Bugs Bunny and Friends

One Full Hour

Saturdays at 9 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Elmer, Taz and their Looney Tunes pals star in classic cartoons from the Warner Bros. library.

Next Airings

  • 12/4 9:00AMThe Unruly Hare, Lumber Jerks, Rabbit Transit, Hold The Lion, Please, Ding Dog Daddy, Daffy Flies North
    "As a surveyor, Elmer Fudd is disturbing Bugs Bunny's peace. , As the Gophers prepare for winter, their tree is moved to a local saw mill., Bugs and Cecil Turtle decide to have their own "tortoise and the hare" race. , It seems the whole animal kingdom make fun of the lion as a has-been. Anxious to prove them wrong, the lion decides to try and catch Bugs. , A love-stricken dog mistakes a statue in the garden as his lover. The local bulldog keeps kicking him out but he just keeps trying to get back in. , Daffy needs to go south, but he doesn't want to fly. Instead he tries to find alternate means of getting there. "
  • 12/11 9:00AMStrangled Eggs, Porky's Bear Facts, Snow Time For Comedy, A Pizza Tweety Pie, No Parking Hare, Big House Bunny, Devil May Hare
    "Foghorn Leghorn is completely out of food. To survive the long winter, Foghorn decides to court Miss Prissy. , Farmer Porky prepares for winter by sowing plenty of seeds during the summer. , Two curious dogs chase a bone in a snowy wilderness setting. , Granny takes Tweety to Italy, where he ends up having to save himself from Sylvester. , Bugs refuses to leave his hole so a construction worker can build a highway there. , Bugs accidentally ends up in prison when he goes down the wrong rabbit hole. Yosemite Sam as the guard tries to catch him, mistaking Bugs for another inmate. , In an effort to avoid being eaten, Bugs helps Taz find food. He feeds him an inflatable pig, a chicken made of bubblegum and then phones in a wife for Taz. "
  • 12/18 9:00AMMy Bunny Lies Over The Sea, Wabbit Twouble, Now That Summer Is Gone, Freeze Frame, Rabbit Every Monday, The Bear's Tale
    "In Scotland, Bugs gets into a fight with McCrory, and they decide to settle it over a game of golf. , While camping, Elmer Fudd runs into the menacing Bugs Bunny. , All the squirrels are working hard preparing for winter by gathering nuts except one. Junior is gambling to get nuts for the winter and when his father finds out he is not pleased. , The coyote orders a blizzard machine to cover the entire desert with snow after he finds out that Road Runners are easy to catch in the cold. , Sam traps Bugs and tries to cook him. , An unorthodox story about Goldilocks and the three bears. "
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