Can you recognize these classic TV elders in their younger days?

One of them was a child star in silent films!

Image: Everett Collection

There are so many great characters in classic television that are, let’s say, of a certain age. Sometimes they bring a wise, caring presence to a show. Other times, they’re the wildest, kookiest one!

Can you identify these eleven older TV stars from when they first started in Hollywood decades before? Take the quiz below to find out!

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Can you recognize these classic TV elders in their younger days?

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MarleenDavis 3 months ago
9 of 11. I just cannot believe that was Doris Ziffel!!!!!
EllisClevenger 5 months ago
You got 8 out of 11
You've got a keen eye!
Missed #6, #10, and #11.
TheDavBow3 5 months ago
7/11. Thought I'd do better.
DIGGER1 TheDavBow3 3 months ago
7/11! So did I!
Dario 6 months ago
8 out of 11! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
BuddyHinton 6 months ago
There is absolutely no way that #11 isn’t Jonathan Harris.
TheDavBow3 BuddyHinton 5 months ago
I agree with you.
MarleenDavis BuddyHinton 3 months ago
I thought so as well, he was one of the 2 I missed, the other was Doris Ziffel and she would have been my last guess!
Hounddoggy 6 months ago
In the words of Apollo Creed “It’s a damn shame we gotta get old Stallion “ 🤓
DIGGER1 Hounddoggy 3 months ago
MarkSpeck 6 months ago
7 out of 11. Some people were easily recognizable, others not so much.
Peter 6 months ago
No. 9 is not Milburn Stone. It's John Wayne.

Mike Peter 2 months ago
No, #9 is Milburn Stone, from sometime in the '40s.
He did a lot of cop movies and serials back then; sometimes he was the leading man.
And it was always his own hair …
DavidBarker 6 months ago
You got 6 out of 11
Better luck next time.
Great quiz, got 5 in a row correct, then fell apart! LOL
luckylady6400 6 months ago
Great quiz. Got 7 correct out of 11.
Thomas 6 months ago
8/11 Guessed wrong for Ward Bond (Lee Marvin), Will Gear (Jonathan Harris) and Barbara Pepper (Ann Sheridan).
MaryHelen 6 months ago
sometimes a star is recognized by his voice-- ever see a youg Nicolas colosanto-- fat, lots of hair-- coach on cheers-- it's the voice that I recognized
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