Can we guess your age based on your taste in TV?

How old is your inner couch surfer?

When it's just you and the TV, there's no pressure to act your age. You can forget the world entirely, transporting to simpler times to have dinner with your favorite TV family or slingshotting through space via your favorite sci-fi vehicle.

Whatever show flickers across your screen most often, one thing is for sure: Your taste in TV says a lot about you. So whether you're stuck in the past or snickering to the latest season of Saturday Night Live, let's see if we can crack the code of your favorite shows to guess the age of your inner couch surfer.
  1. Which of these do you consider the ultimate TV show?
  2. Which Brady kid do you identify with the most?
  3. What do you call this?
  4. Who do you think is a pretty cool dude?
  5. Do you think cable is dead?
  6. Pick a show you think they should have never cancelled.
  7. Which show has your favorite TV theme song?
  8. What cartoon show did you wake up for on Saturday mornings?
  9. How do you watch TV now?
  10. Which was your favorite ensemble cast?
  11. What do you think is the funniest sitcom?
  12. Who do you think had the best talk show?
  13. Who is your favorite TV nerd?

Can we guess your age based on your taste in TV?

Your Result...

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Nightshade1972 8 months ago
"You are 47."

I just turned 49, so they aren't far wrong.

bdettlingmetv 8 months ago
I'll be 60 in a couple of months- they guessed 62. Close enough.
Amalthea 8 months ago
They guessed 47. Close: I'm 56. Unfortunately, a lot of the choices weren't ones I'd pick.
melanieofoz 8 months ago
I'm now 22 years YOUNGER!!! I knew I liked the quiz for a reason. Now to have the energy and ambition I did 22 years ago.
Igaveyoumyfakename 21 months ago
Close. Only off by 26 years. LMAO!
rycki1138 21 months ago
"You are 40" So I'm 53 going on 40 I guess.

Drew 21 months ago
47? Missed by nearly a decade. 55.
Now, regarding the question about how I watch TV... There were multiple answers that would have been correct. I have cable, Roku (built into the TV) and I use my tablet a lot! I can access my DVR remotely so I never miss my favorite METV programs when I'm out on the road.
bigjimbroni 21 months ago
They're off by 7 years. Need to go higher than 47.
Diane62 21 months ago
What you watched on TV isn't necessarily related to age growing up as parents actually had a say in what their children watched. You gave me 31...about 25 years off!
JuneMiller 21 months ago
You are 47
You arrived in front of the TV just as the TV Western was asked to move along.
Missed it by 15+ years. That's probably because your selections missed a significant number of "boomer" programs ;)

1) All in the Family (though you did include it later)
2) decent ;)
3) check
4) James West
5) Dying
7) Gilligan's Island
8) Mighty Mouse
9) acceptable
10) Hill Street Blues (or TAXI)
11) I Love Lucy (or Barney Miller)
12) THANK YOU for omitting S. C.
13) Leonard!!!
Joe 21 months ago
It aged me by eight years.
RobChapman 21 months ago
You are 62. Um...only off by 14 years.
Gina 21 months ago
I wish you all would actually put "All in the Family" on air!!!! ☹️
GeoffFord 21 months ago
Missed it by eleven days.....You are 62
Your taste in TV sets you back to when Elvis first appeared on TV and Saturday morning cartoons became a thing. In other words, you're awesome.
SRESLA 27 months ago
I could not complete many of the questions. You did not have answer options that I would select. This quiz seems geared toward 30-40 somethings, not us older folks who actually watched true classic television. I like MeTV but do not believe you consistently capture all true TV classics. Some of your shows are of the "modern" age, not classics, which I find disappointing.
WILD SRESLA 21 months ago
If it was me doing the programming, then there wouldn't be any series on that started in 1980 or later.
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