Can you name which TV shows spawned these spin-offs?

Think you know your television history?

Spin-offs are a pillar of television programming, but these second (and third and fourth…) generation shows are a hit-and-miss affair. For every Laverne & Shirley there is a Joanie Loves Chachi. Some classic sitcoms like Happy Days, which was a spin-off itself, spawn handfuls of children. There were the above two, plus Mork & Mindy, The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang, Blansky's Beauties and… 

Well, we're not going to give that last one away. Think you know your TV history? Try and name the series that spawned these spin-offs.

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  1. Mama's Family came out of which show?
  2. Gomer Pyle first appeared on...
  3. The early 2000s series 'Ponderosa' was a prequel to which classic Western?
  4. 'Phyllis' is a spin-off of...
  5. This show was connected to which other series?
  6. Law of the Plainsman spawned from...
  7. Empty Nest is a spin-off of...
  8. Which show introduced Hooterville before Green Acres?
  9. The title character of this show first appeared on...
  10. Barnaby Jones came from which detective series?
  11. The title character in 'Dirty Sally' first appeared on which Western?
  12. Out of the Blue

Can you name which TV shows spawned these spin-offs?

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obectionoverruled 23 hours ago
Who cares? I enjoy shows on their merits and stand a lone basis, regardless of their heritage. Presently I enjoy Beaver and Perry Mason, two originals for sure. How about Rockford, too. James Garner is a unique and believable character as an ex con who’s a good person, witty, tough and smart. A real American.
Shatner1 1 day ago
11/12--Out of the Blue????? Never heard of it!
MrChrisM 4 days ago
What the heck was out of the blue about?
Gojagz11 4 days ago
Got 11 right, never heard of #12
Mark091 4 days ago
There was a Surprise Ending to
The last episode of Hoody Doody
What was the Surprise Ending
On the last episode of Howdy
Doody in 1960
cperrynaples Mark091 4 days ago
Clarabell talked! His final words: "Goodbye,kids!"
Mark091 4 days ago
I hope that MeTv will decide to carry reruns of:
LITTLE Rascals Shorts
Laurel and Hardy Shorts
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
The Lucy Show
Dennis the menace
Ellery Queen
Dark Shadows
The Edge of Night
Twin peaks
Moverfan Mark091 3 days ago
Alice is on Antenna TV, I think The Lucy Show is on Decades, I'd love to see Ellery Queen and got no use for the rest of it.
Wiseguy Mark091 1 day ago
The first syndicated year of Dark Shadows (1967-68) is on Decades. Dennis the Menace is on Antenna TV.
Shatner1 Mark091 1 day ago
Alice and Dennis the Menace are on Antennae. The Lucy Show and dark Shadows are on Tubi!
Mark091 4 days ago
I read on the internet that CATHY SILVERS AKA Jenny Piccalo wants to do a Reboot of Happy Days Again
I also read on the internet that ABC
Is definitely going to bring back
Happy Days as a reboot series with
New episodes I hope that the
Following cast members of HAPPY DAYS will be in the Reboot series:
Roger Phillips Ted McGinley
Chuck Cunningham Randolph Roberts
BAG Zombroski Neil J Schwartz
MOOSE Barry Greenberg
Eugene Belvin Denis Mandel
Melvin Belvin Scott Bernstein
Wendy Misty Rowe
FONZIE Henry Winkler
Richie Ron Howard
Potsie Webber Anson Williams
Ralph Malph Donny Most
DAPHNE Hillary Horan
Flip Phillips Billy Warlock
Krystall(KC) CUNNINGHAM Crystal
Trudy Tita Bell
Wendy Misty Rowe
The roles of Howard CUNNINGHAM Tom Bosley JOANIE Erin Moran
Al Delvechio Al Molinaro
Arnold Pat Morita
Marsha Simms Beatrice Colen
Would all.have to be recast
I also hope that EDDIE CANTOR movies
And JOE PENNER movies
And Pee.Wees Playhouse might
Be added to Metvs.line up of
Movies and TV shows
Eddie Cantor Pee Wee Herman and Joe Penner made wonderful movies
And it would be great.if METV
Carried the movies of PEE WEE
Herman Paul Reubens
Eddie Cantor and Joe Penner
Mark091 5 days ago
I would like to see Mr Ed and
F Troop and That Girl and
Make Room for Daddy on METV
Wiseguy Mark091 1 day ago
That Girl is on Antenna TV. Do you ever look to see what's on other stations?
Mark091 5 days ago
I would like to see The Saint
With Roger Moore on METV.
Lacey 5 days ago
Missed #12. I never heard of it.
Debbie 5 days ago
10 out of 12. I never heard of Out of the Blue
Mike 5 days ago
11/12 some where just guesses too.
obectionoverruled 5 days ago
9 out of 12, but I was not a big TV series watcher in the 70’s. Was working most days and nights then. I will still maintain to the end that The Andy Griffith Show was Americana at its greatest. Looking backwards now, it’s clear Hollywood was grossly negligent in excluding blacks from its movies and TV productions. Some of the best dramatic and comedic actors came out of the 70’s - think of the missed opportunities and careers for those ignored on shows like Beaver, Green Acres, Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle, F Troop and Perry Mason, for instance.
MikefromJersey 6 days ago
I never saw the Bonanza TV movies or the sequel cited above. But wasn't the series run by
Michael Landon's son as star and producer? He couldn't act a lick though, going by excerpts
he promoted on talk shows at the time. Also, I am pretty sure it was a sequel, not a prequel
as you said, MeTV guys.
I could be wrong but wasn't it called "Bonanza: The Next Generation"?
I didn't watch it - or the TV movies - as I didn't feel either could measure up to the original.
By the way when Bonanza ended, Michael Landon backed up some moving fans and literally
took everything off the sets down to the nails. The famous Ponderosa map behind Ben's desk
alone must be worth a fortune. The Landon kids must have kept it all as I have never heard
of one item off the set for sale. Hopefully they will donate some of it to The Cowboy Hall
of Fame.
While Bonanza was still airing, the syndicated reruns were called "Ponderosa", but the series "Ponderosa" was a Bonanza prequel which was filmed in New Zealand. It premiered the week of 9/11 on the PAX network, and only went one season.

