Are you a Scotty or a McCoy?

A poll of cosmic proportions.

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Are you ready to boldly introspect where no one has gone before? In this poll, you'll discover whether you align more with the logical and pragmatic Star Trek engineer, Scotty, or the compassionate and outspoken doctor, Leonard "Bones" McCoy.

Answer this series of questions, and unveil which Star Trek character you're most like. Beam yourself up and let's find out! 

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  1. Describe your relationship to your work.
  2. How would you describe yourself?
  3. How do you typically handle stressful situations?
  4. Are you more likely to...
  5. When working in a team, which do you prefer?
  6. In your opinion, which is more important?
  7. When offering advice to a friend, which do you prioritize?
  8. What kind of environment do you thrive in?
  9. How do you handle criticism?
  10. In a dilemma, you are more likely to...

Are you a Scotty or a McCoy?

Your Result...

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Ratt1959 5 days ago
Bones, but I'm more down the middle on most of the questions.
Irish 9 days ago
I'm a Bones. Seems "logical" because I'm a nurse!
Abergine 10 days ago
Scotty. I should have known because I am 1/2 Scottish!
sjbang88 12 days ago
McCoy, unfortunately, I really don't care for that character
MikefromJersey 2 months ago
"You're a Bones. You are Leonard "Bones" McCoy. Tell all your friends!"

Nah. Can't I be on a spaceship with the 3 Stooges instead of on the Enterprise?
Then I could go with Moe, Larry and Curly and visit that all female planet of babes they discovered
in one episode.
Sure Moe is going to bark at me to "recede" or "spread out" and poke me in the eyes once in
awhile but it'd be worth it.
So forget Bones or Scotty, you can call me Shemp.
Snickers 3 months ago
Bones? Always felt like a Scotty myself.
texasluva 3 months ago
You're a Scotty
You are Montgomery "Scotty" Scott. Enjoy!
Zip 3 months ago
I'm a "Scotty."
Appropriate, since I recently found out I have Scottish heritage.
Wendy57 3 months ago
Bones 💀
Well, I do like science.
RobertK 3 months ago
Bones. I've been called many things, but never "adapaptable" whatever that means! (See # 8) 🤔😆
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