Can you find the one sketch that is NOT from The Carol Burnett Show?

How well do you know all her hilarious skits, parodies and characters?

Carol Burnett’s impact on comedy is hard to overstate. Her characters – whether completely original or impersonations of real people – rank among the best comedic performances ever to grace the small screen. Add in the hilarious contributions of regular cast members Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner (not to mention many great guest stars) and you have a winning combination that still makes people laugh decades later.

Here are 19 famous comedy sketches and characters. Only 18 are from Carol Burnett. Can you spot the one that isn’t?

  1. Which one of these sketches and characters is NOT from The Carol Burnett Show?

Can you find the one sketch that is NOT from The Carol Burnett Show?

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DJS3 1 month ago
"Rancid Harvest" sounds like a great horror film!

"In a world where every scarecrow screams for retribution... ...not even Monsanto can escape the Rancid Harvest!!!"

Coming to your local movieplex this October from Cannon Films in RealD 3D and Sensurround.
JoelFogelsanger 1 month ago
Got it on the first try. I was a huge Carol Burnett fan
I see you’re photo says “ stay home, save lives”. I appreciate that. Thanks for spreading such an important message.🙂
Wackydoglady 1 month ago
I got it on my first try! By the way, the description of the comedy actors who made the sketches so side splitting, left out the funniest of them all,
TIM CONWAY. My favorite sketches were those where Tim Conway and Harvey Korman worked together. I loved the Dentist sketch. Always loved seeing Korman crack up at Conway.
MrsPhilHarris 1 month ago
Two tries. Forgot about the Girl Scout sketch.
kagey 1 month ago
I absolutely love Carol Burnett! (Not that way). I have the first Time Life set of DVDs that was offered and when they offered a set of episodes that weren't included the first time I got those too. They offered an autographed set but it cost $100. Wow. I'd love to have her autograph but I'm living on Social Security. It was a splurge for me to just buy the DVDs, besides I'd rather get her autograph in person. I'd love to meet her. She thinks she doesn't know how to dance. She said she was "faking it" on her show. Guess what, Carol, While you were "faking it" your feet were dancing! I wish I knew where to write to or email herl
MrsPhilHarris kagey 1 month ago
When I was a kid Tiger Beat magazine or movie magazines had addresses printed telling you where to write for autographs. One of the ones I wrote away for was Carol Brunett's.
MrBill 1 month ago
It took me 14 tries to get it. I have not watched the Carol Burnett Show for a long time and do not remember the names of most of the sketches.
AlbertHanson 1 month ago
Got it on the first try. I remember the skits from Carol Burnett. My favorite is 'Went With the Wind'. Who can forget Carol walking down the stairs dressed in that green curtain. Pure comedic genius!
CaptainDunsel 1 month ago
Got it on the first try. I recall when the Muppets were on "vacation" from SNL, and they sent a letter detailing their travels in search of their roots. "We've traced our ancestry to a felt factory in Hampshire."
frenchman71 1 month ago
I guessed the right one that wasn't from Carol Burnett. Sorry to say I was never a Carol fan. Maybe it was that annoying Tarzan call she always did...Never cared for her.
kagey frenchman71 1 month ago
If people would have stopped requesting it, she wouldn't have kept doing it. She's one of the most talented people I've ever seen. However, if you're not a fan, that's why TVs have other channels.
genZmetv 1 month ago
Big muppets fan here, got it on the first try!
jimmyvici 1 month ago
How lucky am I? I got it on the eighth try! Lol
DouglasMorris 1 month ago
I found the right sketch that was not from the Carol Burnett Show!
texasluva 1 month ago
The funny thing is I know next to nothing about these sketches. Cursor down the list and stopped at "The Land of Gorch". Sounded good enough to me. By hook or by crook it happened. With over 10,000 Saints. I wonder which one gifted me today.
IMHO, I think it was Saint Gorch who "gifted you today" in discovering the right answer on the first try!
TexasGreek 1 month ago
This is NOT from The Carol Burnett Show!

1st try. I know my Carol Burnett. Great show! I had tickets provided to me as a gift to see Carol Burnett in Ft. Worth but I had to work. I sure missed out.
jimmyvici TexasGreek 1 month ago
Very cool, Texas geek. Good job 👍
kagey TexasGreek 1 month ago
I would have missed work!
BrittReid 1 month ago
Found it on second try....A.K.A. Lucky guess.
C2Cigars 1 month ago
I recognized all but one so I chose it....BINGO
Big3Fan 1 month ago
I haven't watched TCBS in years, so I was clueless. I missed four or five random guesses so I started from the bottom pressing each one until I hit the correct one. Somewhere Tim and Harvey are laughing.
Same here 😂 Thanks for your comment, it saved me a post 😉
teire 1 month ago
First try. Actually remembered all the Carol Burnett ones and didn’t recognize the other.
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