Clint or Ron: A Howard hoedown

Tell us which brother played the part!

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Did you know that Clint Howard never spoke on The Andy Griffith Show?
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One was the "Gee, shucks," All-American Opie Taylor. The other was Balok on Star Trek. Two very different men from the same family in the same business of show. 

Clint Howard. Ron Howard.  Can you distinguish their parallel, equally impressive careers? We'll name a role, you tell us which brother played it! Bonus points if you can name other Howards down in the comment section below (and no, we don't mean Moe). 

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  1. Flynn in "Far and Away"
  2. Mark in "The Rocketeer"
  3. Ricco in "Backdraft"
  4. Slinky in "Tango and Cash"
  5. John Dexter in "Cocoon"
  6. Stanley Coopersmith in "Evilspeak"
  7. Paco in "The Waterboy"
  8. Whobris in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
  9. Lloyd Davis in "Frost/Nixon"
  10. Ralakiki in "Solo: A Star Wars Story"

Clint or Ron: A Howard hoedown

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