Can you tell the difference between the Grinch and Looney Tunes?

Are these festive scenes from the Bugs Bunny short "Fright Before Christmas" or the iconic Dr. Seuss special?


Besides perhaps Ebenezer Scrooge, there is no more iconic Christmas villain than the Grinch. Dr. Seuss’ original 1957 book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! inspired the classic 1966 television special and more recent feature-length films both live-action and animated.

Looney Tunes added another villain to the holiday season in the short "Fright Before Christmas," which features a Santa-dressed Tasmanian Devil terrorizing Bugs Bunny.

We've taken moments from the animated Grinch special and the Taz cartoon that look like they could be from either one. Can you tell them apart?

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  1. This character is from...
  2. Someone gets quite a shock in...
  3. This decorated dwelling is from...
  4. Someone drops down the chimney in...
  5. Someone is reading Christmas stories...
  6. Someone stares out of the fireplace in...
  7. What is this sleigh from?
  8. Someone goes through a snowdrift in...
  9. What are these ornaments from?
  10. What are these stockings from?
  11. This festive pole is from...
  12. This precarious cliff is from...

Can you tell the difference between the Grinch and Looney Tunes?

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Dave62 19 months ago
I can't believe that I got all 12of them right.
loveoletv 28 months ago
10/12 not bad since I had not seen either cartoon in 30 years.
Gayleistoons 31 months ago
11/12....looney tunes is so weird, Fright before Christmas 😑 However it's just right for all their hidden triple 6 addresses and such .
GTStang08 31 months ago
Nailed it! 12/12...I attribute some of that expertise to my knowledge of the Grinch which I've seen 500 times and it still never gets old. Okay, more like 50 times to be more precise.
Runeshaper 31 months ago
8/12 Never saw the Fright Before Christmas, but I bet it was good! (-:
Dajj 31 months ago
12/12 too easy!! Luv those Christmas toons!!! May your God bless you all on this holiday season.
McBeeveeHere 31 months ago
12/12... I've seen the Grinch way too many times to miss this one...
TSeym22 31 months ago
12/12 Never saw Fright before Christmas, but I know my Grinch!
grandpa5741 31 months ago
11/12 in a pinch I missed the grinch 😎
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