How well do you know the Bugs Bunny cartoon ''Bewitched Bunny''?

Can you work your magic on this enchanting quiz?

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Bugs Bunny tangled with all sorts of adversaries from cigar chomping hoodlums to beloved hunters Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam. But did you know the famous cartoon rabbit also tangled with a witch on more than one occasion?

In “Bewitched Bunny” Bugs brings mayhem and merriment to this magic short. Can you correctly guess all the details mentioned in this quiz?

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  1. Who directed this cartoon?
  2. What book is Bugs Bunny reading?
  3. What is the witch's name?
  4. When the witch lures the children to her home with sweet treats, who does Bugs say this is a job for?
  5. What does the witch want to do with the children?
  6. Who does Bugs pretend to be?
  7. What does Bugs find the children in?
  8. After Bugs sets the children free, what does the witch want to do with Bugs?
  9. Witch Hazel knocks Bugs out with what?
  10. Who wakes Bugs up from his slumber?
  11. When the witch has Bugs cornered in a hallway, what does Bugs use against her?
  12. At the end of the episode what does the witch turn into?

How well do you know the Bugs Bunny cartoon ''Bewitched Bunny''?

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Coolrain 1 month ago
You got 7 out of 12
Did you fly through this quiz unscathed or did you hit a few obstacles?
Pretty good considering I can't remember how long it's been since I've seen this cartoon.
Runeshaper 1 month ago
6/12 - don't think I saw this episode, but wanted to try the quiz (-:
robyni23 1 month ago
You got 9 out of 12
Did you fly through this quiz unscathed or did you hit a few obstacles?
Missed 4, 7, & 11
FestusFan2312 1 month ago
12/12. One of my favorites. Ehhh…You never go wrong with Chuck Jones, Doc.
Tresix 1 month ago
11/12. Missed #11, torn between the powder and potion. Obviously chose wrong.
Toonhead 1 month ago
Ok I only recorded 9/12 but I claim foul on #5 as it recorded an answer (incorrect) as I scrolled up. The other two mistakes were mine alone. Darnit! Lol good quiz though. 😎
Tresix Toonhead 1 month ago
That happens to me on here a bit as well. Quite frustrating, to say the least!
Toonhead Tresix 1 month ago
Yeah but it makes a great excuse if I REALLY blow a quiz! I’m kidding a bit but you’re right! And if I blow a perfect score, well, 🤔🥵🤬🤬🤫😲🙄🤬🤬, you know! Lol ! Then I remember it’s all about the toons kids lol😝😎
2103634076 1 month ago
A lot of red Xs up there. My Sad Sack excuses are I haven’t seen this in a while and this show comes on at 6am. Homey don’t play that no more.
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Toonhead LoveMETV22 1 month ago
Geez talk about clueless, I am! I didn’t even tumble to the fact that it was a phone #! Talking about 210363$&&! that is. Holy cow sir or madam, Stephanie is quite correct! I enjoyed interacting with you, but as she said, it could be dangerous. Though almost everyone I’ve met on here are good people, there are a lot of nuts on the loose out there and we don’t want anything bad to happen to any of our friends on here. I think Stephanie and I are together on this and think you should come up with a screen name for yourself! Something distinguished yt like mine,say. Just call me Toonhead lol. To quote the Sarge on Hill Street Blues; “Let’s be careful out there!”. Always a pleasure Stephanie my dear and you as well LoveMETV22. I am sure we are all here for a good time and would hate for anything bad to occur. Thanks 😎
LoveMETV22 Toonhead 1 month ago
Yes. Agree. I would hope no one would share info that is not necessary.
Thank you for your concern, I didn’t do that on purpose. I hit the auto key button to sign in and my phone put it up there and it wouldn’t take it off. So I just left it. I’m not a phone jockey so I’ll get one of the boys to fix it when they come down. I’ve done dumber things n walked higher wires. Thank you Stephanie n Toonhead.
WilliamHogan 1 month ago
Got all the questions correct. I've seen this cartoon for many years so it was pretty easy,
Toonhead WilliamHogan 1 month ago
Very good bigl and especially you Mr. Hogan. Since I find jealousy unbecoming, I will give you both a genuflection in your direction lol 👏😎
geatornez82 1 month ago
12/12. This is one of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons.
Toonhead geatornez82 1 month ago
It shows in your score! A genuflection for you as well!👏😎
Were you offering your congratulations with a Tim Tebowuflection?!?!
No my dear merely an affection genuflection. 😝😎
JimmyD 1 month ago
7/12 I thought I remembered this episode, until I started reading the questions.
moax429 1 month ago
11/12. Having seen this short many, many times, I could swear it was a potion - not magic powder - Bugs threw at Witch Hazel to turn her into a rabbit.

"Bewitched Bunny" is my *second* all-time favorite Looney Tune after "Daffy Duck Hunt." When I was young, my mom (may she rest in peace) and I would always kid each other about the song Witch Hazel sang while she was getting Bugs' "bed" ready:
"Rock-a-bye rabbit, in the hot oven.
into my mouth for dinner I'll shove in...."

And when I first saw "Bewitched Bunny" on TV for the first time circa 1966 (when I was only 4), I thought Hansel and Gretel told the witch:
"Aaach! Your mother hide the vacuum cleaner!"
when it was actually "Your mother *rides a* vacuum cleaner!"
What a difference digital remastering makes many, many years later, huh?
Toonhead moax429 1 month ago
I love ❤️ your recollections. Heck I learned what pronouns were from the Bugs, Daffy and Elmer hunting cartoons. My English teacher was thrilled, however my Mom (a teacher of English,Latin and 4 other languages was proud but a little appalled at the same time lol) 😎
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