Can you answer these real Jeopardy! questions about The Flintstones?

Would round two be called "Rubble Jeopardy?"

The Flintstones were no strangers to game shows. In the episode "Divided We Sail," Barney becomes a contestant on The Prize Is Priced, an obvious spoof of The Price Is Right.

But that's not all. The ultimate trivia game show Jeopardy! has frequently featured questions (well, answers) about Fred and the gang. The Flintstones has had its own category three times — in 1986, 1999 and 2018. Dozens of questions about the classic cartoon (and its various spin-offs) have popped up in other categories, too.

Can you answer some of them? Put your Bedrock knowledge to the test!

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  1. MEET THE FLINTSTONES for $100: 'The Flintstones' was modeled on this Jackie Gleason series.
  2. MEET THE FLINTSTONES for $200: In the 1993 primetime special "I Yabba-Dabba-Do," these two kids got married.
  3. FAMOUS LAST WORDS for $200: In the 'Flintstones' theme.
  4. MEET THE FLINTSTONES for $300: In 1996, after years of exclusion and a national vote, she joined the rest of the gang as a Flintstones vitamin.
  5. THE FLINTSTONES for $300: It's where Fred took the family in the opening of every show.
  6. THEY'RE "GREAT" for $400: On 'The Flintstones' Harvey Korman voiced this tiny alien from the planet Zetox.
  7. MEET THE FLINTSTONES for $400: The 'Flintstones' theme is based on the chord changes of this song… "Who could ask for anything more…"
  8. THE FLINTSTONES for $500: Fred and Barney were lodge members of this "Loyal Order."
  9. MEET THE FLINTSTONES for $500: Two Stone Age movie heartthrobs were Stoney Curtis and this suave star, perhaps born Archiboulder Leach.
  10. TV WORKPLACE SETTINGS for $600: 'The Flintstones,' where Fred operated a bronto-crane.
  11. THE FLINTSTONES for $600: After this voice of Barney (and Bugs Bunny) was injured in a car accident, he recorded much of season two in his bedroom.
  12. IN THE CREDITS for $800: The credits of 'The Flintstones' report none of these "were harmed in the making of" the movie.

Can you answer these real Jeopardy! questions about The Flintstones?

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Mukusthebadd1 6 days ago
Ha! After I got question 3 wrong, I just tapped random answers.
Oh well.
DIGGER1 24 days ago
Can you answer these real Jeopardy! questions about The Flintstones?
You got 10 out of 12
You breezed through that with ease! Kick your feet up.
Alright, so my knowledge of the "FLINTSTONES" needs a little work. LOL!
ForeverHappyDays 25 days ago
10/12 I missed the vitamin one and the theme one
ETristanBooth 26 days ago
12/12. I wasn't aware of the vitamin controversy, but the correct answer was easy to guess.
Ilenewm 28 days ago
Perfect score! I do love the Flintstones!
Geronimo Ilenewm 28 days ago
You're cute❤️💗💓💕💞
jholton30062 28 days ago
You got 12 out of 12. I guessed on the Flintstones vitamins question.
MrBill 28 days ago
11/12; missed #4. I had no idea on that one and had to guess. I did not take vitamins as a child and I am not familiar with Flintstones Vitamins.
sandman 28 days ago
11/12. If this was a Star Trek quiz it would be 12/12
PeterRoff 30 days ago
Every single one of these answers is wrong - because on Jeopardy, all answers must be posed in the form of a question. You would think the folks at MeTV would know that.
RobCertSDSCascap 1 month ago
M 1 month ago
I gotta get out of the house more
RobCertSDSCascap 1 month ago
12/12! Would love some Double Jeopardies.
DouglasMorris 1 month ago
9/12! missed numbers 4,7 and 10.
Jeremy 1 month ago
I only missed one question. One I should've gotten because Betty was never really a Flintstone.
daDoctah Jeremy 28 days ago
The standup comedy thing was to complain that they didn't have a Betty vitamin, but they did have Fred's car.
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