Can you guess the TV Western from ONE episode title?

Take your best shot, cowboys and cowgirls.

TV Westerns captivated fans for decades. This wild bunch of shows were rich with unique characters and settings, and episode titles often reflected that. Other Westerns had a distinct style to how they always named their episodes. 

That's why we think Western fans can tell the difference between two distinct TV Westerns from just one episode title. Think you can do it? Take the quiz below and see if your score is high enough to hang your hat on. Good luck!
  1. On which TV Western might you “Escape to Ponderosa”?
  2. Which TV Western told us “The Major Adams Story”?
  3. This TV Western started with the episode “Matt Gets It”:
  4. On which TV Western would you find “Trouble for Tonto”?
  5. Which TV Western was really a string of incidents, such as “Incident of the Tumbleweed Wagon”?
  6. Which TV Western show’s hero would you expect to be “One of Jesse’s Gang”?
  7. Which TV Western spent “Christmas at Plum Creek”?
  8. Which TV Western told us stories from different nights, like “The Night of the Inferno”?
  9. On which TV Western would you expect to find “High Card Hangs”?
  10. Which TV Western exacted “Hey Boy’s Revenge”?
Can you guess the TV Western from ONE episode title?

Your Result...

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CruiseGirl4Life 5 months ago
10/10 this one has me looking for "Hey Boy's Revenge" episode on YouTube.
Tresix 5 months ago
8/10, missed the "Rawhide" and "Little House" questions. Should have followed my instincts on the "Little House" one, I started to pick it but switched to "Grizzly Adams" instead.
AndrewHass 5 months ago
I was 8/10 but since i guessed on most of the questions i think i did okay.
rycki1138 5 months ago
9 out of 10. I missed the Tumbleweed Wagon one.

richardkel rycki1138 5 months ago
10/10, but I guessed on about half. Whenever the title starts with "Incident at", it's Rawhide. When it end with"Story", it's usually Wagon Train, but of course this time Seth Adams was also a give away. When the title starts with "Night of", it's usually WWW.
MrsPhilHarris 5 months ago
7/10 Oh. Better luck next time, stranger.
ndebrabant 5 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Now that's a score you can hang your hat on!
Joe 5 months ago
"You got 9 out of 10
Now that's a score you can hang your hat on!"
mike3316 5 months ago
6/10. I don't think that's too bad since I grew up in the 80's and none of these shows were on except occasional reruns.
teire 5 months ago
9/10, foolishly missed Rawhide, I knew that “incident” styling. Too quick on the trigger.
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