Did these things happen in The Twilight Zone episode ''A Kind of a Stopwatch?''

What happens when a man is gifted a stopwatch that can freeze the world?

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You never know what to expect when you enter The Twilight Zone. For the episode "A Kind of a Stopwatch," you get to experience what could happen if a person could freeze the world with the press of a button. McNulty, played by Richard Erdman, was gifted a stopwatch that did just that.

Do you know if these things happened in the episode?

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  1. McNulty got fired for his meaningless suggestions and overuse of words.
  2. His father gave him a stopwatch as a birthday gift in the bar.
  3. McNulty noticed that the stopwatch could predict the future, so he threw it away.
  4. McNulty pressed the button on the stopwatch after Joe dropped the glasses.
  5. Once McNulty realized the watch could stop time, he pressed the button a few times to see if he wasn't going insane.
  6. He went back to his old job and stole money from the bosses chair.
  7. McNulty's old boss, Cooper, agreed to use the watch for business purposes.
  8. He used the watch to stop a baseball game.
  9. McNulty went to the bank with the watch to steal money.
  10. He dropped the watch, it broke, and everyone was stuck, including him.

Did these things happen in The Twilight Zone episode ''A Kind of a Stopwatch?''

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