Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: ''Andy and Opie's Pal''

In which Opie gets a trifle bit jealous!

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Journey back to Mayberry each weekday with a chronological quiz testing your knowledge of each episode in order. Let's see how long we can all keep the streak going!

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This quiz is about Season 4, Episode 14: "Andy and Opie's Pal". See which details you recall, and which you might need a little refresher on. Good luck, have fun, and be sure to share your score (cumulative or otherwise) in the comment section below!

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  1. What kind of helmet is Opie wearing when he meets the new kid?
  2. Gomer puts in a complaint about a _________ scheme.
  3. What's the new friend's name?
  4. What nearly tore apart Andy and Barney's friendship in 1952?
  5. The boys have to ask Aunt Bee if they're allowed to have a...
  6. What does Barney refer to his revolver as?
  7. After Barney accidentally discharges his firearm, Andy makes him...
  8. Opie's new friend has never been...
  9. Who tells Andy that Opie and his friend were fighting?
  10. What does Opie give to his new friend for keeps?

Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: ''Andy and Opie's Pal''

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hendrix_media 11 days ago

I was only 5/10 on the 'Barney's Sidecar' quiz.
Mark112763 24 days ago
8 out of 10. Got #2 and #4 wrong. I've seen the episode several times but never really paid real close attention to it.

Jim Nabors admitted to Andy Griffith that he was gay and Griffith told him that if it ever got out that his career in show business would be over. Griffith kept it a secret and Nabors went on to become Gomer Pyle USMC...
8176Morgan 24 days ago
10/10 But I took this quiz about a month ago and missed a few. Probably, 2,4, & 7.
Markone23 29 days ago
10/10 Cool episode about new friendships and old ones.
Greek1 1 month ago
4/10 Malcolm Tucker would be disappointed
Wendy57 1 month ago
Get over it Opie, you can’t be the center of attention all the time.
Zip 1 month ago
Well, at least it's not my usual 5/10 recently.
dmirarh Zip 30 days ago
LoL, good one Zip.
Sweendog 1 month ago
All 10 but I totally guessed at #2
meckenzielarson 1 month ago
9/10 I missed #2. I don’t remember that being part of the the show.
It's the opening scene, Andy and Barney in the courthouse.
Ymcd95 meckenzielarson 24 days ago
Some networks usually cut out that part so they can add more commercials
JHP 1 month ago
9/10 - don't remember the gomer ?

Now is NC noted for apricots?
jonethree 1 month ago
Ya know Bob Newhart had two (2) very funny shows. Picture this. Two Hogans Hero’s a night,5 nights,that’s ten a week or two and a half months at one a week. And Green Acres is worse.shake it up a little, goodness sakes it’s the best station on television but you gotta give us something new . Thanks
frenchman71 1 month ago
10/10. Great episode. What started the fight in the first place was during the sleepover when Andy tucks Opie in bed, he then checks on Trey and offers him a sliver of pie.
John 1 month ago
MeTv needs a programming adjustment
2 hrs of MASH every night? I feel like a Mashed Griffith episodes potato. We also need more Griffith episodes.
Kolchak needs to get rotated. Enough already

We also need MORE
CraigHouston John 1 month ago
Agreed, we’ve been Mashed to death.
Coldnorth CraigHouston 1 month ago
Egg beater or blender
Mark112763 John 24 days ago
The entire MeTV programming needs a total make over. They've been playing the same shows over and over again for several years now...
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