Can you guess the '50s movie based on the main character's name?

The main characters are just as important in this quiz as they were in their movies.

Have you had the urge to watch classic films from the Fifties lately? Do you call yourself the "ultimate '50s movies watcher"? This quiz is perfect for you. We want to know if you can guess the name of the '50s movie based on the main character's name.

We've included a portion of the movie poster to help!

Good luck!

  1. Main character's name: Terry Malloy
  2. Main character's name: Richard Dadier
  3. Main character's name: Ann Shankland
  4. Main character's name: Guy Haines
  5. Main character's name: Rocky
  6. Main character's name: Sky Masterson
  7. Main character's name: Dr. Benjamin McKenna
  8. Main character's name: Tracy Collini
  9. Main character's name: Danny Fisher
  10. Main character's name: McDonald Walling

Can you guess the '50s movie based on the main character's name?

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frances3agape 1 month ago
Yay - 9 of 10!
Decided to not go with my gut on No 5 - and missed it
kalikatz 5 months ago
In the Long, Long Trailer her name is Tacy not Tracy! She was named after her Aunt Anastasia!
Lillyrose 5 months ago
4 out of 10. Mostly guesses. "The Long, Long Trailer" is a hilarious movie.
Mark 5 months ago
10 out of 10, with a few 'gimmes' in there...#7, the mention of Hitchcock in the photo (the other two films aren't Hitchcock), #8 (only one of those films has Lucy and Desi in it!) and #9 (only one of those films has Elvis in it!). Basic film knowledge will pull you through!
Deleted 5 months ago
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5 months ago
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spalding69 5 months ago
Hollywood today stinks, all woke garbage except for Top Gun Maverick. I go to movies to be entertained not preached to or lectured.
FestusFan2312 5 months ago
10/10. Fifties was one of the best decades for movies. 30’s through 50’s we’re wonderful. Like 60’s best decade for television. Pretty much all downhill after that.
spalding69 FestusFan2312 5 months ago
No truer words were ever spoken. Thank God for TCM
GloryGrace 5 months ago
6/10. Not bad. I have only seen Longn long trailer (one of our family's favorites!) And King Ceole. Never heard of the rest.
CarolKelley GloryGrace 5 months ago
Now you have some films to catch up on! Executive Suite is extraordinary and has no sound track unlike Guys and Dolls which is a musical. You need to at least listen to Adelaide's Lament on Pet Me Poppa on Youtube. You'll wonder how those kitty costumes got past the censors and Adelaide's Lament is a jewel. "A person could develop a cold"
Coldnorth GloryGrace 5 months ago
I agree with you on the long long trailer
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