Can you guess which Waltons cast member starred in these obscure movies?

It takes a true movie buff to get 10/10 on this quiz!


While the cast of The Waltons will forever be tied to the beloved TV family, the actors starred in many other things — some well-known and others… less so.

Here are ten obscure movies featuring familiar Waltons faces. Can you guess which cast member appeared in these creature features, forgotten sequels, and sci-fi knockoffs?

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  1. Who led this Star Wars knockoff?
  2. This Disney gem featured two Waltons actors. Who were they?
  3. Who starred in this 1989 comedy?
  4. Who was in this lesser-known Western sequel?
  5. This was a short-lived TV show, but it makes a great addition to any list of obscurities. Which Waltons actor starred in it?
  6. Which Waltons recurring actor appeared in this apocalyptic thriller?
  7. Who starred in this Eighties slasher film?
  8. Who faced a less-than-convincing puppet in this 1981 creature feature?
  9. This was one of Diane Lane's first films. Who played a doctor in it?
  10. Which recurring actor appeared in this Peter Fonda country music flick?

Can you guess which Waltons cast member starred in these obscure movies?

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bukhrn 32 months ago
6/10, never heard of or seen any of the movies.
DIGGER1 33 months ago
Can you guess which Waltons cast member starred in these obscure movies?
You got 10 out of 10
Did you take a bite out of this quiz or was it a flop?
Mob39 33 months ago
Never heard of these movies!!! Guessed 1 right!! 🤣
Lillyrose 33 months ago
3 out of 10. Never saw any of those shows or movies.
Dajj 33 months ago
2/10 didnt watch the Waltons much at all.
marmetv20 33 months ago
2/10 that's what happens when you guess!
Toonhead 33 months ago
This is what happens when you do a quiz ‘bout a show you didn’t watch much 5/10 ouch. Oh well such is life in the quiz biz lol
DavidH 33 months ago
Battle Beyond the Stars is a Star Wars knockoff??
Whoever wrote this quiz obviously never saw the movie.
Roger Corman's Battle Beyond the Stars was an adaptation of Kurisawa's epic "Seven Samurai" and John Sturges' "The Magnificent Seven."
Toonhead DavidH 33 months ago
Give the gent a kewpie doll! Exactly right sir! One of Roger Forman’s better efforts. Excellent! And for all the sci-fi novices out there… you have seen excerpts from the special effects in space movies for years afterwards. Mr. C never wasted anything. Now for the really obscure movie reference: He shot a movie called “The Fast and the Furious “ in about 1955 starring John Ireland. Look it up… it’s pretty cool 😎 as a fast car movie should be. Everything old Is new again, eh? Lol
Toonhead DavidH 33 months ago
AAAAUUGH! Curse my clumsy fingers and missed proofreading! Of course that should be CORMAN! I apologize for the blunder, y’all
Oldielover 33 months ago
7/10...And I will stand on this "Never watched a Waltons episode" hill until I die....Just color me as a L.U.C.K.Y G.U.E.S.S.E.R!!
JHP 33 months ago
there isn't enough caffeine in the world to make me watch a waltons ep
bnichols23 33 months ago
2. Even before starting I wasn't sure why I bothered other than just having time. The Waltons was never a favorite of mine.
MarkSpeck 33 months ago
8 out of 10, mostly guesses, although I did know #'s 1 and 3 (I actually saw Skin Deep in the theater).
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