest warrant instead.
The Lonely (s1, ep7)
A convict serving time isolated on an asteroid receives a gift: a robot that looks, sounds and acts like a real woman.
Anniversary Gift (s5, ep6)
A man tries to murder his rich wife by giving her a poisonous snake.
Dry Run (s5, ep7)
A syndicate boss decides to test an ambitious young man to see if he's good enough to join him.
Picture Of A Shadow (s8, ep8)
Mannix finds himself drawn to a woman in a photograph—a murder victim. He sets out to bring her killer to justice.
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House Of Cards
"The accountant of Eden Corporation has disappeared and along with him three million dollars. Does unscrupulous branch manager Sheffield have to do with the plot? Cannon comes across a discovery and suddenly local reporter Julie Foster also plays an important role."
 Remind Me
Price Of Anger, The (s8, ep13)
A black cab driver runs from a murder scene on the grounds that circumstantial evidence - and racism - would make him the prime suspect.