Bugs Bunny and Friends

One Full Hour

Saturdays at 9 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Elmer, Taz and their Looney Tunes pals star in classic cartoons from the Warner Bros. library.

Next Airings

  • 4/20 9:00AM14 Carrot Rabbit, Tweet and Sour, Buckaroo Bugs, Hush My Mouse, Soup Or Sonic, Hare Force
    "Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny head first to the Klondike then to Fort Knox in searching of gold., Granny threatens Sylvester that if he hurts Tweety she'll kill him. Other cats in the neighborhood hear this and try to catch Tweety so Sylvester will be blamed. , The masked marauder strikes again! A local dopey-hero is hired to catch the villain. Bugs gives the hero a hard time until he realizes that the masked marauder is Bugs! , At Tuffy's Tavern, tough guy Edward G. Robincat comes in for today's special, Mouse Knuckles. , The Coyote chases the Roadrunner all over the desert and ends up tiny. , On a cold snowy night, a frozen Bugs gets taken in by a kind old lady and set by the fireplace. "
  • 4/27 9:00AMPeople Are Bunny, Mouse Wreckers, Quackodile Tears, Captain Hareblower, Louvre Come Back to Me!, Road To Andalay, From Hare To Eternity
    "Daffy hears that a television station is giving away a prize to the first person who can bring in a rabbit. Daffy chases Bugs and traps him in a telephone booth., Hubie and Bertie are determined to live in the house that Claude Cat lives in. , Daffy's wife insists he sit on her egg, but he soon gets up and the egg rolls into a pile of crocodile eggs. , Captain Bugs of his ship battles Pirate Yosemite Sam. , Pepe LePew is strolling around Paris making everyone and everything turn away because of his smell., Sylvester has a falcon help him on his attempt to catch Speedy Gonzales in the desert. , Pirate Yosemite Sam digs up a treasure chest which belongs to Bugs Bunny. "
  • 5/4 9:00AM
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