Are these the names of variety shows or sitcoms?

Both put their star's name in the title.

Many classic sitcoms and variety shows used the same straightforward (if a little uncreative) method when it came to titling: just put the show's star in between the words “The” and “Show.”

Many musical variety show hosts were gifted comics and many hilarious sitcom actors had musical chops great for songs and skits. This got us thinking — how easy would it be to remember if a star's namesake show was a sitcom or a variety show? What if that celebrity had both?

Here are 15 classic programs. Can you tell which titles are for sitcoms and which ones are for variety shows?

  1. The Dick Van Dyke Show
  2. The Carol Burnett Show
  3. The Andy Griffith Show
  4. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  5. The Ed Sullivan Show
  6. The Donna Reed Show
  7. The Red Skelton Show
  8. The Flip Wilson Show
  9. The Bob Newhart Show
  10. The Doris Day Show
  11. The Danny Kaye Show
  12. The Leslie Uggams Show
  13. The Patty Duke Show
  14. The Dinah Shore Chevy Show
  15. The Joey Bishop Show

Are these the names of variety shows or sitcoms?

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disisdadrum 8 days ago
13/15 Missed The Bob Newhart Show & The Doris Day Show 😱😱
dictracy 10 days ago
13/15 missed the two that were both
BustaNutter1 12 days ago
Any fan of the homes of classic sitcoms can take virtual tours on YouTube. The woman that hosts it is a treasure trove of trivia, right up my alley. She uses photos from different seasons to show subtle changes in the homes that go unmentioned on the show. Start with the Bewitched house. It's awesome!
DerekBird 12 days ago
You got 10 out of 15
Did the answers come easy for this quiz or did you have to give it some thought?
ncadams27 13 days ago
Should have asked about the Jack Benny Program. Sone weeks he did a straight variety show, some weeks a sitcom - all in one show.
dmagoon 14 days ago
BTW, isn't "Joey Bishop" etymologically related to "Joe Piscopo"?
UTZAAKE 15 days ago
9. Knew there was a trap, yet still walked right into it. Sigh.
Barry22 15 days ago
14/15, Bob Newhart had a variety show?
MarianneCoon 15 days ago
Only slipped on one--forgot Bob Newhart's variety show.
Runeshaper 16 days ago
You got 12 out of 15 - good enough lol
bewest169 16 days ago
Flip Wilson the greatest comic never gets his just due props "The Devil made me do it" "Here comes the Judge"
Jeremy bewest169 16 days ago
I thought "Here comes the judge!" came from Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. The other catchphrase associated with Flip is "What you see is what you get!"
Barry22 Jeremy 15 days ago
Flip was great!
Barry22 Jeremy 15 days ago
You're right. Sammy Davis jr did that.
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