Only Barney Fife can make these ridiculous faces! What's causing them?

The many faces of Barney Fife always stand out. Can you tell what's causing him to react this way?

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The faces of one Barney Fife and his actor, Don Knotts, have been priceless for decades. Any facail expression Fife makes can be a memorable one and while watching The Andy Griffith Show, there's no telling when a definitive Barney Fife face is coming. 

He could be dumbfounded, excited, scared or petrified, sometimes all in the same episode. 

Here are several screenshots of Barney Fife in the middle of making a face that only Barney Fife could make. 

What is causing him to make these memorbale faces? 

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  1. Why is Barney making this shocked face?
  2. What scares Barney here?
  3. Barney has this look of accomplishment after returning to the police station after...
  4. What causes Barney to make this face while peeking through a window?
  5. Who is holding Barney's face to make it look like this?
  6. Why does Barney react this way when he hears his name called in a court hearing against Andy?
  7. Why is Barney making this face?
  8. While getting a haircut, Barney is outraged because?
  9. What does Andy do to scare Barney while he's on the phone?
  10. What is causing Andy so much trouble in this picture, but causing Barney to beam?

Only Barney Fife can make these ridiculous faces! What's causing them?

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Steve2021 6 months ago
10/10 Don Knotts would do the same facial expressions in the Ghost and Mr a boy LeRoy !
graceful1970 12 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
Looks like this score warrants a nice Barney Fife face!
JHP 15 months ago

#10 - several people? PUL-eeze
rachelledawn 16 months ago
10/10. I own all the b&w episodes. Watch them all day long everyday. I watch a lot of b&w shows. When my son was little he asked me one day “mom? What was it like when the world was black and grey? I laughed so hard that day. I’m like son “That’s film! We had blue skies and green trees!” Telling that story NEVER gets old
braycy 16 months ago
10/10 just nipped it in the bud!
RichLorn 16 months ago
Barney is someone I'd like to play poker with.
BuckeyeBeth 16 months ago
10/10! I actually knew all of these instead of just guessing! I’m so proud of myself right now 😆
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