Did these Westerns debut in the '50s or '60s?

Which decade did these Westerns first take over the West?

In the West, there are a lot of things to do. You can fight bad guys, ride horses in the sunset and live adventurous lives. Many of these shows in the genre debuted around the same time. Do you remember being a child or young adult and seeing Bonanza or Have Gun - Will Travel for the very first time?

Do you know if these Westerns debuted in the '50s or '60s?

  1. Did Bonanza debut in the '50s or '60s?
  2. Did The Wild Wild West debut in the '50s or '60s?
  3. Did Have Gun - Will Travel debut in the '50s or '60s?
  4. Did The Big Valley debut in the '50s or '60s?
  5. Did Wanted: Dead or Alive debut in the '50s or '60s?
  6. Did The Rifleman debut in the '50s or '60s?
  7. Did Wagon Train debut in the '50s or '60s?
  8. Did Rawhide debut in the '50s or '60s?
  9. Did Gunsmoke debut in the '50s or '60s?

Did these Westerns debut in the '50s or '60s?

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Bapa1 20 days ago
7/9, and not a fan of Westerns.
wallyandbagfan 22 days ago
Does anyone know how many episodes
Bob Denver played Marshall Gilligan ?
Once, in the Western dream! I believe that's the one where he put everyone in jail and screwing up another rescue!
wallyandbagfan 22 days ago
Happy Trails To You by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.
And a split decision here: Roy's Western series was the '50's but the variety series with Dale was the '60's! He made a damn good hamburger....LOL!
wallyandbagfan 22 days ago
S wonderful western song called
A Boy In BUCK SKIN by The Rio
Grande River Boys .
Muleskinner 22 days ago
7/9. Missed Wanted Dead or Alive and Rawhide. 😡
frenchman71 22 days ago
8/9. Got #7 wrong. I was gonna say "Wagon Train" came out in the 50s. Shoulda gone with my first guess. Wagon Train had a great theme song.
ncadams27 frenchman71 22 days ago
Of those listed, I think Rawhide had the best theme song.
bnjfrederick 22 days ago
Only 2 westerns debuted in the 60’s?
Wendy57 22 days ago
Love the classic Westerns.
Where’s The Cisco Kid and The Lone Ranger though ?
Used to watch a lot of Roy Rogers too.
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Wendy57 wallyandbagfan 22 days ago
Yes, you’ve listed some great ones there. 👍
Wendy57 frenchman71 22 days ago
A classic duo for sure !
retro6 wallyandbagfan 19 days ago
Growing up in Gillian’s Island it stunned me to see him in a lot of bad guy roles in old westerns as an adult!
wallyandbagfan retro6 19 days ago
Russell Johnson was also in the sci fi movies This Island Earth and
Attack OF The Crab Monsters .
Russell Johnson was also in
The Twilight Zone episode about
Abraham Lincoln called Back There.
Russell Johnson also played an airplane pilot on one episode of That GIRL.
McGillahooala 22 days ago
5/10. I thought I’d do better than that.
AgingDisgracefully 22 days ago
Wherever a people CRY OUT for justice...that's where I'll be taking quizzes.
CaptainDunsel 22 days ago
I got smoked on the last one.
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