Do these TV stars spell their names with Mc or Mac?

Wait… is it Gavin McLeod or MacLeod? McLean or MacLean Stevenson?

Fair warning — taking this quiz might make you hungry for a Big Mac from McD's. When writing about classic TV, we come across many "Mc" and "Mac" names. You always have to pause for a moment to remember which one to use. Is it Darren McGavin or Darren MacGavin… or Gavin McLeod? Gavin this, Mac that. It's easy to get them confused.

So, think you can remember which is which? We gathered some of our favorite Mc and Mac actors from television — and a few characters and series, too. See if you can spell the names correctly!
  1. Who is this Hollywood legend and star of 'Wanted: Dead or Alive'?
  2. Speaking of Steves, the hero of 'Hawaii Five-O' is named…?
  3. He played the captain of 'The Love Boat.'
  4. Dennis Weaver played the title character of this 1970–77 series.
  5. He played Col. Blake on 'M*A*S*H'.
  6. Speaking of military sitcoms, what was the title of this Ernest Borgnine show?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  7. He was the father of 'My Three Sons.'
  8. She went from 'Mama's Family' to 'The Golden Girls.'
  9. If you can't remember, just call him "Bones."
  10. She had a series called 'Shirley's World.'
    Image: The Everett Collection
  11. This 'Love Story' star later appeared on 'Dynasty.'
    Image: The Everett Collection
  12. He was Floyd the Barber — and cut hair on 'Beaver,' too.
  13. Hop aboard the 'Wagon Train'! This hero is here to protect you.
  14. This actor was one of the stars of 'Wagon Train.'
  15. He was Agent Cooper on 'Twin Peaks.'
  16. Kolchak also investigated the supernatural.
  17. Let's wrap up with a couple '70s teen idols. Who is this on 'The Love Boat'?
  18. She come to fame on the drama 'Family.'
    Image: The Everett Collection
Do these TV stars spell their names with Mc or Mac?

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EllisClevenger 3 months ago
You got 15 out of 18
You can go back and forth between the two with ease! We should call you "MC" Hammer.
Missed #3, #10, and #18.
Geronimo 3 months ago
Very tricky quiz.................15/18
DiscoDave 3 months ago
16 out of 18. Missed Ali MacGraw and Kyle MacLachlan
nerakr 3 months ago
16/18. Missed #11, although I knew better, and #15. Didn't watch Twin Peaks.
Barry22 3 months ago
Holy Mac 17/18, missed Floyd! That picture from Mchale's Navy was from one of the later seasons because Gavin Macleod is not in it. Never heard of 'Shirley's World'. Does anybody remember the SNL skit from the early 80's when Susan St. James hosted ( she ended up marrying Exec. Producer Dick Ebersol) and they did a skit called McDonald and Wife with the legendary Joe Piscopo as Ronald McDonald.
MrsPhilHarris 3 months ago
14/18 Missed some I thought I knew.
anthony 3 months ago
16/18.Missed Ali MacGraw and Mclean Stevenson.
JeffTanner 3 months ago
YOu got 17 out of 18 ------------You can go back and forth between the two with ease! We should call you ''MC" Hammer.
Pacificsun 3 months ago
Missed more than I expected to. Good quiz!!
teire 3 months ago
16/18. Missed Flint and Kyle. At least I got Fred Mc/Mac Murray right this time. I watch My Three Sons almost every morning.
AndrewHass 3 months ago
I was 14/18 and on a couple i guessed.
cperrynaples 3 months ago
14/18! Sorta suffered a Mac Attack...or was it a McAttack...LOL!
18/18! With this score, I am going to go reward myself with a mac attack: a macaroni and cheese attack! With some extra grated cheese: Kraft Parmesan/Romano! DELICIOUS!
JeffTanner cperrynaples 3 months ago
Yeah, MeTV should've had MacGyver as one of the questions.
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