Did these characters exist on TV in the 1980s?

See how well you remember Eighties television.

The '80s gave us countless, timeless fictional characters. They're still making movies about many of them. Television was rich with memorable characters.

Of course, the other decades gave us some classic characters, too.

See if you can remember if the following fictional characters were ever on TV in the 1980s. It's a simple yes or no question. You have a 50-50 shot! Good luck!

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  1. Was ALF on television in the 1980s?
  2. Was Thelma Harper on television in the 1980s?
  3. Were Ren and Stimpy on television in the 1980s?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  4. Was the Fonz on television in the 1980s?
  5. Was Data on television in the 1980s?
  6. Was Jay Leno the full-time host of The Tonight Show in the 1980s?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  7. Was Dr. Mark Sloan on television in the 1980s?
  8. Was Matlock on television in the 1980s?
  9. Was FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper on television in the 1980s?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  10. Was Perry Mason on television in the 1980s?
  11. Was Xena on television in the 1980s?
  12. Was the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on television in the 1980s?
    Image: AP Photo / Julie Markes
Did these characters exist on TV in the 1980s?

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BubbaPacha77511 5 months ago
11/12....... Shouldve been 12/12 but i had a brain fart. I knew perry mason movies were released in the 80s but for some reason i thought only the actual tv series counted not the made for movies lol
Jan 5 months ago
Question nine is wrong. Agent Dale Cooper was first on twin peaks in 1989.
Wiseguy Jan 5 months ago
Although the first broadcast (2 hours) was copyrighted 1989 it was not broadcast on ABC until April 1990.
JeffTanner 6 months ago
You got8 out of 12 ------------Looks like this one put you in a trance. Better luck next time!
ClassicLover 6 months ago
Only 7/12. Oh well, next one should be better
Geronimo 6 months ago
A couple of trick questions. They need to re-phrase these questions next time, otherwise I would have had a perfect score....................................10/12
RobertDean 6 months ago
8/12. Not too bad, considering my job prevented me from ever watching primetime TV in the 80s.
Kevin 6 months ago
12/12. Not to sound cocky, I figured I had this.
DanShamberger 6 months ago
Ren and Stimpy premiered in 1991, not 1990.
jholton30062 6 months ago
10/12. I thought Jay Leno took over for Johnny in the late '80's, and I wasn't sure about Xena. I knew #1 because it was about ALF, and anytime ALF is there the answer is bound to be yes. MeTV sure makes a big deal out of a show that plays at the crack of dawn...
RichardKohler 6 months ago
11 out of 12. I missed Matlock. I thought it started early 90s.
CongoBill 6 months ago
10/12 -- I missed Diagnosis: Murder and Fresh Prince. I didn't watch either of those shows.
JamesB 6 months ago
Only 9 for 12. I agree, the Perry Mason question intentionally used a b/w photo from the show's run. I don't consider one-offs to be a continuation of a weekly show, either. Of course, I only like Warren William as Perry Mason anyhow ;)
RichardKohler JamesB 6 months ago
Those Perry Mason movies weren't "one-offs". There were 30 Perry Mason movies made in 10 years between 1985 and 1995. Raymond Burr was in 26 of those (all but the last 4). He died before these last 4 were made. They were already contracted to be made, so they brought in Paul Sorvino and Hal Holbrook to play the leads in the last four, neither playing Perry Mason.
MarcSoules 6 months ago
Well, the black and white photo of Perry Mason threw me. I forgot about his movie series. And I didn't realize Star Trek TNG was that old. Didn't know about Xena at all.
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