Can you name which TV shows spawned these spin-offs?

Think you know your television history?


Spin-offs are a pillar of television programming, but these second (and third and fourth…) generation shows are a hit-and-miss affair. For every Laverne & Shirley there is a Joanie Loves Chachi. Some classic sitcoms like Happy Days, which was a spin-off itself, spawn handfuls of children. There were the above two, plus Mork & Mindy, The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang, Blansky's Beauties and… 

Well, we're not going to give that last one away. Think you know your TV history? Try and name the series that spawned these spin-offs.
  1. Mama's Family came out of which show?
  2. Gomer Pyle first appeared on...
  3. The early 2000s series 'Ponderosa' was a prequel to which classic Western?
  4. 'Phyllis' is a spin-off of...
  5. This show was connected to which other series?
  6. Law of the Plainsman spawned from...
  7. Empty Nest is a spin-off of...
  8. Which show introduced Hooterville before Green Acres?
  9. The title character of this show first appeared on...
  10. Barnaby Jones came from which detective series?
  11. The title character in 'Dirty Sally' first appeared on which Western?
  12. Out of the Blue

Can you name which TV shows spawned these spin-offs?

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Adamtwelvia 5 hours ago
The last 2 were tough. I never heard of Out of the Blue!
Adamtwelvia 1 month ago
I admit I didn't know the last 2 questions.
MaryOK 3 months ago
10/12 Never heard of Out of the Blue. Which character starred in that show?
kenosha 40 months ago
Dear ME TV , I wanted to mention how much everyone loves Lucille Ball!!! And I started thinking it would be so wonderful to bring: Here’s Lucy- to The ME TV Network! This is the classic television show that Lucille Ball did together with her real life children Desi Arnez Jr. and Lucie Arnez- the show had many guest stars too !!! Just a wonderful idea and it is a wonderful show just to mention too !!! Thank You ME TV for your amazing and wonderful network
kenosha 40 months ago
Dear ME TV , I thought of a wonderful idea for your Sunday evening line up instead of Columbo ! You could bring in that time slot: The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries- with Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy and Pamela Sue Martin! Just a wonderful idea love you ME TV !!! A devoted ME TV viewer
kenosha 40 months ago
Dear ME TV , I had thought of a wonderful idea for your next ME TV Meeting!!! How about on Saturday mornings bring to ME TV - The World Of Sid and Marty Krofft- they had such wonderful memorable shows like: Land Of The Lost- Sigmond And The Sea Monster- H.R. Puffinstuff- Lidsville - The Bugaloos- Dr. Shrinker and the Shrinkies- and so many more
kenosha 40 months ago
Dear ME TV , We lost a wonderful talented actress not to long ago the incredible amazing and beautiful actress Cloris Leachman!!! Out of respect can you please find it in your heart to bring the classic spin-off series from the 70’s - Phyllis- to your network! That television show was so funny especially the wonderful Mother Dexter!!! Phyllis and her daughter Bess move to San Francisco to start a new life after the death of her husband Lars ! Let’s honor the late Cloris Leachman by bringing her classic television show to ME TV !!! Thank You I love you ME TV !!!
kenosha 40 months ago
Dear ME TV - I wanted to tell you that you are my favorite television station!!! I was wondering if you could bring - The Odd Couple- and- Cheers - back to the nightly line up My friends at ME TV I have to ask you a question why do you show two back to back episodes of Hogan’s Heroes every week night does the President of your network love this show is that the reason you do that I was just wondering because there are so many classic television shows that would love to come to your wonderful network!!!
40 months ago
Jeepers, looks like ME TV deleted my post, asking them to show Second City TV, Fernwood 2Nite & Fernwood USA, Our Miss Brooks, Chiller & Thriller.
Mark091 41 months ago
Happy Days Trivia Questions:
What were the names of the
Actors and ACTRESSES who
Played Mary Ann McCarthy
Jerry Cutler Sue Ellen Lisky
Carol Risco Jenny Scarsdale
And Phyllis Boyer on Happy Days??
You are a TRIVIA EXPERT if you
Can answer this HAPPY DAYS
Mark091 Mark091 41 months ago
What was the name of the
Actress who played Debbie
Hockhouser on Happy Days??
Allison 41 months ago
11/12 i have no idea what Out of the Blue is. No recollection of this.
marmetv20 41 months ago
9/12 never heard of some of those!
kenosha 41 months ago
I do not understand why they show two back to back episodes of Hogan’s Heroes weekdays on ME TV !!! I wish they would bring: The Odd Couple back and have two back to back episodes of The Odd Couple instead and when. you try to write to ME TV they never send you a reply back-
kenosha 40 months ago
Excellent post!
ThomasPotter kenosha 6 months ago
unfortunately, I do not think trying to communicate with the network through the comments section of the quizzes is the correct forum to get your point across to the management.
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