Can you find the one series that did NOT have a Thanksgiving episode?

There was a lot of turkey to go around classic TV, but not every show had a Thanksgiving episode!

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving from the Waltons!
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Several classic television shows went the Thanksgiving route with their shows at least once, and in some cases more than once. 

They do well in sitcoms and have even been incorporated into dramas on occasion. 

Below are several shows with Thanksgiving episodes in the series, and one without a turkey day episode. Can you find the one series that didn't have a Thanksgiving episode? 

Keep guessing until you get the answer right! 

  1. Try to find the one show that didn't have a Thanksgiving episode in it.

Can you find the one series that did NOT have a Thanksgiving episode?

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Lillyrose 14 months ago
I got it right on my first try: Green Acres.
narcoossee 15 months ago
I had to guess one by one or I would have never gotten it.
lmahabhashyam 15 months ago
1st try! I watch way to much old TV. I can’t stand most current TV.
Muleskinner 15 months ago
1st try. I remember that show pretty well. 😃
CortneyNicole 15 months ago
I take a couple of guesses.

Thank you MeTV for the heads up! Hope you enjoy your day :)
vinman63 15 months ago
LITB didn't have a Thanksgiving episode till the 80's reboot.This introduce us to Hugh Beaumont sister Gloria.
Pacificsun 15 months ago
Such a cute graphic! The MeTV graphics always make the stories and quizzes more enjoyable.

Thanks MeTV Staff!! We're grateful for you imagination and effort! 🦃
Snickers 15 months ago
Got it on the first try. And as I head back up to the great white north, home of polar bears and penquins, I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Peter_Falk_Fan Snickers 15 months ago
Same to you. Have a safe trip.
Snickers Peter_Falk_Fan 15 months ago
Thank you sir.
BuckeyeBeth 15 months ago
Nailed it! Didn’t even scroll past to see what the other shows were.

I think this means I might watch too much tv.
Pacificsun BuckeyeBeth 15 months ago
Are we hooked or pleasantly intrigued!

Have a Happy 🦃 day, BuckeyeBeth!
Wendy57 15 months ago
Got it on the second try by luck mostly.
I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of my MeTV friends. 🦃🧇
Snickers Wendy57 15 months ago
You have a great one too.
richardkel 15 months ago
Easy Peasy. Got it right on the first try. I remembered all of the ones that had Thanksgiving episodes. Watched most of them on the Thanksgiving Day block party that MeTV did last weekend. My favorites weren't mentioned. I love the Cheers and WKRP Thanksgiving episodes Gobble, Gobble everyone. Happy Thanksgiving.
Pacificsun richardkel 15 months ago
They have 'em the Library. Apparently with a Limited Loaner's Pass!

No worries.

Have a good 🦃 day!
daDoctah richardkel 15 months ago
Not a huge Cheers fan, but in addition to the WKRP one, I always loved the Bob Newhart Show Thanksgiving where Bob, Howard, Jerry and Mr Carlin get drunk and order moo goo gai pan.
Pacificsun daDoctah 15 months ago
Yeah, I don't know why they hold Bob Newhart (Series) back from us. Think what a power-block it would be if they strung together Newhart, Cheers and Fraiser. They would have enough episodes taking us into the next decade!
Moverfan Pacificsun 2 months ago
The Bob Newhart Show is on Catchy Comedy (fka Decades), so maybe that's why it didn't show up here. But I do love that episode..."More goo to go!"
texasluva 15 months ago
Have a most wonderful Thanksgiving everyone-

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) 25 min-
Bill Melendez---Phil Roman
Todd Barbee
Charlie Brown (voice)
Robin Kohn
Lucy van Pelt(voice)
Stephen Shea
Linus van Pelt(voice)
Hilary Momberger-Powers
Sally Brown (voice) (as Hilary Momberge
Christopher DeFaria
Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichard
Bill Melendez

copy and paste into browser-click enlarge screen--enjoy-
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