Do you remember what the 'M*A*S*H' characters placed in the time capsule?

Houlihan was just about fed up with Hawkeye, Hunnicutt, Klinger and Winchester, but was grateful for all the items they brought for the time capsule.

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In the second to last episode of M*A*S*H, the characters each threw something meaningful into a chest and burried it at the 4077th, in hopes that decades later someone would find it and know they were there. 

It was Maj. Houlihan's idea, which of course meant Hawkeye, Hunnicutt and Winchester had to have some fun with it. In a true heart-warming end, each character deposited something of sentimental value that made everyone smile. 

It was such a good idea in the show, the cast actually burried a real time capsule after production of the final episode was finished. 

Can you remember what each character put into the chest before it was burried? 

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  1. Sgt. Rizzo makes a contribution to the time capsule. Houlihan says it symbolizes "quality, craftsmanship and good old Yankee know how." What was it?
  2. What does Nurse Kellye donate?
  3. Col. Potter brings a book to put into the capsule. Do you remember what the title was?
  4. When Hawkeye arrives, what does he place into the chest?
  5. What does Hawkeye claim is his contribution?
  6. When it's B.J.'s turn to submit something, what does he place in the chest?
  7. What about Winchester? What is his contribution
  8. Father Mulcahy contributes...
  9. Which one of Klinger's many dresses does he suggest go into the chest?
  10. Which dress does Margaret accept after the one above was called "an awful getup"?

Do you remember what the 'M*A*S*H' characters placed in the time capsule?

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