Are these Western illustrations from the credits of Bonanza or The Wild Wild West?

You see it every episode, but how well do you really know the artwork from the opening and closing credits?

The Sixties were the heyday for television credits sequences. Elaborate animations and music opened everything from sitcoms to sci-fi shows to Westerns.

Bonanza opened with a drawing of the Ponderosa ranch burning away to reveal the show’s stars riding on horseback. But the map wasn’t the only artwork used for the credits. The closing sequence featured detailed paintings of various Western scenes.

The Wild Wild West also used illustrations for its opening credits. The sketch style was a nod to the comic book-esque adventures of Jim West and Artemus Gordon.

How well do you know the artistic credit sequences of these two classic Westerns? Try to match the images below to the right series!

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  1. Which show is this photographer illustration from?
  2. This cowboy has an ace in his boot on which show?
  3. This fiddler is from which show?
  4. Which show is this stage illustration from?
  5. This artwork is featured in the credits of...
  6. What is this dandy illustration from?
  7. Which show is this train from?
  8. This woman is from the credits of which show?
  9. This mustachioed rider is from which show?
  10. This lantern illustration is from...

Are these Western illustrations from the credits of Bonanza or The Wild Wild West?

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HoppedUp 1 month ago
The Night of the Perfect Score.

The WWW opening shows that a pretty face can definitely hide an evil mind.
graceful1970 1 month ago
You got 10 out of 10
Did you find your way to all the right answers or did you get burned?
Tresix 1 month ago
9/10. As usual, muffed the last one.
VanHalen 1 month ago
9 / 10 - 2 were a bit to figure out. When is W W W coming back. Bonanza is 'flush-able."
graceful1970 VanHalen 1 month ago
WWW comes on MeTv+
purplerose60 1 month ago
7/10, loved Wild Wild West. Bonanza not so much
scp 1 month ago
Ten out of ten. I took guess on that last one, though.
Dajj 1 month ago
6/10 I got a little burned on that one!!
Lacey 1 month ago
10/10 without breaking a sweat.
Sometimes wished they had sold prints of some of this artwork.
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