Can you identify these celebrities on 'Charlie's Angels?'

Hello, Angels. Your mission is to put a name to these famous faces.

Aaron Spelling was the king of guest stars. His hit series The Love Boat welcomed half a dozen celebrities every episode. Just about every famous face of the 1970s and 1980s turned up aboard the Pacific Princess at some point.

But he was already well versed in guest stars. His slightly earlier smash Charlie's Angels also featured dozens of guest stars.

Below, you will find some of our favorite. See if you can I.D. them! Good luck!

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  1. Who is this pulling double duty on 'Charlie's Angels'?
  2. The 'Charlie's Angels' guest star played a memorable Batman villain.
  3. This 'Charlie's Angels' guest star played a hero on the big screen. Which one?
  4. On what military sitcom could you watch this 'Charlie's Angels' guest star?
  5. Where could you find this 'Charlie's Angels' guest star on 1960s television?
  6. Which Oscar-winning actor had a key role in the pilot episode of 'Charlie's Angels'?
  7. Who is this suave, bronzed singer on 'Charlie's Angels'?
  8. Wait one minute. This 'Charlie's Angels' guest star formerly starred on what Western?
  9. The same year she appeared on 'Charlie's Angels,' this actress starred in what horror classic?
  10. This 'Charlie's Angels' guest star is best known for what horror film franchise?
  11. The guest star played a love interest for one of Charlie's Angels. But you know him better as…?
  12. Where you can find this 'Charlie's Angels' guest star in outer space?
Can you identify these celebrities on 'Charlie's Angels?'

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70s80stvfan 5 months ago
Aced it. Gotta confess that I was never into Farrah Fawcett and the mania about her. Kate Jackson was my fav original Angel.
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