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  1. Season 3 Episode 11 - "Convicts-at-Large"
     "Barney and Floyd are held hostage in a cabin by three escaped women convicts."
  2. Season 1 Episode 11 - "Christmas Story"
     "Crotchety old businessman Ben Weaver wants moonshiner Sam Muggins locked up for Christmas. But, after seeing the holiday spirit in Andy's jail, he tries to be arrested himself."
  3. Season 2 Episode 11 - "The Pickle Story"
     "No one will admit to Aunt Bee's homemade pickles being the worst they've ever tasted. Andy switches them with store-bought ones to avoid eating hers, but her decision to enter them in the county fair presents a dilemma."
  4. Season 3 Episode 27 - "Barney's First Car"
     "It's a red-letter day in Mayberry when Barney decides to join the motoring world, but things go sour when his cream-puff turns out to be a lemon."
  5. Season 4 Episode 2 - "The Haunted House"
     "Barney and Gomer try to retrieve a baseball from a supposedly haunted house and find some strange goings on inside."
  6. Season 1 Episode 30 - "Barney Gets His Man"
     "The accidental capture of a wanted man makes Barney the toast of Mayberry. It goes to his head 'til the felon escapes and returns to pay Barney back."
  7. Season 2 Episode 20 - "Barney and the Choir"
     "The choir director invites Barney to join the choir before he realizes Barney can't sing."
  8. Season 3 Episode 16 - "Man in a Hurry"
     "Car trouble strands a busy businessman in Mayberry on a Sunday, where the slow pace registers more as an infuriating dead stop."
  9. Season 4 Episode 1 - "Opie the Birdman"
     "After Opie accidentally kills a mother bird with his new slingshot, he takes on the job of raising her babies himself. He grows very attached to them, but then has to set them free when they get big."
  10. Season 5 Episode 14 - "Three Wishes for Opie"
     "Barney buys a fortune-telling game and lets Opie try it out."

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Greek1 2 months ago
Man in a Hurry rules. The Clubmen is also a great episode.
Bigvikefan 2 months ago
Opie’s Charity is number one in my book. The first verbal exchange in the courthouse between Opie and Andy is Hilarious!!!!
WVsass 11 months ago
My favorite episode is “The Pickle Story”. (Incidentally, that was also Don Knotts favorite!) I also cannot believe that “Citizens Arrest” wasn’t listed, or any episode with Ernest T Bass! Oh well. There are soooo many hilarious episodes of Andy Griffith, that it would be hard for me to pick my favorite top ten!
hazy321 11 months ago
I have never watched opie the birdman. I don't like the subject matter.
WVsass hazy321 11 months ago
It’s actually a very good episode with an excellent lesson for children, and it has a beautiful ending. I would also say that this lesson is probably very familiar to people 40 and over (like me), especially those of us who were raised in southern Appalachia. You should give it a try and watch it.
spence2054 11 months ago
Any episode with Ernest T. Bass and/or the Darlings should be in the top ten. My number one episode would be the one where Ernest T. thought he could woo Charlene after she was already married to Dud and Barney ends up dressing as the bride. Hilarious.
leannie429 11 months ago
My favorites were the one where the publisher tried to get Andy unseated as sheriff and Barney and the Choir. I really didn’t like Helen all that much because she had a humongous case of the green-eyed monster and was always jumping to conclusions! Barney was so full of himself & couldn’t take even the mildest of jokes about himself. That just got old after a while!
Greek1 leannie429 2 months ago
Andy on Trial. I agree that’s a great episode
LynCarrigan 11 months ago
Glad I’m not the only non fan of Helen. Surely they could have cast that better. Was she someone’s relative?!
FlurppityFlurp 11 months ago
Howard McNear was an understated comedic genius. In "Convicts at Large," a few things really illustrate the subtlety of his craft - When he's sitting on the couch, keeping time to the music with the banana, when he starts calling Barney, "Al," and his ending line, "Maude, Al, if those burgers are ruined, I won't be responsible!"
Wendy57 FlurppityFlurp 11 months ago
You hit the nail on the head !!
Very astute and I agree with you totally, his performance in that episode, and really throughout the show really shines.
I also loved his performance in the episode about Aunt Bea’s wig, ( the name of that episode escapes me ).
So very funny !!!!!!!
Tammie59 11 months ago
Peggy was the prettiest and the sweetest. Plus being wealthy didn't hurt either.
FlurppityFlurp Tammie59 11 months ago
Absolutely. I really disliked Helen. Actually, she's the only character on the AGS I didn't like. I think she invented the "Resting B-tch Face."
edsawyeranddougfan52 11 months ago
I like Stranger In Town with Ed Sawyer played by William Lanteau and Haunted
House about the old Rimshaw house with Amdy Barney and Gomer Pyle trying to find Opies baseball and Fun Girls and Return of the Fun Girls with Skippy and
Daphne . Daphne was Joyce Jameson and who played Skippy ?
Wendy57 FlurppityFlurp 11 months ago
I also enjoyed the episode Aunt Bea’s Medicine Man. The actor that played the Medicine Man was so very good !!
“Shawnee - Lived with’m, They’re savages !” 😆
Actually, Jean Carson played “Daphne”, and Joyce Jamison played “Skippy”..
Stoney 11 months ago
Do this for The Twilight Zone. That should be REALLY interesting!
meam1dean 11 months ago
One last note. The wholesomeness of this show is way beyond any other in TV Land! And without a doubt Don Knotts’ acting was superb. When he left the show, while still a great show, it left an empty feeling. That’s my take!
meam1dean 11 months ago
The new drugstore lady should be among the list of best episodes as well as the shoe salesman.
dmirarh 11 months ago
Gollllllllly! 48% similar. Nailed it
MannyOlavarria 11 months ago
The Gomer Pyle, USMC episode when he meets Sgt. Carter, Otis riding into town on a cow, and the Bill Bixby one were some of the best and funniest.
Coldnorth MannyOlavarria 11 months ago
Otis riding on the cow was very funny
And Gomer when lifts the bucket from his head while he's singing and says to Sgt. Carter, "This here's my favorite part." That just kills me every time I see it!
Rob 11 months ago
I like the one with the manicurist who sets up shop at Floyd’s.
jonethree 11 months ago
Earnest T. ,Gomer and Goober we’re a little too goober for me.
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