"Bonanza: The Next Generation" was a TV movie, which did have Michael Landon Jr playing Joe's son. There were 2 followup TV movies.

David Dortort, the creator of Bonanza, took the map, which now hangs in the Autry Museum in Los Angeles. Michael Landon didn't take any of the sets; they belonged to the studio and production company. He didn't have any ownership in Bonanza, but you might be thinking of Little House on the Prairie.
Hi Mary,
Thank you so much for the information, you know your Bonanza. However I have to disagree with you about the sets being heisted by Landon. Noted TV Westerns, Landon Bio and Bonanza author David Greenland said Mike did indeed grab up most all the goodies. People/studios didn't
value such things back then as they do now. They wouldn't mind letting Landon take it, he already was a writer/director/huge star they wanted to keep a relationship with, and would have been glad to see the stuff go rather than having to store it.
Westerns by that time were dropping like flies in any event.
Author Greenland sent me a tape of out takes and behind the scenes stuff from Dortort's private collection as I had helped in a tiny, tiny way with his Bonanza book(the lead anecdote in the forward was about me).
If Greenland is still alive you could ask him, he was a very nice man during the 5 or 6 letters we exchanged. I still have that tape, I should have it transferred to a DVD.
Again, thank you for your informative response, and I am curious, were those various Bonanza
reincarnations any good?
scp 6 days ago
10 out of 12.

What was "Out of the Blue"?
kenosha 6 days ago
How about- The Ed Sullivan Show- ME TV should bring it to there network it could replace Hogan’Heroes! It would be so nice to have one hour of - The Ed Sullivan Show two half hour episode back to back - Monday to Friday at 10:00pm in Florida and at 11:00pm is my other favorite show every night- The Carol Burnett Show-
Wiseguy kenosha 6 days ago
Decades has been showing Ed Sullivan for years, currently at 7 am and 7:30 am ET; and at 7 pm and 7:30 pm ET weekdays.
Margaret 6 days ago
12 out of 12! WOW! I know my TV history and spin offs. What was the name of the spinoff of Gunsmoke?
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