Can you find the real opening title for The Dick Van Dyke Show?

Which one of these is actually from the show?

With The Dick Van Dyke Show, Carl Reiner created one of the best sitcoms in TV history. It seamlessly blended both the workplace and home life and continues to influence shows to this day.

While season one opened with a montage of still images, the show used a different title sequence starting in season two. Do you know what it was? Now is your chance to prove it!

Of the nine images below, eight of them are totally fake. Can you pick out which one is the real opening title shot from The Dick Van Dyke Show?

  1. Which of these is the real opening title shot from The Dick Van Dyke Show?

Can you find the real opening title for The Dick Van Dyke Show?

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JamesRo81380793 18 days ago
I saw the show so many times and still got it wrong.Daytime was syndicated version.
Jeffrey 18 days ago
''That is the real opening title! You found it! The title appears right as Rob walks in the door." ------------I found it on the second try.
madmark1 21 days ago
Got it on the first try with the Dick Van Dyke show it’s pretty easy to remember because if you see it in the opening he almost trips and falls
Or hew sidesteps the ottoman, or trips over the ottoman.
tadlem madmark1 17 days ago
But all of the other characters are there, I thought it was that one.
That boy's gonna hurt himself...
mab66 21 days ago
Now show us the Dick Van Dyke Daytime Show title
Jeffrey mab66 18 days ago
You mean Diagnosis Murder? I didn't know there was a Daytime Dick Van Dyke Show.
GregLemieux 22 days ago
Got it on the first try. But then, I had been watching the show on DVD recently.
Barry22 22 days ago
Watched it as a kid in the 60's, still watch it now. Super great show.
BustaNutter1 22 days ago
This show gets even more better with time. Amazing writing and acting and timeless humour. Truly what makes a classic TV show. Plays as good in 2020 as it did in 1964. Can't say that about a lot of TV shows.
The reason why the DVD humor is "timeless" was purposely done on Carl Reiner's part. He never, {very seldom, I think there were occasional ones;} had any topical jokes in the scripts. No mention of Kennedy, etc. One of the episodes that came close to being considered topical, was the one for the dance The Twizzle.
Jeffrey BustaNutter1 18 days ago
''Gets even more better''? That is very poor language usage, it makes you sound & read like a moron. Or an uneducated hillbilly.
BustaNutter1 Jeffrey 18 days ago
Either way you come off as a very nasty person.
I like your comment even more better now.
😉 You mean betterer right?

Gotta hand it to people who don't have a lot to do in their lives. LOL!
BigE 22 days ago
1st try. One of my most favorite shows.
Tony1956 22 days ago
Got it the first time was so easy
Joe 22 days ago
Seeing and hearing the show's opening theme hundreds of times, it was easy!
BrittanyDale 22 days ago
Ummmm the scene where Buddy anx Sally are laughing at Rob is also part of the opening... it's the scene after he walks in the door...
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