Did this TV show get a big-screen movie adaptation or not?

Did these shows only exist on the small screen?

Hollywood loves recycling. All you have to do is look at the wave of reboots hitting the big screen in the past few years — and throughout all of cinematic history. TV shows have made the jump from the small screen to novels, comic books, lunchboxes, toys, and more— but the least surprising medium shift is probably onto the silver screen.

What is surprising, though, is how the TV shows that got the Hollywood treatment might not be exactly what you'd expect. Can you figure out which ones showed up on the big screen?

Note: This quiz is talking about theatrical films only. Made-for-TV movies do not count. We'd be here all day! Documentaries also don't count.

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  1. Did Dragnet get a movie adaptation?
  2. Did Star Trek: The Next Generation have a movie adaptation?
  3. What about The Waltons?
  4. Did The Greatest American Hero hit the big screen?
  5. Did The Mary Tyler Moore Show get a movie adaptation?
  6. How about The Beverly Hillbillies?
  7. Did Star Trek: Deep Space Nine get a movie?
  8. Did The Flintstones get a movie adaptation?
  9. Did The Love Boat come to theaters?
  10. Did Get Smart get a movie?

Did this TV show get a big-screen movie adaptation or not?

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Kelle 7 days ago
For anybody who's wondering, there was a Get Smart movie. It was called The Nude Bomb and from what I've heard, it SUCKED!
Cyn_Finnegan Kelle 7 days ago
I think they're referring to the recent "Get Smart" starring Steve Carrell as Max and Anne Hathaway as 99.
Mike 8 days ago
Got them all in about 45 seconds. Too easy.
booster 9 days ago
9/10 The only one I don't recall on the big screen, was "Get Smart".
SheriHeffner 10 days ago
I got 8 correct. AND in 1963, there was a movie called Spencer's Mountain. It was the big screen adaptation to The Walton's, minus two children.
Utzaake 10 days ago
9/10. #7.
4. Connie Sellecca reminds me so much of MLB Network's Lauren Shehadi.
texasluva 11 days ago
Just when I thought I was home free and get a real trophy (instead of that Participation one). #9 Love Boat I have to learn to read first. In Theaters! It had only TV movies . I had another touch of Vertigo right when I was so near to the finish line .
dwalk texasluva 10 days ago
Wonderful Hitchcock movie, great Bernard Hermann score.
AllisonWunderland 11 days ago
SCORE!!! Zoomed right thru that list of questions 😂😎
You aced another quiz Congrats! Former Cal Gal now gets her reward. Song for you too.
I absolutely ❤️ it!! 🤗 ... Thank you
bnichols23 11 days ago
-snort- Another "too easy" one.
Runeshaper 11 days ago
Lights, camera, action! You got 7 correct!
Oops, maybe you spend more time with the TV than at the theater.

7/10 isn't bad in my book, MeTV! LOL :)
MrsPhilHarris 12 days ago
10/10 Some of these movies stank like Dragnet, Beverly Hillbillies and Get Smart imo.
Lillyrose 12 days ago
8 out of 10. The T.V. show Dragnet was a lot better than the movie.
I never saw the T.V. show Get Smart. But the movie was great!
I never saw the rest of the movies. But I've heard of most of them.
DIGGER1 12 days ago
Did this TV show get a big-screen movie adaptation or not?
Lights, camera, action! You got 10 correct
You're just as comfortable on the big screen as you are on the small screen. Congrats!
Bret 12 days ago
Lights, camera, action! You got 10 correct
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