Can you name that television reunion title?

Time to get back to the good stuff!


There's nothing better than a television reunion. For just a moment, you get to revisit your favorite television characters, catch up on their lives, and laugh it up, just like old times. In this quiz, we're giving you the title of a television reunion special, and it's your responsibility to fill in the blank and finish that title!

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  1. Return to _____ (1986), an Andy Griffith reunion
  2. Get Smart, ______! (1989), a Get Smart reunion
  3. Perry Mason: The Case of the Notorious _____ (1986), a Perry Mason reunion
  4. Gunsmoke: _____ (1987), a Gunsmoke reunion
  5. _____ Green Acres (1990), a Green Acres reunion
  6. _____ Dobie Gillis (1988), The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis reunion
  7. Bonanza: _____ (1988)
  8. A Walton _____ (1993)
  9. Mary and _____, a Mary Tyler Moore Show reunion
  10. The Incredible Hulk _____ (1988), an Incredible Hulk reunion

Can you name that television reunion title?

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Wenatchee7 1 month ago
9/10 Didn't see the Perry Mason reunion.
CrumblyCrunchies 1 month ago
I never cared for reunion shows too much. Just like a reflection in the mirror. Who needs it?
jet 1 month ago
9/10 Missed #6. Anybody else get a little misty at mention of those Hulk movies? I live for them, but man I will never forgive Universal for pulling the plug on that Hulk/Spider-Man team-up reunion.
jet jet 1 month ago
Sorry, #8, not #6.
Dysall 1 month ago
9/10. Missed 6. Never had watched Dobie anyway.
Coldnorth Dysall 1 month ago
I only missed #6 too. I never watched that show ever
frenchman71 1 month ago
7/10. The only one I think I saw was "Mayberry".
PDCougar 1 month ago
Would be fun to see MeTv run some of those TV reunion programs -- including the more obscure ones like the earlier "Dobie Gillis" reunion 30-minute proposed series pilot, the "Make Room for Daddy" one from the late 1960s, and even that bizarre "Partridge Family/"My Three Sons" Thanksgiving special.
Coldnorth PDCougar 1 month ago
I think that’s a great idea
jet PDCougar 1 month ago
Tell you what, throw in my beloved Hulk and Bionic movies, and I'm there for it!
AnnieM 1 month ago
That's what MeTV should do for the summer - run one of these reunion movies each week. I doubt they'd cost that much for them to air.
cinamac AnnieM 1 month ago
I’m really late to the party when it comes to Perry Mason, but now that I’ve seen all the television episodes, I’d love to see the made for tv movies!
AnnieM cinamac 1 month ago
I watched a few of them, but for me they're just not the same without Paul, as he's my favorite character. So sad that William Hopper died not long after the original series ended.
Cougar90 1 month ago
10 out of ten. The word "Return" was used too much.
Bapa1 1 month ago
10/10, most of these forgettable.
72doug 1 month ago
9/10! number 8 ruined my perfect score.
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