Guess which show the cast of The Andy Griffith Show is on now

Look past Mayberry's most familiar faces to detect the other TV show they're on.

Did you love every second you spent in Mayberry? Well then, more than likely you moseyed along and followed its stars to watch their appearances on other TV shows.

Here's the tricky part, though: Some of these scenes you'll see below are from before these stars were cast on The Andy Griffith Show, and some of them are on some of the biggest hit shows that they nabbed parts on after. It'll be up to you to recognize the classic TV world they've walked into.

Think you can track the cast of The Andy Griffith Show through their other minor works on TV? The biggest fans will be real good at it. Good luck!
  1. The Andy Griffith Show kicks off with the arrival of Aunt Bee. On which show does Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier) appear on here?
  2. Ron Howard grew up fast after The Andy Griffith Show. Which hit show is he playing a patient on here?
  3. Here's Andy beaming back at a famous TV blonde. Which show is he the guest star on here?
  4. For dedicated fans of The Andy Griffith Show, Don Knotts never really left, but on which show did we see him traveling here?
  5. Jim Nabors took his character of Gomer off to his own hit sitcom, but on which classic show did we see him don a different hat?
  6. Here's a shot of Little Ronny Howard just before The Andy Griffith Show aired. Which classic show is he on here?
  7. George Lindsey's character Goober Pyle was a Mayberry favorite, but here's in a much more serious role as a cop on which show?
  8. Here's another bright spot from TV history of Don Knotts hugging Bob Newhart on which of his classic shows?
  9. Sheriff Andy's donning another lawman's hat in this episode from which crime drama?
  10. On the left is Aunt Bee again, happy with the verdict at the end of which classic show?
Guess which show the cast of The Andy Griffith Show is on now

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ndebrabant 2 months ago

You got 9 out of 10
Gomer's all "Surprise, surprise, surprise," you're an even bigger fan of The Andy Griffith Show than we even knew!
Missed the last one.
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