Can you name these celebrity guest stars who appeared on Wagon Train?

Wagon, ho! Follow our trail of clues to connect these celebrities with their other famous works.

For Wagon Train fans, waiting to see what guest stars would appear along the trail was half the fun of experiencing the show. Each episode was a bumpy ride that drew the biggest stars from both TV and movies.

Ready to live through all that magic again? 

Take a stroll through these scenes below and try to connect the Wagon Train guest stars to their other famous works. Only the sharpest eyes will be dubbed trail scouts. Good luck!

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  1. This funny guy showed up on Wagon Train with a bag of tricks, but cracked us up on which other TV show?
  2. We saw a lot of this kid in the '60s, including as the star of which TV show?
  3. It positively delighted each time this genuine movie star appeared on Wagon Train. What movie was she famous for?
  4. This comedian proved he could handle a more dramatic role when he showed up on Wagon Train. What movie did he voice a famous character in?
  5. Speaking of familiar faces from TV, this actress appeared on Wagon Train before we ever knew her from this TV show:
  6. Squint and we think you'll recognize this TV detective famous for which show?
  7. This child actor was always getting into trouble as the star of which classic sitcom?
  8. In the 1970s, this movie actor and lauded showman notably took a part in which family film?
  9. This actress is perhaps best known as a mom on which '60s sitcom?
  10. Fans of this iconic film remember this actor as a shady character in the movie universe, too:
  11. Here's a classic sitcom wife who appeared on Wagon Train. What sitcom did she star in?
  12. Wagon Train also drew in famous country singers, like this guest star. Which song was he famous for?
  13. He could use a shave and a cup of coffee, but there's a movie star under all that Wagon Train grit. Which '80s comedy is he best known for?

Can you name these celebrity guest stars who appeared on Wagon Train?

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Mrflash500 6 months ago
I got 13 out of 13. I guessed on 1 of them.
Susan00100 24 months ago
I hope that's not bad luck.
Rooster1959 25 months ago
13/13 First time after all the darn quizzes! My small win for the day!
Kergooliewyn 25 months ago
12/13 got #11 wrong! Should have looked a little harder. Otherwise, not disappointing.
1memyselfandI 26 months ago
I would love it if MeTV had a time at night for a family movie, like how Tom H. Used to host the Family Film Festival.
I enjoy just the facts about the movies with NO Jokes and childish ridiculousness!
Grizz 27 months ago
Grizz 27 months ago
By the way how great would it be to have a movie night?!! Classic movies no swearing, no nudity just great classic B/W or Color movie's.
Show of hand's 🤚
gmail 28 months ago
You got 11 out of 13
Silly ads, flipped just I clicked.
Susan00100 28 months ago
Maybe 13 isn't so unlucky, after all! LOL
Voyage_Lover_32 43 months ago
10/13, I recognize the faces and I know some of the names, but I don't know what they were in so well.
Br0ther1KB 44 months ago
Was that an age and viewing test? It sure wasn't a "head scratch-er". There was no challenge in it with the "ham-fisted" clues.
Br0ther1KB 44 months ago
I missed 1 Because I am not a Bonanza Man, I'm a Big Valley Man, and if there was a Western with more Pretty Dudettes and less Dudes I'd of watched it over the Big Valley. A Fusion of Wild Wild West and Charlie's Angels would work just fine with me.
RedjacArbez Br0ther1KB 31 months ago
Horse Hockey!!! This has NOTHING to do with Bonanza. This is about identifying the actor.....You missed one because you just had no clue who the guest star on WAGON TRAIN (not Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Maveric......) was. End of discussion.
KariMan 46 months ago
Could Name Every One, But I Had To Guess A Movie Or Two.
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