Do you recognize all these celebrities on The Facts of Life?

Who's that joining Tootie and Blair?

As Gloria Loring sang in the catchy theme song, "The Facts of Life are all about you!"

Well, they're not all about you. They're not even all about Blair, Jo, Natalie and Tootie. Sometimes, The Facts of Life was all about the guests. The sitcom welcomed pop musicians and budding stars. We bet you'd recognize them.

Let's see how well you know these celebrities.

Tune in Sunday, April 7, when Lisa Whelchel — Blair herself — presents her five favorite episodes of The Facts of Life at 5PM | 4C on MeTV!
  1. He played "George" in seasons seven and eight. But his role in this NBC series would make him a star.
  2. She was a regular in season one. In the 1980s, she became a teen idol. Which movie did she star in?
  3. His guest appearance as Tootie's uncle was intended to become a spin-off. That never happened, which is okay, as it allowed the actor to star in which '80s action staple?
  4. Here's a story… about a lovely lady… who you might know better as…?
  5. She played the villain Minerva in the final episode of which iconic 1960s television show?
  6. Speaking of villains, this fellow played which Batman bad guy?
  7. This young woman is mad about… something. You might know her better from which 1990s summer blockbuster?
  8. The two were teen idols back in the early 1960s. The one on the right is Fabian. The one on the left had a high school named for him in Grease. Who is it?
  9. Hey, it's one-fifth of the Jackson 5! Which Jackson is it?
  10. He later became a cast member on Saturday Night Live. One of his characters helped popularize which catchphrase?
  11. This actress earned both a Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination for her role in what 1991 Martin Scorsese movie?

Do you recognize all these celebrities on The Facts of Life?

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Lacey 16 months ago
Not bad. Missed the Gabor sister of course.
DK 16 months ago
1 wrong. Other Micheal & Janet, I can't tell one Jackson from another.
EllisClevenger 16 months ago
You got 9 out of 11
Well, that was a hair-raising experience. Thanks for playing!
Missed #9 and #11.
SheriHeffner 16 months ago
8 out of 11. I thought that was Eva Gabor and I thought different men played The Joker and The Riddler and I thought that was The Church Lady from SNL. "Could it be...… SATAN?!"
SheriHeffner SheriHeffner 16 months ago
I meant to say Dana Carvey.
Geronimo 16 months ago
Got confused on Question #10
Allison 16 months ago
11/11 I never missed an episode.
dave 16 months ago
9 out of 11 I got 4 and 9 wrong
JeffTanner 16 months ago
I got 8 out of 11. Got the last 3 wrong!
MrsP58 16 months ago
#6 John Astin played the Riddler? When? Frank Gorshin was the Riddler.
MaryMitch MrsP58 16 months ago
Astin played the Riddler in 2 season 2 "Batman" episodes
rycki1138 MrsP58 16 months ago
He was in 2 episodes because Frank Gorshin was holding out for more money at the time. After John Astin did those two episodes the contracts were worked out for Frank Gorshin and he returned as The Riddler. Here's John Astin as the Riddler.
cperrynaples rycki1138 16 months ago
Yep, I remember the quicksand birthday cake!
jag6807 16 months ago
The Riddler was played by Frank Gorshin not John Astin
Bret jag6807 16 months ago
The riddler was played by both.
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