Did these Looney Tunes antagonists ever go after anyone other than their usual target?

Did Wile E. Coyote ever chase anyone else besides the Road Runner?

Many Looney Tunes characters are defined by the antagonists they face in their most famous cartoons. After all, who would the Road Runner be without Wile E. Coyote?

But just because two characters, Elmer and Bugs or Sylvester and Tweety for example, are most closely associated with each other, doesn’t mean they appeared together in every outing.

Here are ten Looney Tunes antagonists who were always going after a rascally rabbit, dastardly duck or conniving canary. Can you guess which characters were always paired together and which weren’t? Just to clarify, we’re only talking about the original classic theatrical shorts. Good luck!

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  1. Did Elmer Fudd ever hunt anyone other than Bugs Bunny?
  2. Did Wile E. Coyote ever chase anyone other than Road Runner?
  3. Did Cecil Turtle ever face off against anyone other than Bugs Bunny?
  4. Did Sylvester ever appear with anyone other than Tweety and Granny?
  5. Did Marvin the Martian ever battle anyone other than Bugs Bunny?
  6. Did Henery Hawk ever go up against anyone other than Foghorn Leghorn?
  7. Did Michigan J. Frog ever appear with any other famous characters in an original short?
  8. Did Yosemite Sam ever fight anyone other than Bugs Bunny?
  9. Did Hubie and Bertie ever appear with anyone other than Claude Cat?
  10. The Tasmanian Devil only appeared in five original shorts. Were any of them with someone other than Bugs Bunny?

Did these Looney Tunes antagonists ever go after anyone other than their usual target?

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Coldnorth 3 months ago
I love the Looney tune cast. Their theme son too
BrianMoore 3 months ago
9 out of 10. I missed the Hubie and Bertie one.
bagandwallyfan52 3 months ago
I liked the Bugs Bunny cartoon
Called Heckling HARE.
In this classic cartoon Bugs
Bunny and a dog both fall off
A cliff and there is a SURPRISE
ENDING. Does anyone (Besides
Me) Remember what the Surprise Ending was in A
Heckling Hare ?
I also liked the Looney Tunes
Cartoon called Three Little Bops
Where the wolf wanted to play
The Trumpet in the Combo
Band of the 3 little pigs.I
Also liked the Porky Pig cartooñ
Polar Pals where they sing the
Song Let's Rub Noses.
RichLorn bagandwallyfan52 3 months ago
Is that the one where they screeched to a safe landing just before hitting the ground?
But long ago someone told me of an earlier ending that I don't remember seeing. I don't know what it is, or if its even true. Can you fill us in?
bagandwallyfan52 RichLorn 3 months ago
You are right.Bugs Bunny
And the dog put on the
Brakes using their feet.
And then Bugs Bunny
Said to the audience
Eh Fooled you didn't we?
And the dog said Yeah.
I heard that there is an
Alternative Ending where
Bugs Bunny and the dog
Do not survive the fall
From the cliff.
Does Anyone in Cartoon land or METV Land know
If that alternative ending
Was actually filmed and
Discarded or rejected?
I wonder if A Heckling
Hare with Bugs Bunny and the dog has ever been
Seen on METV??
top_cat_james_1 3 months ago
#7 is incorrect. Chuck Jones made a sequel in 1995, "Another Froggy Evening", that had cameos from Pussyfoot and Marvin the Martian. Give me my 10/10, MeTV!
Good catch BUT. Reread the beginning:
"Just to clarify, we’re only talking about the original classic theatrical shorts. Good luck!"
knezevich 3 months ago
Perfect score. And just as a side note, Sylvester probably has the greatest
variety cartoons than any popular Looney Tune, Interms of who he co-stars with and or his solo outings. If you were to look at his entire filmography.
MikefromJersey knezevich 3 months ago
I believe you are right about Sylvester. He was always my fave, I couldn't stand that moth eaten,
feathered fink Tweety. Sylvester had heart and guile, as opposed to that parasitic yellow bum
who did nothing for his keep, living off that nice little old lady.
Sylvester even battled the world's biggest mouse to impress his son, even if it did turn out
to be a kangaroo, his son wearing a bag over his head when the "mouse" won.
TheSentinel 3 months ago
9/10 - Tripped on the last one. Incidentally, Sylvester also chased after Speedy Gonzales a few times in the '60s.
CortneyNicole 3 months ago
Not bad at all..I got 8/10 I don't remember the other 2 that I missed like Henery Hawk and Michigan J. Frog. I'll get better next time :)
DerekBird 3 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Did you make it through this quiz unscathed or did some answers backfire?
Oldielover 3 months ago
7/10....It's been such a long time seeing these,I'm surprised I got this lucky!....Wile E. Coyote went after Bugs?....Truly don't remember that,thus why I missed it and 2 more.
dodgebob 3 months ago
I blew that'ne to pieces, git the flat iron skillet, aim right betwixt the eyes and swing for the fence! Terble, terble, terble
Dajj 3 months ago
6/10 , I shoulda done better! I wish Marvin da Martian was in more toons!!
pmneal 3 months ago
They failed to mention Wile E Coyote went after the sheep when Same the sheepdog wasn’t watching.
Prime pmneal 3 months ago
That wasn't Wile E. Coyote; that was Ralph Wolf. They look so much alike though. Ralph has a red nose is really the biggest difference and sometimes he's slightly darker or his legs are a bit thicker.
TheSentinel Prime 3 months ago
Technically, Ralph Wolf is a very thinly-veiled expy of Wile E. Coyote.
jtrain 3 months ago
djw1120 jtrain 3 months ago
You're watching too many cartoons, unless you are a kid.
idkwut2use djw1120 3 months ago
Ain’t no such thing for any age—nothing better’n cartoons. 8D
jtrain djw1120 3 months ago
Love cartoons! I wish they could air Woody Woodpecker!
WordsmithWorks 3 months ago
6/10. That's what happens when you are overconfident and whip through the quiz without really thinking.
stephaniestavr5 3 months ago
How could METV fail to mention that Sylvester was in the same toon w/Speedy. I want to say both Sylvester and Daffy appeared w/Speedy. Daffy was in one with Speedy minus Sylvester.
🦘🦘 Hippety Hopper 🦘🦘 appeared with Sylvester in several or more toons too.
Those were good. I had forgotten about the "giant mouse!" The one where Sylvester's son Junior said that his father is an embarrassment to him. He didn't know how he could face the kids at school. So melodramatic on Junior's part, but it guilted Sylvester enough, that he didn't want to let his son down. Poor Sylvester, your heart really goes out to him. {Well, I felt sorry for him.}
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