Do you know production company logos seen at the end of classic shows?

The short clips at the end of every episode ranged from funny to violent.

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Television production company logos fit into the category of things that many people know very well without even realizing it. After all, logos are shown after each episode.

While some producers just use their names without any fanfare, others get more creative. They use a picture, some animation or a short clip to highlight the company in a cute or funny way.

Here are some memorable production company logos from the 1960s through the 1990s. Can you remember what random, weird or funny thing happens in each one?

  1. This clip for Stephen J. Cannell Productions was all over ’80s TV. Where does the logo at the end come from?
  2. At the end of ‘Family Ties,’ the logo for Ubu Productions features a man saying “Sit, Ubu, sit” followed by…
  3. At the end of Taxi, the John Charles Walters logo featured a woman’s voice saying “Good night, Mr. Walters!” What happens next?
  4. ‘Dragnet’ and ‘Adam-12’ ended with the Mark VII Limited logo. How does the “VII” in the logo appear?
  5. At the end of ‘Cheers,’ how does the Charles Burrows Charles logo appear?
  6. At the end of ‘Growing Pains,’ what happens during the Guntzelman Sullivan Marshall logo?
  7. At the end of ‘Coach,’ what happens to the Bungalow 78 logo?
  8. At the end of ‘Doogie Howser’ and ‘NYPD Blue’ the Steven Bochco Productions logo uses a photo of a violinist (Bochco’s real father) animated to do what?
  9. The short-lived 1990s Steve Harvey sitcom ‘Me and the Boys’ featured this logo for Bob Myer Productions. What happens to the building blocks?
  10. Though the MTM Enterprises logo usually featured a kitten, a rare version starred Mary Tyler Moore doing what?

Do you know production company logos seen at the end of classic shows?

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Marquet 3 hours ago
To whom it may concern I'm adore these classic show's that have been preserve on
FLETCH 3 days ago
8 out of 10 The John Charles Walters groan was very memorable to me for some reason
Kenner 4 days ago
I read somewhere that the greasy hand and arm seen hammering the Mark VII logo was Jack Webb’s.
bnichols23 Kenner 4 days ago
Is correct, yes.
DanielZabo 4 days ago
Can I get that famous MeTV mulligan? Because 6/10 just won’t do it around here. This place is filled with solid fans.
jimmyvici 5 days ago
8/ Did better than I thought. 🤷🏽‍♂️
idkwut2use 5 days ago
Thought I'd do better than 6 since I love logos...! Really should've.
JeffPaul76 5 days ago
''You got 5 out of 10'' --------Your answers are now set in stone. How did you do? Terrible. I got 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 wrong.
DerekBird 5 days ago
You got 7 out of 10
Your answers are now set in stone. How did you do?
DeborahRoberts 5 days ago
We need a screen shot for verification. Just the facts ma’am, just the facts. lol & congrats to you lady for a perfect score. Well done!
justjeff 5 days ago
It's a shame they didn't use some of the classic logos like Spartan Productions for Peter Gunn, and Revue for Alfred Hitchcock Presents... or Filmways for many 60s sitcoms... or Screen Gems for Naked City... etc., etc., etc.
Thank you for your comment, Yul Brynner!
What does Yul Brynner have to do with anything???????? Or are you making a reverse-joke on my hairy 20-something self????
Neither, justjeff. Are you familiar with The King & I? One of the familiar quotes from the movie, (the only one I know about,) I don't recall the scene, (this is not one of my fave musicals;) but there is a scene where the King says: "Etc., etc., etc." Hence the Yul Brynner comparison. As soon as I read this, K&I instantly popped into my head! I'm sorry if my 40+years older self (meaning I'm a sexagenarian,)offended you. That of course, wasn't my intention.
Is a puzzlement.....
No, I wasn't offended at all... just a bit confused because I wasn't thinking about the King and I... and (of course), that was Brynner's most-repeated line... Forgive my senior moment (I'm also a sexagenerian) for not picking up on that...
justjeff 5 days ago
8/10 - didn't know 6... Goofed up on 10...
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