Can you complete the names of these hit music duos?

Simon & who? Hall & huh?

Many hitmakers over time have chosen to forego a catchy band name and simple go by their given names. Sonny & Cher and Donny & Marie made full-blown variety shows off the concept, but there are many other artists who went by their first or last names only.

Think you can complete the name of some of the best-loved pop, rock and soul duos? Make your dreams come true below!
  1. They gave us "The Sound of Silence" and so much more. Complete the band name: Simon & ????????
  2. They're who you turn to in order to "make my dreams come true." Complete the band name: Hall & ????????
  3. They taught us "Teach Your Children." Complete the band name: Crosby, ???????? & ????????
  4. "Love Will Keep Us Together" caused a surge of fandom for this duo. Complete the band name: Captain & ????????
  5. The gave us a nice "Summer Breeze" to make us feel fine. Complete the band name: ???????? & Crofts
  6. Move over Beach Boys, this duo took us to "Surf City." Complete the band name: ???????? & Dean
  7. They helped us see that even without money, when you're in love, it's still easy to say, "I'm so in love with you honey." Complete the band name: Loggins & ????????
  8. Their hit "Lucky Man" shifted how we saw good fortune. Complete the band name: ????????, Lake & Palmer
  9. This husband-wife duo gave us "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Complete the band name: ???????? & Simpson
  10. They sang "I'm a soul man" (and that ain't all). Complete the band name: ???????? & Dave
Can you complete the names of these hit music duos?

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Terrence 4 days ago
A couple of groups I did not know.........................8/10
Siglund 4 days ago
And yet... Love ultimately did NOT keep them together... Bummer...
MrBill 5 days ago
10/10; easy one for me. Breezed right thru it.
Barry22 6 days ago
10/10, too easy. Seen some of these artists in concert, together and separate.
Anybody know which of these "Dynamic Duos" went by the name Tom & Jerry?
S & G.

Hey, baby, there's one thing more
School is over at half past four
Maybe when we're older, then we can date
Ooo, let's wait
Simon and Garfunkle, with a song called 'Hey Schoolgirl'
Soraya 7 days ago
Anyone that got 1-4 wrong, must've been living under a rock all these years.
Jeffrey 7 days ago
You got 10 out of 10 ----------Ain't no mountain high enough to keep you from winning!
rycki1138 8 days ago
10 out of 10
Ain't no mountain high enough to keep you from winning!
harlow1313 8 days ago
What, no Zager and Evans?
They were one-hit wonders, and "In The Year 2525" is horrible!
Jeffrey cperrynaples 7 days ago
BOOOOOOOOOOOOO to you cperrynaples!!
Jeffrey harlow1313 7 days ago
I like your thinking!!! I really like "In the Year 2525" very much!
All right, then, Brewer and Shipley.
Yeah, how about them Lawrence Welk singers warbling that tune on his show?!?!::
That performance was a blue print for punk.
nerakr 8 days ago
9/10. Knew more than I thought. Had never heard of #8 (which I missed) or #10.
teire 8 days ago
10/10, each team so memorable.
Dicazi 8 days ago
Me, perfect on a music quiz?!
cperrynaples Dicazi 8 days ago
Well, I certainly was!
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