Can you recall the names of these women in Mayberry?

From girlfriends to past acquaintances, can you properly name all these Mayberry women?

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As any fan of The Andy Griffith Show knows, there wasn't a lot of crime in Mayberry. It gave Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife time to slack off, relax and sort of do what they please. 

It gave them time to try and woo the pretty women of Mayberry, too!

Andy had several love interests throughout the show, and Barney had tribulations, rebounds and make-ups in his relationship with Thelma Lou.

Below are several women seen on The Andy Griffith Show, some more recognizable than others. 

Can you name them all? Good luck! 

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  1. Who is this woman, who appears in the first season and becomes involved with Sheriff Andy?
  2. This is...
  3. Pictured here is...
  4. Barney swoons over this woman and gives her a police escort to the post office, making Thelma Lou upset. Do you remember her name?
  5. This rich girlfriend of Andy is named...
  6. This was Andy's date many moons ago, from the episode "Fun Girls." What is her name?
  7. What is the name of the woman who has her arm around Barney, who also appears in the "Fun Girls" episode?
  8. This woman was the first of several to enter Andy's home in "A Wife for Andy," all orchestrated by Barney Fife. What was her name?
  9. From the same episode, this is...
  10. Finally, who is this high school love of Sheriff Andy?

Can you recall the names of these women in Mayberry?

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