Can you guess the Looney Tunes character based on the short's title?

Can you tell your tunes?

 LOONEY TUNES and all related characters are ™ of & © WBEI

The Looney Tunes have been making us laugh for decades, and oftentimes, the title of the short is where the giggles start. We'll give you the name of a Looney Tunes short, and you have to tell us what character the short focuses on!

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  1. Home, Tweet Home
  2. The Hypo-Chondri-Cat
  3. His Bitter Half
  4. Forward March Hare
  5. Scent-imental Romeo
  6. The Prize Pest
  7. Foxy by Proxy
  8. Sock a Doodle Do
  9. Beep, Beep
  10. Snow Business

Can you guess the Looney Tunes character based on the short's title?

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TheSentinel 3 months ago
8/10 - The two I got wrong (2 and 10) both involved Sylvester.
Mercer4life49 4 months ago
I missed the last one but 9/10 is still great because like the Road Runner I zoomed through that quiz perfectly.
BradBeall 4 months ago
7 of 10. I forgot all about Claude Cat, one of the best "minor character" cats. I always felt sorry for him.
geatornez82 4 months ago
10/10. I know my Looney Tunes! (well, sometimes)
mugens 4 months ago
Dang, only missed one and it had to be the very last one.
Wendy57 4 months ago
I thought I picked the wrong answer !
I did, I did, I did !!!
JeffPaul76 4 months ago
"You got 5 out of 10" -------"You're just a "hare" away from victory! Try the quiz again!"
ajr3j 4 months ago
Kramden62 ajr3j 4 months ago
Me, too. Missed #2 since I thought that was the one where Sylvester was talking to a Freud-like cat who was a shrink. At the end of that short both Sylvester and the shrink literally flew out a window, thinking they were birds.
clovergirl 4 months ago
10/10. Numbers 7 and 10 were lucky guesses for me.
kevopilis 4 months ago
8 for 10. Some skill, but it took guessing to a new level.
J59W 4 months ago
I missed "Snow Business." I thought that was the one with the Abominable Snowman and Daffy.
Jeff_Woo10 4 months ago
9/10. Foxy By Proxy got me...and I realized it as soon as I clicked on the character's name. BTW Claude Cat-Hubie-Bertie are up there with Ralph Philips for me when it comes to the B-tier Looneys.
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