Are these the names of Perry Mason episodes or Nancy Drew novels?

Can you tackle these troublesome titles?

Image: Penguin Random House

Nancy Drew and Perry Mason were two of 20th-century America's most famous fictional case-solvers. Whether it was on the small screen or in print, millions of people followed along with their favorite character to see who would be revealed as the culprit in the end.

Here are the titles of ten Nancy Drew novels and ten Perry Mason TV episodes.

For each mystery, there is an answer in the naming format of each property. Can you guess which ones are Perry Mason episodes and which ones are Nancy Drew books?

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  1. Who solved the "Broken Locket?"
  2. Who figured out the "Moth-Eaten Mink?"
  3. Who solved the "Missing Map?"
  4. Who cracked the "Crossword Cipher?"
  5. Who faced the "Runaway Corpse?"
  6. Who solved the "Gilded Lily?"
  7. Who settled the "Moss-Covered Mansion?"
  8. Who solved the "Empty Tin?"
  9. Who revealed the "Buried Clock?"
  10. Who deciphered the "Spider Sapphire?"
  11. Who figured out the "Howling Dog?"
  12. Who faced the "Invisible Intruder?"
  13. Who worked out the "Rolling Bones?"
  14. Who broke the "Brass-Bound Trunk?"
  15. Who solved the "Scarlet Slipper?"
  16. Who unraveled the "Nine Dolls?"
  17. Who deciphered the "Deadly Double?"
  18. Who dealt with the "Mysterious Mannequin?"
  19. Who solved the "Crooked Candle?"
  20. What about the "Twisted Candles?"

Are these the names of Perry Mason episodes or Nancy Drew novels?

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frances3agape 6 months ago
10 of 20.
But I only read 2 Nancy Drew books.
Read most Trixie Beldon books though.
Venoris 7 months ago
True Perry Mason Fan I am 54 so it was broadcast before my birth. I tribute MeTV for my fascination with Mr. Raymond Burr THANKS 😊 😊 ♥️
AlbertCarpenter 7 months ago
I did 7 but not good at it,I don't read Nancy drew or hardy boys I do look at perry Mason sometimes but can't remember the titles well.
GloryGrace 7 months ago
16/20 not bad. I have only watched a couple Perry Mason and I love Nancy Drew but I am more into the Case files then the regular books. I have read every case file my Library owns!
lmorris1024 7 months ago
19 out of 20
frances3agape lmorris1024 6 months ago
Lucky guesses or are you in Mensa !?!
Deleted 7 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Pilaf 7 months ago
Stay classy
Stoney 7 months ago
14 for 20. This one was pretty tricky
LucyImHome1951 7 months ago
I own (almost) all the Perry Mason novels. All pretty good.
AllisonWunderland 7 months ago
I quit half way thru...didn't want to make a fool of myself today 😂 On to next quiz...
TessyPooh 7 months ago
16/20 I love Perry Mason, but I haven't seen all of the show or read all the books. I've read most of the Nancy Drew mysteries though.
Runeshaper 7 months ago
You got 16 out of 20 = BOO YA! LOL
JKMallaber 7 months ago
100%! Don't know Nancy Drew at all, (was totally into Hardy Boys!) But I know Perry Mason episodes well.
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