Can you guess which show the cast of Bonanza is on now?

I.D. these shows with guest spots as good as gold.

The talented cast of Bonanza appeared all over classic TV, and not just in the Western world. 

After losing Dan Blocker, once Bonanza was over, the rest of the cast went on to star in their own shows, with Lorne Greene on Battlestar Galactica, Michael Landon on Little House on the Prairie and Pernell Roberts on Trapper John, M.D., but we're looking past the more obvious other roles to revisit all the other times we saw this cherished TV cast guest star on classic TV series.

Here, we've gathered images from some of our favorite guest roles the cast of Bonanza took on before and after their hit show. See if you can track the Cartwrights through TV history. Good luck!

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  1. Six months before Bonanza premiered, we saw Lorne Greene on which Western seen here?
  2. In the very first episode of this Western, a menacing Michael Landon was the first bad guy to sneak up on Steve McQueen:
  3. Here's Pernell Roberts playing poker on which classic sitcom?
  4. On the far left is Dan Blocker, who featured in two episodes of which classic Western seen here?
  5. Before we saw him as Sheriff Roy Coffee, Ray Teal played a rival editor in an episode of which anthology series?
  6. In one of his final TV appearances, David Canary had a funny encounter on this bench with the star of which offbeat sitcom?
  7. In the midst of playing Hop Sing on Bonanza, Victor Sen Yung had a brief cameo as a businessman on which 1960s series?
  8. Here's Lorne Greene all gussied up on which show?
  9. Pernell Roberts was haunted by a jukebox playing the same song over and over on which creepy anthology series?
  10. On the right see a sketch of Dan Blocker playing an unusual character called Hognose Hughes on which Western?
  11. We saved the best one for last. Michael Landon risked everything as a thief who stops to save a young boy's life on which show?

Can you guess which show the cast of Bonanza is on now?

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Angela 48 months ago
10/11. Missed the David Canary one because I didn't look at the picture closely enough.
JulieTV Angela 34 months ago
I missed that one too!! Got the rest of them right!
DIGGER1 48 months ago
Can you guess which show the cast of Bonanza is on now?
You got 10 out of 11
When it comes to tracking the Bonanza boys, there's no fooling you!
That's not entirely true. I goofed on the first question. I picked "CHEYENNE", but it was actually "WAGON TRAIN". Silly me.
Stephen 60 months ago
You got 9 out of 11
When it comes to tracking the Bonanza boys, there's no fooling you!

Missed #6 and #9.
Tresix 63 months ago
10/11, I missed the one with Ray Teal. Blocker was in two episodes of "Gunsmoke", the other one he played a cavalry officer with a platoon chasing some Indians on the warpath.
dinska Tresix 61 months ago
Ray Teal was also on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, just not as the role in the question.
Alanakt 63 months ago
I got 11 of 11, I had to guess on a couple of them, and one I closed my eyes and picked the one my mouse landed on :)
Joseph 63 months ago
8/11. I missed 4 and 5. 6 was a lucky guess. 3 was an educated guess. Pernell Roberts didn't start appearing without his toupee until about the time The Odd Couple began production, while the other two shows mentioned came earlier.
Joseph Joseph 63 months ago
Correction. I got 9/11.
guest2020 63 months ago
MeTV needs to rethink their headline for this one. Most of the cast is no longer with us, so there is no show that they're on now.
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