Who said it: Barney Fife or Howling Mad Murdock

Whenever these characters speak, there's always a chance for a very memorable quote.

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One hardly ever dealt with crime, the other often caused it. Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show and Howling Mad Murdock from The A-Team are really opposite characters. 

Barney is a deputy sheriff in one of the safest towns in the world: Mayberry, North Carolina. He follows around his sheriff boss, Andy, does what he's told, makes mistakes and gets corrected quite a bit. 

Howling Mad Murdock's name speaks for itself. He will pilot anything that has the possibility to fly. He doesn't have much regard for the law, regularly helping his three peers break it and escape it. 

Though there aren't many similarites between these two characters, they do have at least one thing in common: They can say something random at any given time and without warning. 

So much so, it just might be a little difficult to tell which character said a funny or random line when you can't hear them say it.

Can you tell who said what? 

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  1. "Well I got to get back on the job, it’s a jungle out there."
  2. "What’s the matter haven’t you ever seen a man take off a dress before?"
  3. "I mean I’ve seen some crazy guys in my time, I’ve been in a whole world full of them, but I’ve never seen anybody like those."
  4. "Did you ever see a hearse go by and think that someday you’d surely die?"
  5. "I don’t think it’s right for the United States government to be transacting business through a slot machine."
  6. "Call for the doctor, call for the nurse. Call for the lady with the alligator purse."
  7. "All I’m saying is that there are some things beyond the ken of the mortal man that shouldn’t be tampered with. We don’t know everything..."
  8. "In this instance, that security is not an essential factor."
  9. "I don’t know, I have intermittent memory loss!"
  10. "Use your imagination, or you can borrow mine."
  11. "Gun drawing practice. 10 minutes everyday. If I ever have to use this baby I want to teach it to come to papa in a hurry."
  12. "I wish I could just jump in the water and live like a fish."
  13. "I’m a bird, I’m a plane, I’m a Choo Choo train!"

Who said it: Barney Fife or Howling Mad Murdock

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