Can you understand all these things Festus says on Gunsmoke?

It's no so complexicated as it seems.


You gotta love Festus Haggen. That feller has got more fans than a dog's got hair on his back. We love him like a June morning, as he might say.

Them Haggens have a festive way of speaking. Festus may have gone from plainsman to deputy of Dodge City, but he never lost his particular way of speaking. Played by Ken Curtis, the character makes Gunsmoke a delight. 

But can you understand everything he says? See if you can define all this here Festus speak. 

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  1. What is "wobble water"?
  2. What is a "goosler"?
  3. What is "palaver"?
  4. What would Festus call a "twistee"?
  5. What is a "passel"?
  6. What is a "tater trap"?
  7. What is "featherfoot"?
  8. What are "the slovering droops"?
  9. What is a "slippery geejaw"?
  10. What does "looksome" mean?
  11. What does "squeemy" mean?
  12. What is "howdyin'"?
  13. Which Gunsmoke character would Festus call an "old scudder quackety quack"?

Can you understand all these things Festus says on Gunsmoke?

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Lippy 8 months ago
I love Gunsmoke , watch I every day.
Jwnoord 16 months ago
I got 10/13 before I logged in.
BuckeyeBeth 21 months ago
8/13 that was harder than I thought it was going to be.
Amityslim 29 months ago
12/13, gotta watch more Gunsmoke, but not until after dinner. These vittles is the tastiest I've ever flopped a lip over.
country46 35 months ago
I really screwed this one up 2/13
WilliamRussell 36 months ago
"An this ole fuller wuz all wibbledy wobbly, cain'tche see?"
jeopardyhead 38 months ago
I got 9/13. I think it helped to imagine the terms spoken in Festus's voice.
Jwnoord jeopardyhead 16 months ago
I did that too!!
JanMMitchell 50 months ago
I got 9 out of 13 right, I am gonna pooch up like an old toad! 🐸
JanFresh 50 months ago
8/13! This is my all time favorite western
dethLSMO89 51 months ago
3 out of 13. Don't watch the show.
Jwnoord dethLSMO89 16 months ago
how can you not watch Gun Smoke?? that is must see TV, start with the old black and white!
TheDavBow3 52 months ago
Good gosh, 5/13! I obviously need sub-titles or a translator sitting next to me, whenever I watch a Festus Gunsmoke episode. Mathewww! Doncha seeeee!
Rounds2 53 months ago
Got to love Festus.

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