Bugs Bunny and Friends

One Full Hour

Saturdays at 9 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)
Bugs, Daffy, Porky, Elmer, Taz and their Looney Tunes pals star in classic cartoons from the Warner Bros. library.

Next Airings

  • 9/25 9:00AMGood Noose, Plop Goes The Weasel, People Are Bunny, The Unmentionables, This Is A Life?, Who Scent You?, Quentin Quail
    "Daffy is found as a stowaway aboard large ship. In an effort to avoid being thrown off board he tries entertaining the captain with amateur magic tricks. , Foggy and Br'er Dog can't stand each other, and they use the weasels in their fights. , Daffy hears that a television station is giving away a prize to the first person who can bring in a rabbit. Daffy chases Bugs and traps him in a telephone booth., A spoof on the television series "The Untouchables." Bugs Bunny is an agent who has tracked criminals to their hideout. , Elmer Fudd is the emcee of a television show program and calls Bugs up on stage to entertain everyone. Daffy tries to hog the spotlight. , A female cat sneaks under a freshly painted fence to get onto a boat, leaving her with a white stripe across her back. Pepe LePew spots the female from shore and rushes onto the boat., Quentin Quail tries and tries to catch a worm for his baby Toots but can't do it. "
  • 10/2 9:00AMHare-less Wolf, Cracked Ice, Shishkabugs, A Taste Of Catnip, Hip Hip-hurry!, Tweet Dreams, Rhapsody Rabbit
    "The wolf from Riding Hoodwinked gets forced by his wife to hunt down some rabbit. , W.C. Squeals is an ice-skating pig. When he finds out his dog, St. Bernard, has a thing for gin he tries to rid the dog of it., Yosemite Sam is working as a king's chef when he is asked to prepare a dish made from rabbit. When Bugs Bunny comes over to borrow carrots, Sam decides that Bugs would be perfect for the recipe. , Daffy Duck visits a psychiatrist to tell of his obsession with Speedy Gonzales. , The coyote consumes some high-speed tonic to catch up with the Road Runner, but he can't seem to control it. , Sylvester realizes he has a fixation with Tweety and seeks help from a psychiatrist. , Bugs Bunny attempts to perform a piano solo of Liszt's "Second Hungarian Rhapsody" but is foiled by a little mouse. "
  • 10/9 9:00AMSpaced Out Bunny, Louvre Come Back to Me!, Wild And Wooly Hare, Wild Wife, The Slick Chick, Sandy Claws, Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Bunny
    "Marvin the Martian and Hugo, the abominable snowman, capture the earth creature Bugs Bunny. , Pepe LePew is strolling around Paris making everyone and everything turn away because of his smell., Only Bugs Bunny has nerve enough to stand up to Yosemite Sam in the wild west. , An unliberated housewife tries to explain her problems to her male chauvinist pig husband, by describing her long, hard day. , Foghorn Leghorn babysits a bad boy. , Granny and Tweety go to the beach where a hungry Sylvester is too. , In this cartoon ode to great literature, Bugs recalls his youth with Elmer Fudd. "
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