How many classic variety shows can you name?

Be very wary, these answers vary!


Variety shows have been a staple of American television from the beginning. They have taken many forms but still carry on today, mostly in late night comedy and sketch formats.

Variety shows had their heyday starting in the 1950s and continuing through the 1970s. They ranged from hilarious comedy programs to music and dance revues to strange puppet shows. Many times, all of the above! If only there was a word to describe how diverse and mixed-together these shows were…

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  1. _______ Bandstand
  2. The Sonny & Cher _______ Hour
  3. The _______ Special
  4. The Dinah Shore _______ Show
  5. This is _______
  6. The _______ Show
  7. The Lawrence ______ Show
  8. The Harlem Globetrotters _______ Machine
  9. Rowan and Martin's _____-In
  10. The Red ______ Show
  11. Soul ______
  12. The _______ Comedy Hour
  13. The Mickey Mouse ______
  14. The Jackie Gleason _______
  15. The _______ Brothers Comedy Hour
  16. The Carol _______ Show
  17. Hee ______
  18. Saturday Night ______
  19. Your Show of _______
  20. The Jim Nabors ______
  21. Donny & ______
  22. The ______ Wilson Show
  23. The ______ Sullivan Show

How many classic variety shows can you name?

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Cougar90 8 months ago
I got 23 out of 23. There are maybe six I would watch again. Midnight Special. SNL. Rowan and Martin. Smothers Brothers. Carol Burnett. Last but not least, Red Skelton, "And May God Bless. Good Night."
WylmaHarmon 20 months ago
The one I miss was the Jim Neighbors hour. That was going to be my first choice but then I don't know why it show. But 22 out of 23 ain't bad
CaroleThorpe 37 months ago
You got 23 out of 23
Talk about a showstopper!
VaughnBaskin 37 months ago
Hey! There is one more variety show you forgot to add, and that's The Krofft SuperShow!
DerekBird 37 months ago
You got 23 out of 23
Talk about a showstopper!

No problem but I did have to guess on one of them.
I used to love watching The Harlem globetrotters Popcorn Machine on Saturday Mornings.
Claire 48 months ago
23/23 rembering my Ya Ya watching theses
DerekBird Claire 37 months ago
You're Ya Ya? Are you Greek?
EllisClevenger 50 months ago
You got 22 out of 23
Talk about a showstopper!
Missed #5.
TheDavBow3 51 months ago
Finally, one I'm good at! 23/23! I did guess on the Globetrotters and Dinah Shore though. I loved Red Skelton as a little kid.

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