Born to Run: A Bruce Springsteen album quiz

Baby, were you born to run?

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How well do you know The Boss' third album? Released August 25, 1975, "Born to Run" was Bruce Springsteen's attempt to crossover to a mainstream audience. The gambit paid off, the album sold seven million copies, and the rest is rock 'n' roll history.

"Born to Run" garnered near-universal critical acclaim upon release and is still considered by many to be one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Let's see how well you can recall the finer details in this quiz. Be sure to share your thoughts and your score in the comment section below!

  1. In the lyrics of "Thunder Road," who sings for the lonely?
  2. In "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out," who is searching for their groove?
  3. What's the final line in the song "Night?"
  4. In "Backstreets," who did the narrator befriend one soft-infested summer?
  5. What is the highway mentioned in the song "Born to Run?"
  6. Which of these is NOT mentioned in "She's the One?"
  7. What are the two first names mentioned in "Meeting Across the River?"
  8. Where did the Rangers have their homecoming in "Jungleland?"

Born to Run: A Bruce Springsteen album quiz

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Mob39 9 months ago
8/8 Born in New Jersey. If I got these answers wrong, it would be criminal. I still remember when I was in high school, we all signed the petition to make Born to Run, the New Jersey state song. Those were the days.
MikefromJersey Mob39 9 months ago
Hopefully one day it will be the state song. In the meantime there is always Uncle Floyd's
"Deep In The Heart of Jersey".
BorisK Mob39 9 months ago
Just don't make it 'Queen of the Supermarket'. Huge Bruce fan, but he's had his share of clinkers, too.
Mob39 MikefromJersey 8 months ago
Oh my gosh! My sister and I, always watched The Uncle Floyd Show constantly! Great memories! The crew and cast laughing in the background, was hysterical!
MikefromJersey Mob39 8 months ago
You, your sister and the rest in your litter - I like the beret in your photo - have good taste.
When they reopened the Statue of Liberty with one of the greatest parties in US history, with
Tall sailing ships from around the world, superstar singers from Sinatra to Whitney(from
Jersey of course), President Reagan, etc etc, we were listening to Frank sing when
Floyd walked right by our blanket on the lawn.
We called to him but he ran off, maybe he was afraid with 100,000 plus people
around us he might get mobbed, though in truth he was more a cult figure than
super famous. Rumor has it he lived in Westfield - maybe still does.
Mob39 MikefromJersey 8 months ago
Thank you! She looks rather stylish in her beret! I remember Uncle Floyd living in Paterson. As far as I know, he still performs. Would be pretty cool to see him perform all the skits he used to, back in the day. Very cool that you were able to see him in person, never had the opportunity. So many talented people came from New Jersey. Very happy I grew up there. New Jersey was a fun and cool place to live. Always enjoyed going to the Jersey shore.
Wenatchee7 9 months ago
3/8 Not a popular admission but I am not a fan and the three I got right were guesses.
MikefromJersey 9 months ago
8 for 8.
New Jersey is the number one travel destination for Canadians, as it's the first stretch of good
beaches for a large part of the population, specifically the Wildwoods/Ocean City.
And a good number of them hope to run into Bruce, they will ask you in bars where he hangs out.

Croft1 9 months ago
Typo. Darkness of the edge of town lp.
BorisK Croft1 9 months ago
Darkness on the Edge of Town.
Croft1 9 months ago
8/8 Racing In The Streets off Darkness edge Of Night album has always been my favorite Bruce song. It would have fit perfectly on Born To Run. There were a couple bootlegs floating around at the time with some great material which he later put on the live albums. But oh what a great studio album number 5 could've been. Blew away Disco overnight.
BorisK Croft1 9 months ago
Darkness the album is my #1 favorite of his.
meTed 9 months ago
Darkness On The Edge Of Town is my top favorite Bruce.
TonyClifton 9 months ago
I never got this guy's appeal. His songs are meh, and he can't sing at all. Sounds like he's passing a stone when he sings. But oh well...different strokes.
"If I have to explain it to you, you'll never know."
Delta musician when asked by a citizen to explain the "blues".
Please don't say you like that nice Pat Boone's cover songs over Little Richard's originals
as well.
gockionni 9 months ago
I just remember how refreshingly different Springsteen’s music was when Born To Run debuted…just as disco was coming on strong. Oh, I was one of those in the discos, trying every new dance that came out but I also loved all kinds of music and Springsteen brought something new and exciting in those days.
Bapa1 gockionni 9 months ago
I agree. had his 'Greetings' LP, which I had won from a music magazine, (Zoo World). It was OK. But Born to Run was magic.
vinman63 9 months ago
Well they wrote a quiz on Springsteen
And his songs too.
Here on MeTv we watch what
the sitcoms will do.
BorisK 9 months ago
8/8 but ... what does Springsteen have to do with MeTV?
LoveMETV22 BorisK 9 months ago
Maybe: " In 1964, Springsteen saw the Beatles' televised appearances on
"The Ed Sullivan Show"-(A MeTV staple). Inspired, he bought his first guitar.
Some of his earlier songs might be considered "Classic" now.
Just a guess.
Croft1 9 months ago
8/8 great album. One of the best of all time. I was there at the beginning for ol' Brice. His first 4 albums (This beginning no. 3) are all contenders. I try to overlook his lib politics - as I do the myth of climate change etc - after all, the music comes God and ol' Brucey is just the paintbrush. And you know you're getting old when Brucey appears on the cover of AARP!
BorisK Croft1 9 months ago
Agree. Been there since 'Greetings' and totally disappointed he had to go political in the last 5-10 when he mostly side-stepped that bomb. But I'm still going to his San Diego show and both L.A. shows in December.
nd1irish 9 months ago
The answer to Question #3 is wrong. The final line of ‘Night’ is ‘Somewhere tonight, you'll run sad and free Until all you can see is the night’ . Seeing Bruce in Philly in August. Can’t wait!
BorisK nd1irish 9 months ago
Zip 9 months ago
Took this quiz even though I've always thought that Springsteen was over-rated. Most of his songs(the ones I've heard anyway) sound the same the whole way through with little to no variation or chord changes.
BrittReid Zip 9 months ago
LoveMETV22 9 months ago
Not a big fan of Bruce Springsteen. However one of ELO's songs has been misheard over the years.

"Don't Bring Me Down"
Replacing "Bruce" for " groos"

However ELO's Jeff Lynne did put a comedic spin on it, in an interview he did with "SiriusXM" several years ago.
Zip LoveMETV22 9 months ago
Thanks for that second video. I always wondered what they said on that song.
kpendergraft 9 months ago

Bapa1 kpendergraft 9 months ago
Jack Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!
Rob 9 months ago
I got 2/8. I like a few of his songs but, I’m not a huge fan.
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