Can you fill in the right adjective for these Perry Mason cases?

Do you know what words describe the kiss, the toupee, the mermaid and more?

Creative case names were perfected by Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew but Perry Mason, both the series and the original books by Erle Stanley Gardner, take the cake for sheer creativity.

Most are troublesome tongue-twisters. Try saying the title of any Perry Mason episode five times fast and see what we mean!

We’ve taken the adjectives out of 15 case names. Can you guess what word is missing from each one?

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  1. What adjective describes the subject of Perry Mason's first episode?
  2. What word describes the fancy coat in this case?
  3. What describes the kiss in this case?
  4. The very last episode uses what fitting adjective?
  5. What number is missing from this episode title?
  6. Which character is mentioned in this case name?
  7. What word describes the sculptor in this case?
  8. What color is missing from this episode title?
  9. How is the mermaid described in this case?
  10. Can you fill in the missing word for this case?
  11. What kind of ghost is described in this case name?
  12. What number Frenchman is in this title?
  13. "Corpse" shows up in a few Perry Mason case names. Which adjective was NOT used for any of them?
  14. The hairpiece in this case is described as...
  15. What word is missing from this murder case about a briefcase?

Can you fill in the right adjective for these Perry Mason cases?

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MarkSpeck 6 hours ago
14 out of 15. Thought I knew 'em all. Missed the clock one.
Kelleesplace 14 hours ago
I got 14 out of 15!!! Well really I got all 15 right because there is an error on #13. Its Runaway Corpse nit Creepy Corpse.
Uncletee58 14 hours ago
Wow....are those real Perry Mason cases? I watch all the time....evidently I don't pay attention like I thought I did.
Jaxter14 22 hours ago
Is typecast T or F? The actors who portrayed iconic tv characters such as Perry Mason, Andy Taylor, Archie Bunker & Jed Clampet all went on to another successful long-running tv series. Remember their series?
TSeym22 24 hours ago
10/15 Not bad but thought I'd do better considering how much I've watched it.
olddogg 1 day ago
The case of the catastrophic quiz.
sistervic 1 day ago
Love the show, been watching since it started in the fifties.
e7j1ay 1 day ago
I am in dispute on question # 13 in the Case of the Creepy Corpse - my answer was Runaway which came up incorrect - I looked it up and it was Runaway Corpse - season 1 episode #10
Kelleesplace e7j1ay 14 hours ago
I totally agree. It was the Runaway Corpse
dodgebob 1 day ago
A personal worstest of epic proportion. Pick the adjective that best discribes a 2/15 performance:
A) Uninformed
B) Woefully miserable
C) Add your own
sputnik_57 1 day ago
12/15 Thanks for the fun quiz! But all of them are fun!
JKMallaber 1 day ago
13/15! Awesome! However, I thought the first episode was Moth-Eaten Mink, and the last was Twice-Told Twist (the only one in Color!)
KJExpress JKMallaber 1 day ago
I think you are right about The Moth-Eaten Mink. It was not the first to be broadcast, however, so I think that might be where the confusion lies. RB's hair is very short so you can tell that it wasn't filmed the same time as the other early episodes.
MrsPhilHarris 3 days ago
11/15. 🤨I am disappointed in myself. I watch PM daily.
CaptainDunsel 3 days ago
"The Case of the Perfectly P!$s Poor Performance."
Someone has to be Captain of the Case of the PPPP and go down with the ship if need be 🤔😟🤦‍♂️👉🚢⚓🌊😬 🤣
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